One Word Goal: Bombshell Bling

One Word Goal Bombshell Bling

Good morning!! My name is Sarah, and I blog over at Bombshell Bling. I blog about all things colorful, crafty, sinfully tasty, and, of course, BLINGY! Occasionally I also get overly personal, which I suspect I am about to do here . . . ;) I am so pumped that Tauni asked me to be a part of her One Word goals series. Last year my word of the year was "Balance." I am very far from mastering that word, my new friends, but I wanted to switch things up and find another word that was related to balance but more specifically fine tuned to the reason that I really need to find balance: my … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Not Just a Housewife

One Word Goal Not Just a Housewife

My name is Stacy and I blog over at Not Just A Housewife. I have given it a lot of thought and I have finally decided that my word of the year is going to to be Perspective. I love this because it has multiple meanings to me. I don't naturally keep the "big picture" in mind all the time. I have to consciously remind myself that there even is a bigger picture. I love thinking about the fact that this moment right now is just a bleep in time. There is a big fat future waiting ahead of me. My choices are usually affected by the fact that there is more to this moment, more than even this … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Sweet Rose Studio

One Word Goal Sweet Rose Studio

Hi all! Katie here from Sweet Rose Studio and I am so honored to be asked by Tauni to share my one word that I'll use as my compass this year. In 2015, I chose to embrace the word Joy. I've found in the past few years that it's so easy to get wrapped in the negativity and mundane tasks of everyday life. Stress, anxiety, gossip, and doubt have filled so many of my minutes. Instead of falling into the age old trap of finding the worst part of a situation, this year I'm choosing joy. I want to see the positives, enjoy all of the little moments: laugh with my littles (instead of … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Diary of a Quilter

One Word Goal Diary of a Quilter

My name is Amy Smart and I love to sew in general, but I'm especially partial to designing and sewing quilts. You can visit me at Diary of a Quilter - and if one of your New Year's resolutions is to learn to make a quilt, then I can help you! I don't know if you ever feel this way, but I feel like I am always trying to keep track of 100 things at a time. I frequently feel like a crazy person. I've realized I need to divide my to-do list into three categories: Essential, Necessary, and Nice-to-do. This year my goal is to focus on the ESSENTIALS first. Have you ever heard of that challenge … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: A Girl and a Glue Gun

One Word Goal - A Girl and a Glue Gun

Hi. I'm kimbo! I blog at a girl and a glue gun. AND daily craft vinyl. AND a mom to three. AND a house cleaner. AND a cook. AND a chauffeur. AND a maid. AND a wife. AND a churchgoer. AND a sister. AND a friend. AND I could go on. and on and on. That's why I chose BALANCE as my word! I loved this quote so much...'cause for the past year I have been trying to find balance. Trying to find the perfect amount of blog time, mom time, me time. And failing miserably. 'Cause fact is. There is always something to clean. There is always something to do with the blog. There is always quality time … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: My Sister’s Suitcase

One Word Challenge: My Sister's Suitcase | Today via @Snapconf

Hey Snap readers! Nat here, half of the crazy sister duo at My Sister's Suitcase. I'm excited to share my word for the new year and how I plan to incorporate it into my daily life. The word I have chosen for 2015 is very simple. Today. This year I am trying to focus on what's most important and what is happening now. Sometimes taking things one day time is the only way I feel like I can stay afloat! (Can anyone relate?) We just welcomed a little baby girl to our family a few weeks before Christmas. While it's been an exciting and very blessed time, it has definitely added to the … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Creative Juice

One Word Goal Challenge: Creative Juice | Hope via @SnapConf

Hi! I'm Mindy from Creative Juice. I'm a cookbook author, blogger, party stylist and Macaron fanatic. My word for this challenge is HOPE. I have chosen the word hope because this year I will embrace it. In all of its messy glory. As much as this word inspires, there is also an undertone of uncertainty and frailty that accompanies this word. It implies something wished for, wanted, desired or sought after that may – or may not- be obtained. The uncertainty is where the difficulty lies with this word. Particularly if your hope is for something good. Something worthy of prayer, faith, … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Cooking with Ruthie

One Word Challenge: Cooking with Ruthie | Fly via @SnapConf

Hi! I'm Ruthie from Cooking with I'm a mom to 3 kids and 2 dogs, a food lover, a gardener, and an occasional DIY/crafter. I grew up in the kitchen cooking with my Mom and Gram, I developed my love of cooking from them. I'm excited to be apart of the One Word Goal Challenge 2015. I shared some thoughts and introduced my One Word resolution over on my site on New Year's Day. My word is FLY!  There is something within each of us that beckons us... A passion that fills us with joy when we tap into it. Find your passion and embrace it. Spread your wings and FLY! I … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: Funky Junk Interiors

One Word Goal Challenge: Funky Junk Interiors | Believe via @SnapConf

Hi! I am Donna, from Funky Junk Interiors. I was asked by Tauni to come up with one word I could live by for 2014. My word... always the first word... that comes to mind, is most definitely BELIEVE. For a reason. I worked in a day job for 22 years that I fell out of love with. Things just changed when my son came into the picture. My passion became all about him. And then one day, I realized I didn't want to go to work any longer. What happened to my very successful business? I continued to go in each and every day doing my thing. But then hard times hit, and I ended up losing my … [Read more...]

One Word Goal: A Prudent Life

One Word Goal Challenge: A Prudent Life | Focus via @Snapconf

Hi Snap readers! I'm Melissa from A Prudent Life and I'm so thrilled to be here sharing my One Word with you! Although most of my projects revolve around my home in the form of decor and organizing, my full tagline is "Inspirations for Home & Life." I love sharing things I've found that make my life easier and more enjoyable! The word of the year concept is something that really resonated with me when I heard about last year. Having one word to guide your actions throughout the year is so much easier (and more effective) than a big list of resolutions. When I sat down to think about … [Read more...]