Facebook Giveaway and Promotion Rules

Last Spring Facebook changed their giveaway and promotion guidelines. Though the changes should have had a fairly dramatic impact on the way bloggers handle giveaways and promotions, they don't seem to have trickled down to everyone. Maybe it's because of the legal speak that permeates the page... In any event, I thought it may be time to have a discussion. So here we go... Facebook Giveaway Rules I. Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on Facebook.com, either on a Canvas Page or an app on a Page Tab. You cannot run a giveaway or promotion on your wall. You must use a … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with the Aperture Settings on Your Camera

I have had such fun introducing you to our new contributing bloggers this week! Monday you met Holly, our party contributor. She shared the amazing Valentine's Day Edible Topiary. Then on Tuesday, Kendra shared a great tutorial on how to add threaded comments to Blogger sites. Today I get to introduce you to another friend...I adore her and I think you will too. Meet Emilie. Emilie is a Utah-based photographer. She's also helped hone the skills of some of our communities finest bloggers (and at-home photographers) through her hands-on education classes. She also happens to be one of our … [Read more...]

A New Blogger Feature: Threaded Comments

Yesterday new contributor Holly from Paisley Petal events knocked it out of the park with her Valentine's Day edible topiary. Today, I am excited to introduce you to our second amazing regular contributor and I think you're going to love her too! Meet Kendra! Kendra is a Hawaii-based digital designer. Her hard work stands as the background and design on some of the blogosphere's largest sites. She's also a social media consultant for a large online craft company. Amidst running her business and raising a young family with her husband who's in school, Kendra blogs regularly on her … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Post?

This is the post that almost wasn't... Things are really picking up around here in preparation for SNAP! Sponsors are gearing up, orders are being placed, plans are being made and boy oh boy, email is pouring in. In five days, I have corresponded with people regarding SNAP! via email 342 times. Tack that on top of a full-time job and a household to run and you've got, well, you've got some long hours. Last night was a late one and I was just too tired and uninspired to post. However, a work emergency had me up at 4:30 a.m. and since I've got a little time on my hands now... Last week my … [Read more...]

How to Identify Trends

The other day reader Tiffany Silverberg, a marketing writer, asked on Twitter where I look to identify craft and DIY trends. Though I was able to answer her, 140-characters just didn't seem adequate so I thought I would expand on the topic just a bit today. Trend spotting is used by professionals to fuel creative potential, identify trends and develop future business ideas. Ironically, one of their favorite spots to track down cutting edge ideas and future trends? Blogs. So where does a blogger turn? Here's where I share a small confession. I like to be cutting edge. I love to try new … [Read more...]

Six 2012 DIY Trends, 48 Tutorials

Perhaps one  of my favorite things about the trend reports for 2012 is that they are all reporting a bent to more eclectic, mixed styles. You can mix Ikat with traditional, early American with modern, stained wood with painted and the colors...oh the colors. Have noticed this phenomena in the last little bit too? I am also loving the use of one-of-a-kind items. Yesterday, we talked a little about the Pantone color of the year and I've loved hearing your feedback. There are, of course, dozens of other trend predictions (Some that I am not yet willing to embrace. Ahem. Neon.). Today I am … [Read more...]

Tangerine Tango: Pantone Color of the Year


It's the new year and it's time for a new look. Pantone. The official end-all, be-all of color everywhere has declared the color of the year to be...Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463). Here's what Pantone’s color guru Leatrice Eiseman had to say about the selection: Pantone’s Color of the Year is a symbol of what people are needing, based on what is happening in the world around them. I felt that Tangerine Tango is just the color to break the malaise and much-needed today. Walk into many clothing department and you are faced with a sea of gray and black as retailers ‘play it safe’. … [Read more...]

Copy or Inspiration?

Every creative and DIY blogger has their own unique style, right? I'd like to think so...And when it seems like they don't? Perhaps some have just not found their sweet spot quite yet. When it comes to hot trends in the creative world, sometimes the line between a copy and inspiration can be a bit blurred. Everyone knows what a trend is...Whether it's burlap, chevron, pennants or ruffles when something becomes very popular everyone wants to use it for inspiration in their own home. We're talking design trends and inspiration on the blog this week. Before we get to that though, I am interested. … [Read more...]

101 Must Take Photos & Favorite Phone Apps

Though I've always loved photography, I have to admit photos for blogging are not my strong point. In fact, I think that blogging has made me worse...Ahhh the pressure. I learned long ago that my favorite photos are candid or those that share the details of a moment.  For instance, this is one of my favorite photos from Christmas last week: It may be pretty unremarkable to you, but it's full of wonderful memories for me! One of my goals this year is to take more candid, documentary type photos and include them here on the blog. A bit of a Project 365. I have to admit that the inspiration from … [Read more...]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Yesterday I talked a bit about some of my blogging goals for 2012. What I didn't get into was the detail level. One of the tools I am implementing to help me meet my 2012 goals is an editorial calendar. Have you tried using one? What is an editorial calendar? In case you're not sure, an editorial calendar is simply a content plan that follow's a basic publishing schedule. Magazines, for instance, have monthly editorial calendars that start out as a broad list of key topics and eventually evolve into highly detailed outlines of each issue's content. Interested in learning what your favorite … [Read more...]