Show + Tell No 174


We had some beautiful weekend weather and rather than do clean-up over the weekend like I should have. I was out playing. Today I've been running around all day, but I am happy to settle in and wait for your amazing posts to start appearing! Welcome to another fun week of Show + Tell. It’s time to ooh and awe over amazing creations. Everyone loves a comment or two, so be sure to stop by a few projects and say hello! Show + Tell Highlights Bev's selection this week is this amazing DIY Industrial Ampersand Decor. DIY Industrial Ampersand Decor via Simply Designing This week Mandy … [Read more...]

Photo Backgrounds You Can Make For Under $10 (or find free)

easy photo backgrounds you can make for under $10 or find free! .jpg

In the quest to get the perfect photos, a lot of people stress over backgrounds. I see why- but I am going to let a big, huge secret out of the bag. I don't usually pay a lot of attention to my backgrounds. In fact, most of the backgrounds I use for blog photography are objects around my house- my front porch railing, an old whiskey barrel we have outside on our porch, concrete steps, our kitchen table, etc. But today I am going to show you some awesome Photo Backgrounds You Can Make for Under $10! Seriously. Awesome photo backgrounds... for under $10. And when I say "make" them, I … [Read more...]

What Lenses to Bring to SNAP! or on Vacation

What lens should I bring to a blog conference or on vacation.jpg

  The #1 question of all time I get when talking about DSLR's is "I am going to xyz place.... what lenses should I bring?". Because let's face it, nobody wants to haul around a camera bag larger than a suitcase when on vacation. Especially if you are at a conference where you will be shaking hands, grabbing swag, eating delicious food, and taking notes from amazing speakers. So today I want to share my top secret - What Lenses to Bring to SNAP! or on Vacation. Now I do have to add one caveat. While this guide will help you pick what is best for you, it is totally up to your … [Read more...]

Make a Light Reflector- A Quick, Free Trick To Brighter Photos!

Brighten photos without editing!

  One of the biggest frustrations bloggers and photographers face is lighting. It can be tricky to get the subject of a photograph to look radiant, have their colors stand out and shine, and illuminate details effortlessly in front of a camera's lens. Luckily, I have a fabulous quick, free trick to brighter photos - all you have to do is build a simple light reflector! I know you're thinking... wait! You said this was free.... but I have to BUILD something? Luckily, about 90% of people will already have all the materials you'll need in your home- as all you really need is foil … [Read more...]

How To Focus Accurately

how to focus accurately using manual focus mode

  I LOVE my 50mm lens. It allows me to photograph things in low light, it creates a wonderful, softly blurred background that is perfect for craft and food shots, and it was really inexpensive (as far as lenses go). The only negative thing I hear constantly from bloggers using a fixed point lens like a 50mm is that they don't know How To Focus Accurately. I’ve had a few people ask about their problems focusing while using fixed point lenses- and I myself have had some major frustrations with them the past. Don’t give up though- there are some easy solutions to get your shots … [Read more...]

Aperture For Bloggers


Do you ever wonder how to get great images on your camera where the background is blurry? Want to take a photo indoors but the light is too low? Then you need to learn all about aperture for bloggers! Aperture is the opening size that your camera's lens lets light in with. What is Aperture? This post will help you understand the basics of aperture, so you can use your camera in Aperture Priority (A/V mode on a Canon) mode, or Manual Mode. Aperture is the f-stop number on your camera. Each camera may have a different number on it, but in general, you will see a button on the back of … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Photography

Simple ways to improve your blog photograhpy at SNAP! - this is awesome and full of tips for photographers of any level!

Editor's note: I am so excited to introduce you to Courtney, from Sweet C's Designs, who's joining me here at Snap as a regular contributor. Courtney's site is full of amazing crafts and DIY projects and recipes, but around here she will be sharing her AMAZING photography skills! Please show her your love. xoxo Tauni Hi everyone! I'm Courtney, from Sweet C's Designs. I am so glad to be sharing photography tips here on SNAP! I love how Tauni wants to help support other bloggers and share great information. I know one of the most popular topics that comes up time and time again is how … [Read more...]

12 Awesome DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY felt pinecone christmas ornament via love grows wild

The Christmas season is officially upon us.  If you haven't had a chance to decorate your tree yet, today we've got a round-up of 12 amazing DIY Christmas ornaments. Christmas is all about family.  So what better way to decorate your tree than with family photos?  Check out these cute DIY glittered family photo ornaments that No. 2 Pencil shared on Tatertots and Jello. Natural textures make a great addition to any tree.  These cute little burlap birds from Posed Perfection would certainly do the trick! Chalkboard art is all the rage, so why not add it to your tree as well?  … [Read more...]

Nine Nifty Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent Collage.jpg.jpg

I can't believe that December is almost here! Time to start pulling out the decorations and getting those advent calendars prepared. Today we've rounded up nine fun advent calendar ideas if your itching to try something new this year. I love the idea of this Christmas Bucket Advent Calendar.  There is a small gift for each day leading up to Christmas (not all are new....some are "recycled"....and some are free activity suggestions).  It's a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! Here's a simple and wonderful idea for an advent calendar from Lovely Things.  Simply use some paper bags and … [Read more...]

8 Last Minute Ideas for A Kids’ Thanksgiving Table

Kids table

Struggling to come up with some fun new ideas for the kids' Thanksgiving table this year?Here's a round-up of great last minute ideas to create a kids Thanksgiving table that they'll be talking about for the rest of they year (or at least until Christmas!)There's always a need for entertainment to keep the kids occupied until the big meal is ready!  Check out this cute pumpkin tic tac toe game created by It's Overflowing.  Super simple and fun!You can try your hand at creating this adorable paper bag  turkey centerpiece from One Charming Party.  Get this.  It's filled … [Read more...]