Show + Tell No. 132

brown bag popcorn

You guys. I am the worst. I am the most distracted person in the universe. Seriously. Squirrel. Geesh. Tonight I decided to hop out to a group get together last minute, forgetting all responsibility and planning...You know, small things like putting my weekly link up on time. Sigh... Forgive me? Show + Tell Highlights I love popcorn. I go through phases where I eat it for meals. When I saw this brown butter cinnamon sugar recipe, it took me about three seconds to save it for the future... Brown Butter Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn via Five Heart Home There's not much I love more than … [Read more...]

Snap 2015 Ticket Giveaway

Snap Conf Ticket Giveaway

Earlier this month we shared exciting news about Snap 2015, including dates, venue and ticketing information. This week we're officially kicking off the countdown to Snap with a ticket giveaway on Instagram.     If you'd like to join in, save and upload this image or share it from the Snap account. Follow the simple instructions included on the image and you're entered to win two tickets to our 2015 event - one for you and one for a friend! Not a fan of Instagram? Don't worry, we've got more fun in store over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for our Oct. 1, … [Read more...]

How to Save Posts on Facebook for Later

Learn how easy it is to mark and save Facebook posts for later via @SnapConf It's like pinning from Facebook and save so much time!

Typically when I hop onto Facebook, I am actually after something specific for work. I don't often have time to leisurely scroll through my newsfeed...If something interesting catches my eye, I've found it's far more effective to "save for later," than stop to read the entire piece. Today I am going to show you how simple it is to save Facebook posts for later!  Scrolling through your newsfeed, you come across something interesting. It might be a link, a place, a movie, music, etc. You can save those items on Facebook to check out later when you've got more time. You know, something … [Read more...]

12 Great Granola Recipes for Fall

12 Great Granola Recipes for Fall via @SnapConf - Perfect for busy mornings and fall flavors

I love the return to true routine that comes this time of year. I don't love the early mornings and hungry voices that are never quite satisfied...Granola is the perfect answer to the need for a quick fix in the morning and there are so many great flavors for fall! Today I am sharing 12 great granola recipes that are perfect for fall, whether you're looking for a quick and easy early morning breakfast or a mid-day snack. Hearty Homemade Granola via I Dig Pinterest Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Apple Bites via Comfort Cooking Almond Joy Granola Recipe via The Lemon Bowl Gluten-Free … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 131


It's been a busy couple of weeks around here...I don't know about you, but every year when kids head back to school I somehow think that I am going to have a ton of extra time to accomplish. All that happens is that I end up over scheduling. I have the same problem with money...I tend to spend $100 in my head 50 different ways and then can't figure out why it doesn't go all that far in real life. The blog has been somewhat quiet, but behind the scenes we've been getting ready for Snap. So excited about all the super-fun plans underway this year! If you're thinking about getting a ticket, … [Read more...]

Snap 2015 Dates + Ticket Sales

Snap 2014

Oh man. Time flies when you're having fun...I am always shocked by how quickly our date and ticket sale announcement comes after Snap Conf. It really seems like just yesterday that we were partying it up together... It was pretty darn epic. Awesome. Rad. Killer. You know... Today I am excited to be sharing the dates of our next conference. Snap 2015 will be held Thursday, April 23 - Saturday, April 25. We are returning to the every lovely Little American Hotel, in downtown Salt Lake City. So. I bet you wanna know when tickets are going to go on sale, don't you?! Well, we've got all … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 129


Eek! You guyyyyys, I love this time of year! Seriously. Fall has always been my favorite and I know it's time to get excited when football starts showing up on the telly. It's also fun, because it feels like all of the moms come back off summer vacation (don't we know it's anything but a vacation though), because the kiddies are back in school.  Kids in school = soooo many great projects!!! No theme today, just a lot of great stuff to showcase! Show + Tell Highlights Remember a week or so ago when I shared my Kate Spade inspired phone case? Well now that I've seen what Rebecca has been … [Read more...]

How to Make Crispy Bacon

How to easily make perfectly crisp bacon with this recipe via @snapconf

I know what you're thinking. "Tauni, you're sharing an entire post about how to make crispy bacon?" Well, the answer is yes. I've come to realize over the last year, that sometimes there are things we know that we simply take for granted. They are small things. They are things so simple, that quite frankly execution is second nature to us. I happen to count writing a press release, speaking in public, pitching sponsors and yes, making perfectly crisp bacon among those things. For you? Well, it might be taking the time to measure while you are baking. The other day, I made some truly … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 128: Back to School Ideas

Eight of the BEST back-to-school ideas for 2014 via @SnapConf

Oh man. School starts this week and I am sooo not ready. I realize that some of you have been back in school for weeks and others don't start for a few more, but I've got school on the brain so today I'm showcasing a few fun back-to-school ideas. Show + Tell Highlights Looking for a fun treat for the classroom? Check out these ruler Rolos! You Rule Classroom Treat via Bloom Designs I clearly have a thing for projects that "rule." Ruler Succulent Planter via Elizabeth Joan Designs OMG. I love these printable "pencil boxes." Printable Pencil Boxes via Lines Across Love, love, love … [Read more...]

Kate Spade Inspired DIY Polka Dot iPhone Case

DIY Kate Spade Inspired iPhone Cover via Snap

I have a crush. I have a crush on all things Kate Spade...I simply couldn't pick just one item to purchase and I don't have the funds to buy all of them, so it's time to pull out the DIY skills and undertake a project or two (or three, or four). I have been eyeing this lovely gold polka dot Kate Spade iPhone cover... BUT...At about $40 I knew I could create something just as cute for 1/4 the cost! Today I am sharing my Kate Spade inspired polka dot iPhone case. To create your own DIY Kate Spade inspired iPhone cover, you'll need the following supplies: White iPhone Case (I … [Read more...]