Customize Your Favicon in Blogger

Last week I got an email from a blogger asking “What is a favicon? And how do I customize it?”

What a perfect question! Today we are going to talk all about how to add a favicon to your blogger site.

What is a Favicon?

First of all, a favicon is the cute little picture next to your url in an internet browser. Depending on which browser you are using it might look a tiny bit different. Here are some examples ::

Top – Favicon in Safari :: Bottom – Favicon in Firefox

How to Add a Favicon to Blogger

Customizing your favicon in Blogger is very simple.

First you will need to create your image in photoshop, paint, gimp, etc…

Make is an exact square, 30px x 30px. Then save that image to your desktop.

Navigate in your blogger dashboard to the layout tab. You will see “Edit” next to the favicon area.

Once you click edit a new screen will pop up where you will be able to upload your image and save.

And now you have a customized favicon!


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Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs

Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs

Kendra is a wife and mom, based in Hawaii. She specializes in digital website design. Pick up additional web design tips and check out her design skills at Key Lime Digital Designs.
Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs
Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs
Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs

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  1. Wow. Thank you. I’ve been wondering how to do that for about 3 months. Thanks for this great tutorial!

  2. So glad I found this site! I’ve wondered how people customized that little url picture box!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I went through all the steps (Firefox) several times and I must be missing something. My favicon never shows up. All that’s there is a gray circle thingey and when I hover over it, it says, ‘This website doesn’t supply identity information.’ I’m not sure what on earth they’re talking about.

  4. I actually got it to work!

  5. Bummer, I can’t get it to work for me. I still see the yucky ol’ “blogger” icon. Any tips???

    • Liz, Can you provide any more details as to what’s happening on your site? There are lots of reasons it may not be working…Tauni

  6. Why do I see blogger icon?

  7. Thanks for sharing, I’d forgotten how to do it. :)
    I think it can sometimes take a day or two to show up properly, so for those not seeing it straight away, just be patient.

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