Get Over Your Fear of Writing About Yourself

Get Over The Feat of Writing About Yourself

A writer for one of my favorite TV shows, Parks and Recreation, coined a new term last year: “humble brag.”  Have you heard it?  A person is humble bragging when he or she tempers an obviously boastful sentiment with false modesty.  Here’s a perfect example from Joe Jonas: “"Totally walked down the wrong escalator at the airport from the flashes of the cameras.” While there are definitely some classic examples of humble brags spoken by women, I’ve found that women tend more often toward “amiable deprecation.”  The term doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily, but it accurately describes what … [Read more...]

My New Favorite Plugin to Increase Pageviews!

New Plugin To Increase Pageviews

Today I am going to show you my new favorite plugin! The plugin is called AddThis Smart Layers and its main job is to help increase your blog pageview and engagement! We like pageviews right? (wink!) The plugin is called AddThis Smart Layers. This plugin has several different options including share buttons, follow buttons, and my favorite the "What's Next" feature. AddThis describes this feature  as, "When a desktop visitor scrolls down your page, a box will slide in at the bottom to promote the next best step (post). To see a live example of the plugin in action you can visit this post … [Read more...]

Make a Light Reflector- A Quick, Free Trick To Brighter Photos!

Brighten photos without editing!

  One of the biggest frustrations bloggers and photographers face is lighting. It can be tricky to get the subject of a photograph to look radiant, have their colors stand out and shine, and illuminate details effortlessly in front of a camera's lens. Luckily, I have a fabulous quick, free trick to brighter photos - all you have to do is build a simple light reflector! I know you're thinking... wait! You said this was free.... but I have to BUILD something? Luckily, about 90% of people will already have all the materials you'll need in your home- as all you really need is foil … [Read more...]

Updated! – How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Blog

How to embed a Pinterest board on your blog!

Hi there! Earlier in January I wrote a post How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Blog. At the time the post was specifically for Wordpress Users (and Genesis Theme users). But today I am happy to share that the Pinterest Widget Builder page has changed and now ALL Blogger and Wordpress Users can easily (we are talking copy and paste!) embed a Pinterest Board in a blog post or sidebar! All you need to do is head over to the Pinterest Widget Builder Page. 1. Select the kind of widget you would like to build. 2. Paste in the URL for your Pinterest. 3. Chose your size. 4. Click … [Read more...]

How to Have Links Open in A New Window


Hi there girls! Okay today's tutorial seems a little silly because it is so straightforward but because it is so simple I think it gets overlooked by bloggers. Today we are talking about having text links on your blog open in a new window/tab. When someone is reading your blog and they click on a link they are being taken away from what they are currently reading. We need to be intentional about how they are leaving that page.  Ask yourself if readers will be clicking away from your post to read another post on your blog (internal link) or are they clicking off your post to leave the … [Read more...]

Turn First Time Readers into Fans with Your Writing

Turn First Time Blog Readers into

In the age of Pinterest and Facebook, gorgeous photography and attention-grabbing graphics pull more new visitors to your blog than ever before.  Unfortunately, too many of those opportunities become one and done visits, instead of translating into long-term readership.  While visuals are an invaluable way to get your foot in the door, well-crafted writing can get you invited inside for a drink.  There are few simple ways to woo those new readers and turn them into fans, followers, or customers.  So, settle in, turn on some Barry White, and  learn how simple post structure can make sure that … [Read more...]

How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your WordPress Blog

How to Embed a Pinterest Board on WordPress

Hi there friends! Ready for a fun and easy tutorial today! Today I am going to show you how to Embed a Pinterest Board on your WordPress blog. Fun right!? You can embed a board to a post or into the sidebar. If you want to see a live example you can see one on my blog. I have several pin boards embedded on my sidebar. *This tutorial is specifically for all Genesis themes. You can definitely embed a Pinterest board on your blog with other WordPress themes but this is this written to show you specifically with Genesis. Okay, lets go! 1.) Open two Internet tabs. One with your blog … [Read more...]

Aperture For Bloggers


Do you ever wonder how to get great images on your camera where the background is blurry? Want to take a photo indoors but the light is too low? Then you need to learn all about aperture for bloggers! Aperture is the opening size that your camera's lens lets light in with. What is Aperture? This post will help you understand the basics of aperture, so you can use your camera in Aperture Priority (A/V mode on a Canon) mode, or Manual Mode. Aperture is the f-stop number on your camera. Each camera may have a different number on it, but in general, you will see a button on the back of … [Read more...]

How to Offer A Free Printable On Your Blog

how to offer a free printable on your blog

Hi WordPress users! Today I am going to show you how to offer a free printable on WordPress with your blog readers. As a blogger a great way to gain traffic and give back to your readers is with a free printable! It could be a free printable party decor, holiday tag, invitations, wall art, game, kids coloring page, etc.... Really the options are endless! And I think we can all agree that the  amount of beautiful free printables out there is pretty amazing. Here are the step-by-step directions on how to share a free printable with your blog readers. For this example I am going to … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Photography

Simple ways to improve your blog photograhpy at SNAP! - this is awesome and full of tips for photographers of any level!

Editor's note: I am so excited to introduce you to Courtney, from Sweet C's Designs, who's joining me here at Snap as a regular contributor. Courtney's site is full of amazing crafts and DIY projects and recipes, but around here she will be sharing her AMAZING photography skills! Please show her your love. xoxo Tauni Hi everyone! I'm Courtney, from Sweet C's Designs. I am so glad to be sharing photography tips here on SNAP! I love how Tauni wants to help support other bloggers and share great information. I know one of the most popular topics that comes up time and time again is how … [Read more...]