How to Add Horizontal Featured Posts in Blogger

How to add featured post thumbnails to your blog

Time for a Blogger tutorial! Who is ready?! Today I am going to walk you through adding horizontal thumbnails of your most recent blog posts. Here is an example :: See the 5 square images? Those link to the 5 most recent posts! And they update automatically! COOL huh?! To add this to your own blog you need to -- 1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard. 2. Go to Layout 3. Add a new HTML/Java Script Gadget to the area right above the posts. 4. Paste in this code. To copy put cursor at the beginning of the code and drag all the way to the end.  <center><div … [Read more...]

SNAP! Style by Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time

Jamielyn I Heart Nap Time

For SNAP! Conference attendees, the question of what to wear to a blogging conference trumps "What's the schedule?" and "Who's speaking?" every time. To help you plan your conference attire we've enlisted the help of two previous SNAP! attendees to talk SNAP! style. Today's post is by Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time. ... You can read the previous SNAP! Style post here: SNAP! Style by Megan from Brassy Apple. Who's excited for SNAP?! It is less than ONE month away! Ah, I can't wait! Now that I've got my business cards ordered, it is time to stress about outfits!At SNAP you'll see some … [Read more...]

SNAP! Style by Megan from Brassy Apple

Megan from Brassy Apple

For SNAP! Conference attendees, the question of what to wear to a blogging conference trumps "What's the schedule?" and "Who's speaking?" every time. To help you plan your conference attire we've enlisted the help of two previous SNAP! attendees to talk SNAP! style. Today's post is by Megan from Brassy Apple. And no, we're not sisters...though I'd be way okay if we were! OH what to wear....what to wear! As women we always like to look our best when meeting up with our girlfriends. And blog conferences are no different! Don't let the pressure of being the most fashionable one there … [Read more...]

Parts of a Blog and Tutorial Roundup

DIY blog tutorials for Blogger and WordPress via

Hi, friends! Today I am going to go over a few basics with you including the different parts of a blog. I have also rounded up all the blog "how to" posts for you! Parts of A Blog There are 4 general areas to a blog. The Header, Content Area, Sidebar, and Footer. You can see them below >>> Inside of those 4 main parts there are some other elements that make up a blog design... The background, the favicon, signature, post divider, post titles, post info, blog button, individual sidebar elements, and menu bar. Here are some examples >>> Tutorial Round-Up Now … [Read more...]

How to Change Fonts in WordPress


UPDATE: An error occurred in the code below when this post was published, it should be correct now. Please leave any problems or questions in the comments. Thanks! So, have you ever been a little frustrated that there isn't an easy way to change the text size or font when writing a Wordpress post? Well, today I'm going to show you how to change the font type or size, using a little html. Don't worry, its not as hard as it sounds. :) In this example we are going to change a few words to be 24px. First make sure you are in the "Text" editing mode... You will see sets of code … [Read more...]

Ideas for Individual Blog Conference Sponsorship

Blog Conference Sponsorship

This week, I received a question regarding individual blog conference sponsorship: I read through the SNAP! guidelines for individual sponsorship. I think I understand the guidelines, but what can I offer a company that's not an official sponsor in exchange for sponsoring me individually? It's a great question and I thought I would share a few ideas on what bloggers might offer a company looking to provide them with individual sponsorship to a conference. Offer a media buy that includes advertising on your site before, during and after the event. Consider a package that includes … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Writing an Authentic Sponsored Post


One of the most difficult things about being a blogger is providing quality content on a consistent basis. The challenge typically isn't in coming up with great ideas, but maintaining quality when writing sponsored posts. Today's guest Alissa is talking about how to maintain the balance by writing a great sponsored brand post. Writing an Authentic Sponsored Post Hi everyone, my name is Alissa and I'm the editor of Rags to Stitches, a lifestyle blog about enjoying life's perfect imperfections. Along with being a blogger I'm also a wife to one amazing man, momma to two littles and I'm … [Read more...]

Customize Block Quotes in Blogger

Customize Block Quotes in Blogger

Hi Friends! Today I am going to show you how to customize block quotes in Blogger. First let's talk about a couple things... What is a block quote? Technically a block quote is used for quoting something or someone. You indent the paragraph when you are quoting a passage or citing. Do block quotes have another purpose? If you ask me, yes! And of course I am referring to blogging. I think using the block quote tool while writing your blog posts can help you emphasize and draw attention to particular parts of your post. Maybe you want to highlight project directions or giveaway rules. … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: Organizing Your Email

Organize Your Email via Kate Eschbach Photography

My email in-box is a nightmare. Currently, there are more than 200 messages sitting there. Waiting to be taken care of. Cluttering my life. Weighing me down. When Kate messaged me and told me that she had an email organizing system she'd like to share as part of our blogger advice series I jumped right on it. And Kate should know...She's a blogger, a photographer and an ETSY shop owner. How to Organize Your Email - Kate Eschbach I use my email inbox as my to-do list. That means I have to keep my email inbox clean, current and organized. I like to keep my email between 20 and 40 … [Read more...]

Feature Friday: How to Prepare for a Blog Conference

The V Spot Blog

  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we would be starting a new blogger advice column. The series will run every Friday. This week, Vivienne from the V Spot is sharing how you can own your happiness (also called, how to prepare for a blog conference).   I'm really getting excited for SNAP! Conference!  I loved my experience last year, and I am soooo looking forward to it again this year.  I know the organizers are working hard to get ready... they're attending to every detail, both big and small, and trying to plan for every possible contingency to make it a great … [Read more...]