Candy Birthday Bracelet

Good Monday, my friends (and welcome to guests from the Crazy Little Projects Birthday Bash)! I am excited to be sharing a tutorial for a fun candy birthday bracelet.

Candy Birthday Bracelet

This time of year gets a bit crazy around here. In addition to Snap planning, we have FOUR, yes FOUR, birthdays in May. It’s a bit ridiculous…

Knowing that the first of the birthdays falls the Sunday following the close of Snap, I usually start thinking about birthday ideas early in the year. It’s the only way I can plan a decent celebration!

So, when Amber emailed me about joining her in celebrating her blogs second birthday with a quick birthday idea on my site, it was really a no brainer.

The youngest of the boys is turning eight this year and I’ve been thinking about what sort of favor to take to his class this year. I knew that it had to have something to do with CANDY. I wanted to create some sort of little candy bracelet and today I am sharing what I came up with!

Candy Birthday Bracelet

Candy Birthday Bracelet SuppliesThe supplies needed for this project are really quite in expensive, so it’s easy to create these candy bracelet favors for a larger group, like a classroom or something similar.

To create the candy birthday bracelet, you will need jelly bracelets (Well, that’s what we called them in the 80’s. The girl at Zurcher’s looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for them). ¬†You can purchase several of these for a dollar.

I tried creating the bracelets with several different types of wrapped candy from flat Razzles to taffy, Tootsie Rolls and bubble gum. Having tried them all, it was the gum and the Tootsie Rolls that really worked best.

Once I had the candy in hand, I simply tied it to the bracelet with a length of curling ribbon. I wanted my bracelet to look nice and full, so I used a lot of ribbon, but it probably wasn’t completely necessary.

Candy Birthday Bracelet

Wouldn’t these look so cute with a birthday wish tied to them?

What a simple way to celebrate a child’s birthday!

Crazy Little Projects Birthday Bash

Do you have birthday on the brain now? Never fear, head on over to Crazy Little Projects Birthday Bash and learn about a few of the other birthday projects posted today.

Oh, and enter to win an AMAZING Jo Totes bag. Man, those bags are seriously my favorite!


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  1. Hello I was trying to find the tutorial on how to make this bracelet. My 4 year old wld love this, she love gum. Her bday is coming up & I wld LOVE for her to have 1….Thnx so much

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  3. Maybe I just need to experiment with tying the candy to the jelly bracelet before asking, but do you take a piece of curling ribbon and tie each piece of candy/gum individually with its own piece of ribbon and then curl the ends of the ribbon afterwards?

    • Hey Shannon, YES! That’s exactly what I did. Be careful not to add too much candy before going in to curl the ribbon…that curly ribbon sort of fills it in so that you don’t have to use too much candy on the bracelet. If you end up making them, I’d love to see a photo. It’s always fun to see how other people have tweaked my projects to create something of their own! xo Tauni

  4. Can’t wait to make these for my niece and her high school friends. They will love them. Kids of all ages love candy.

  5. So glad I found this! My daughter is turning 9 and asked for a “themeless” party ??? lol… I guess I tend to go a little overboard with the themes. Anyway – I had a hard time coming up with something CHEAP to give away as favors for boys AND girls that had nothing to do with a “theme” until I came across this. Yay! Thanks again! ??????

    • Brandi, I am so glad you found this little favor. They are inexpensive, but can be a little time consuming. Interestingly, they were made for a kid who felt “too old” for a themed party. Too old – ha – is that even a thing? Have fun! xo Tauni

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