Book Page Christmas Ornaments

Every year while decorating my tree I try to come up with one ornament I can make to help fill the space.  Mostly because I have a new color scheme on my tree every year, so it helps cut down on the cost of purchasing new ornaments as filler for the tree.

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY Christmas Ornament with you.  Not only is it easy, it’s pretty inexpensive to make…could even be free if you already have the supplies lying around.  I’m showing you how to make these great Book Page Christmas Ornaments.


–  Old Book

–  Scissors or Paper Cutter

–  2 Different Sized Paper Punches (you can choose the size and shapes you want)

–  Cardstock

–  Buttons or Rhinestones

–  Twine or String

–  Hot Glue Gun

–  Stapler or Glue Stick

Start by tearing your book pages out of the old book you don’t care much about anymore.  Carefully tear them at the spine.

Then cut the book pages in strips either 1/2″ or 3/4″ wide.  You want to cut them across the page, not lengthwise.

Once you get a ton of book page strips cut you can either grab a stapler or a plain old fashioned glue stick {whatever you have on hand}.  Start gluing or stapling your strips in to small loops.  Try to glue or staple close to the ends, you should end up with small loops like this.  I preferred the stapler method, much quicker.

Now start hot gluing your loops together so then look like this…



I then punched some cardstock using my 1.75″ & 2″ circle punches.  I then hot glued them together and then to the center of my book page flower.

Next I dug in to my button stash and searched for a button that I thought would go well with my tree.  You can use buttons, rhinestones, anything…even a coin to embellish them.

I then grabbed some twine from the Dollar Tree I had and created a hanger for each ornament and just hot glued it between two of the book page loops.

Your done!  Now you have some frugal ornaments that add a lot of character to your tree.







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