10 Tips to Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization

In the last year as my websites and SNAP! Conference has grown, I have blown out of my regular office space. And, when I say "blown out," I mean I've got a disaster on my hands. I am the most effective in my space, when things are simplified, organized and where I need them so the disorganization is seriously affecting my creative mojo. Really. In the next few weeks, I will be moving into a larger studio space to accommodate all of my crap awesome DIY and craft supplies. Though I could pack everything up and sort it out in the new space, it just makes more sense to move things in a more … [Read more...]

The Best Social Media Icon Plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

I think it is a pretty safe bet to say that almost all bloggers use social media networks to engage with their readers, which is why it is good to have a set of social media icons on your blog. Typically, social media icons are near the very top of a site either in the header or at the top of the sidebar. Today I am going to show you how to install and set up the best social media icon plugin for WordPress. You are going to love this plugin because it is easy to use and simple to customize to coordinate with your site. Let's dive in! I am going to use my blog as the example. See those … [Read more...]

Add Pinterest Hover Button in Blogger

Add Pinterest Hover Button in Blogger

Hey there! Are you ready for a quick and easy tutorial that is going to make your site more pinable? Today I am going to show you how to add a Pinterest hover button in Blogger. Here is an live example >>> Okay here is what you need to do to add the Pinterst Hover Button in Blogger ... #1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard. #2. Click on "Template" #3. Click "Edit HTML" #4. Click Command F (mac) or Control F (pc) to bring up the "search" box. #5. You are searching for </body> #6. Once you find </body> you will need to add this code directly ABOVE … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Improving Blog Traffic in 30-Days


Before SNAP!... Before I started blogging... Before I met Derek an the boys... I was a career girl. I didn't just work any old job though, I worked in the ultimate pencil skirt and high heel wearing field - public relations. More specifically, I spent my years as a public relations executive working with politicians and sports super stars. At first glance it may seem that the two are completely different. However, politicians and athletes have AT LEAST two things in common - GIANT EGOS and an incredible WORK ETHIC. Though I think we can skip over any discussion of the giant … [Read more...]

Best Pinterest Plugin for WordPress

How to Install a Wordpress Plugin #bloggingtips

Do you know the girls over at Paging Supermom? I love them. Not only that? I pretty much think they are straight-up genius... Recently, I was on the phone with Bettijo lamenting my annoyance with "Pin It" buttons. I love featuring other bloggers work, especially after catching posts they've linked up to Show & Tell Wednesday. The problem? Many of the Pinterest buttons on the market disable right click and save functionality. Not a big deal? Well, when you're going through hundreds of sites to feature, it kind of is. Well, I am just lucky to know Bettijo, because she's a fixer. … [Read more...]

How to Upload to Photobucket – Video Tutorial

upload to photobucket

Hi! Today I have something fun for you guys! A video tutorial! This was my first time making  video tutorial, so don't laugh when I mess up! But I hope this will be a fun new way to learn and hopefully be helpful for you visual learners. As always leave questions and comments in the comment box! How to Upload a Image to Photobucket and Place in Blog Sidebar Here is the code I reference in the video :: Here are a few other blogging tutorials where you will use a direct URL from Photobucket. Create an Image Slider in Blogger Make a Blog Button with Grab Code Add Social … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Working with Brands


When I was a little girl, I read the Anne of Green Gablesseries by L.M. Montgomery. It was my favorite. I formed an abiding love for Anne’s spirit and her desire to collect like-minded friends, kindred spirits. Though I have few similarities with Anne, outside of the red hair (and perhaps the occasional temper), I do share her love of kindred spirits. This week, I was lucky enough to speak on a panel at Haven with two lovely friends. Bloggy kindred spirits, Heather, from At the Picket Fence, and KariAnne, from Thistlewood Farms. Sidenote: When it comes to kindred spirits the proof is in … [Read more...]

The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

WordPress.org vs. Wordpress.com

Its  been a while since we've had a WordPress post! That's my fault, things have been crazy ever since SNAP! (which by the way was a blast and I loved meeting so many of you!), but I'm back and ready to roll! For this post I wanted to go back to basics a little and talk about the difference between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM. When I first started learning about WordPress this was really confusing to me so hopefully I can clear up any confusion out there for people interested in using WordPress. WordPress.COM is a similar set up to Blogger, in that your url is … [Read more...]

Creative Business Card Ideas

creative business cards

Each time I run out of business cards, I hem and haw over the purchase of new ones until I've missed the deadline to order anything truly brilliant and am just doing my best to get something, anything, in hand. It's a vicious cycle really, because I don't want to order "too many" cards in hopes that the next ones will be amazing so I frequently find myself in need of new business cards. What's the big deal? Well, I want creative business cards. I want cards that are beautiful, unique and leave an impression all at the same time. I suppose that part of the pressure comes from having … [Read more...]

National Photography Month Canon T-3 Giveaway

canon t3

You shouldn't judge a book, or a blog by its cover, but millions of people do every day. It means that having great ideas on your blog just isn't enough. A good idea has to look good too. Nothing makes that easier than using the right equipment and I am SOOOO excited to share today's giveaway with you.... SQUEEE! We've given away some great stuff, but this has to be my all-time favorite giveaway. We're giving away a Canon T-3 to celebrate National Photography Month. What?! Awesome!!! Enter to win via the Rafflecopter widget below. a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]