Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists Cover

Friends, let's chat for a minute. I know many of you are disheartened with Facebook. You're frustrated with what you are seeing, and even more importantly, what you are not seeing. Some of you are threatening to leave...Will you hang in there with me for a bit longer? Facebook Interest Lists If you've "Liked" a fan page, but you notice that you aren't seeing updated from that page in your news feed, a Facebook Interest Lists will help to ensure you're seeing ALL of the things that you want to. I know what you're thinking...This sounds like something that's going to take a lot of time. … [Read more...]

Facebook Security: Where You’re Logged In?

Facebook Where Youre Logged In 1

Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with friends, family and even at times strangers, but did you know that 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day?! While that's a relatively small percentage of overall users, odds are, it could happen to you. One of the best ways you can prevent a hack or possibly even catch a stalker is to regularly check the Facebook security feature "Where You're Logged In." Unfamiliar? Let me show you how to access this feature. In the upper right hand corner of your account use the drop down menu and click on settings. In the upper left … [Read more...]

How to Save Posts on Facebook for Later

Learn how easy it is to mark and save Facebook posts for later via @SnapConf It's like pinning from Facebook and save so much time!

Typically when I hop onto Facebook, I am actually after something specific for work. I don't often have time to leisurely scroll through my newsfeed...If something interesting catches my eye, I've found it's far more effective to "save for later," than stop to read the entire piece. Today I am going to show you how simple it is to save Facebook posts for later!  Scrolling through your newsfeed, you come across something interesting. It might be a link, a place, a movie, music, etc. You can save those items on Facebook to check out later when you've got more time. You know, something … [Read more...]

How to Install a Font on Your Computer!

How To Install A Font

Do you love fonts like me?? Today I am going to show you how to download fonts onto your computer. This is a pretty basic but I get several questions about it so I thought a tutorial was in order! I have a huge collection of fonts and they are so fun to use in all of my designing projects! And if you take even on second scrolling through pinterest you will see a ton of awesome font round ups that blogger have taken the time to create! I love when they do that, I just click through and download all the ones I love!! At the end of this post I have included some of my favorite font round … [Read more...]

How to Source Pinterest Pins with a Dead Link

How to source pins with a bad link with one quick click via @snapconference #pinterest #pinteresttips #bloggingtips

I am experiencing a bit of a lifestyle overhaul...I wish I could say the changes were part of a self-imposed refocus, but that would be a lie. It's a bit more forced than that. Currently, I am on a doctor-ordered elimination diet to help determine which foods I may have an intolerance to. What does that mean? I don't get to enjoy dairy products, gluten, refined sugar or sugar supplements and no corn. It's so close to the Whole30 program that I just decided to roll with it and try that out too. Since I know you will ask...Yes. I really like Whole30. It's given me a whole new perspective on … [Read more...]

Spend Less Time Writing This Summer

Spend Less Time Writing This Summer

Now that we are officially knee deep in summer, most bloggers aren’t going to want to be trapped behind their laptops all day long.  You likely have kids home on summer break, or weddings and reunions to attend, or maybe you just want to spend more time in the sunshine than on your couch. Unfortunately, the workload doesn’t disappear when the weather gets nice.  Now is the time to streamline your writing process and become as efficient as you can be.  Slow and steady might win the race, but it also burns daylight.  You can still be a thoughtful writer who produces quality work without … [Read more...]

How to See What is Being Pinned From Your Blog

How to See What is Being Pinned From Your Blog

Hi ladies! Kendra from Key Lime Digital Designs here to share another fun blogging tip with you! Have you ever wondered what people are actually pinning from your blog? Today I'm going to show you how to see what images are being pinned the most from your posts! You can find out whats being pinned plus lots of information about your pins all in one spot! Type the following link into your browser:  http://pinterest.com/source/your-blog-name.com/ and replace the red portion with your own url. For example I would type this in my … [Read more...]

Balancing Personal and Professional on Your Blog

Blogging Tips: Balanding Personal & Professional On Your Blog

I came home from my first SNAP! Conference with so much information to digest and evaluate.  One of the sessions that really hit a chord for me was the storytelling session led by Karianne of Thistlewood Farms, Vanessa of At the Picket Fence, and Vivienne of The V Spot.  The session was a reminder to me that, while I am trying to run my blog as a business, my brand is dependant on sharing myself as well. It is an incredibly tricky line to walk.  How do we as personal bloggers balance the desire to establish ourselves as professional authorities in our field with the need to create a sense … [Read more...]

How to Offer A Free Printable in Blogger

Blogging Tips: How to Offer a Free Printable in Blogger

Hi Blogger users! Today I am going to show you how to offer a free printable with your blog readers. If you are using wordpress you're gonna want to check out this post. Free printables are a great way to give something back to your readers! It can be printable wall art, party decor, gifts, cards or holiday decor! The possibilities are endless really! In Blogger you can not directly host your own files like you can in wordpress. So you will need to use an outside host. Today I am going to suggest 2 different options for places that you can host your files. Honestly there are several … [Read more...]

Weekly Blog Planner Printable

Free Weekly & Monthly Blog Planner

Keeping an up to date blog is a lot of work. It takes a lot of planning. Staying organized is important and can help you reach your monthly blogging goals. I have to admit that blog planning not one of my strong points. I hope that these weekly and monthly blog planner printables will help motivate me to update my blog more consistently. I hope they will help you too. Here's how to use them: 1) First CLICK HERE to download the Monthly & Weekly Blog Planner printables. 2) Use the Monthly Blog Planner to jot down general ideas of what you'd like to blog about each month. 3) Use the … [Read more...]