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Do you know the girls over at Paging Supermom? I love them. Not only that? I pretty much think they are straight-up genius…

Paging Supermom

Recently, I was on the phone with Bettijo lamenting my annoyance with “Pin It” buttons. I love featuring other bloggers work, especially after catching posts they’ve linked up to Show & Tell Wednesday. The problem? Many of the Pinterest buttons on the market disable right click and save functionality. Not a big deal? Well, when you’re going through hundreds of sites to feature, it kind of is.

Well, I am just lucky to know Bettijo, because she’s a fixer. She jumped on the issue and ┬átoday she’s sharing what I believe is the best Pinterest plugin for WordPress currently on the market.

Without further ado, let’s have her share what she’s found out…

Best Pinterest Plugin for WordPress

So everybody knows Pinterest has been a total game changer for bloggers, and of course having a “Pin It” button in your blog posts is definitely a good idea. Have you noticed, though, that most of the plugins that add that nifty “Pin It” button over an image block the “Save-As” functionality? This tradeoff presents a big problem for bloggers who publish creative content that they hope will be shared by other bloggers.

"Get a Pin It button for your WordPress site and KEEP Save-As functionality! #bloggingtips

I hated to choose between having a Pin-It button and Save-As. While Pinterest is certainly important, so are incoming links to my content. I had previously installed the JQuery Pin It Button for images on my blog I selected this plugin because it lets you set various options to pre-fill as the pin’s description (including the images “ALT” tag, which is the selection I use). I also love having the option to force pins to a post’s permalink page rather than to my home page. Yet it still had the downfall of blocking the Save-As function… boo!

Miss Mandi over at has a lovely Pin-It button hard-coded into her website, and it left the Save-As function in tact. So I knew it was POSSIBLE! I wrote to my plugin’s author to see if there was something that could be done to fix this problem. He was very helpful, and once I explained the importance of the Save-As function, he was quick to come up with a fix.

Now here is how you can get this wonderful plugin installed on your WordPress blog:

How to Install a WordPress Plugin #bloggingtips

1. Go to the “Plugins” tab and select “Add New.”
2. Search for keyword “Jquery pin it button” then click on the “Install Now” link under the “jQuery Pin It Button for Images” result.
3. Once the plugin has installed click on the “Activate Plugin” link.

Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the plugin you should see a new option under the “Settings” tab in your WordPress admin called “jQuery Pin It Button for Images.” Select this option to customize the plugin’s settings for your blog.

Best Pin It Button Plugin Settings

This plugin’s settings page has three tabs, and you may want to familiarize yourself with the options within each since there is even the ability to add your own custom “Pin-It” images! However, what I want to be sure to point out to you is under the “Visual Options” tab, you need to have the top drop-down set to “Dynamic” in order to keep “Save-As” working.

"Get a Pin It button for your WordPress site and KEEP Save-As functionality! #bloggingtips

There you have it — one of life’s annoying problems SOLVED! Now, if only someone could tell me where life’s pause button is?

Yay! Thank you so much Bettijo! What a great tool.

I hope you’ll take a minute to go check out the Paging Supermom site…

Paging Supermom

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  1. wahoo! just updated mine. thanks ladies!

  2. Love this plug-in and so glad to find out about this little extra step! Done and working fine!
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  3. Love this – I deleted my old one for the very same reason – thanks Tauni!

  4. Thanks so much for such a great addition to my blog! I have just moved over to WP and am nervous about installing anything without a trusted source telling me how! This was super easy! I’m going searching now for some other things I’d like to have!

  5. Too good to be true? After installing, it looks good, but gives me an error when trying to Pin: ” You need to upload and image or provide the ‘image_url’ parameter”. Any idea what that’s about? Thanks in advance.

  6. awesome post..thanks for the info, bettijo! :)

  7. Thanks for the information! I’m so new to all this that I wouldn’t have even realized that I needed this feature. Now back to trying to see if I can designate the pin it buttons for images in some posts and not others. I’d rather have the pin it button on just the photos I take myself for my crafts and food…


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