Tangerine Tango: Pantone Color of the Year


It's the new year and it's time for a new look. Pantone. The official end-all, be-all of color everywhere has declared the color of the year to be...Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463). Here's what Pantone’s color guru Leatrice Eiseman had to say about the selection: Pantone’s Color of the Year is a symbol of what people are needing, based on what is happening in the world around them. I felt that Tangerine Tango is just the color to break the malaise and much-needed today. Walk into many clothing department and you are faced with a sea of gray and black as retailers ‘play it safe’. … [Read more...]

Copy or Inspiration?

Every creative and DIY blogger has their own unique style, right? I'd like to think so...And when it seems like they don't? Perhaps some have just not found their sweet spot quite yet. When it comes to hot trends in the creative world, sometimes the line between a copy and inspiration can be a bit blurred. Everyone knows what a trend is...Whether it's burlap, chevron, pennants or ruffles when something becomes very popular everyone wants to use it for inspiration in their own home. We're talking design trends and inspiration on the blog this week. Before we get to that though, I am interested. … [Read more...]

101 Must Take Photos & Favorite Phone Apps

Though I've always loved photography, I have to admit photos for blogging are not my strong point. In fact, I think that blogging has made me worse...Ahhh the pressure. I learned long ago that my favorite photos are candid or those that share the details of a moment.  For instance, this is one of my favorite photos from Christmas last week: It may be pretty unremarkable to you, but it's full of wonderful memories for me! One of my goals this year is to take more candid, documentary type photos and include them here on the blog. A bit of a Project 365. I have to admit that the inspiration from … [Read more...]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Yesterday I talked a bit about some of my blogging goals for 2012. What I didn't get into was the detail level. One of the tools I am implementing to help me meet my 2012 goals is an editorial calendar. Have you tried using one? What is an editorial calendar? In case you're not sure, an editorial calendar is simply a content plan that follow's a basic publishing schedule. Magazines, for instance, have monthly editorial calendars that start out as a broad list of key topics and eventually evolve into highly detailed outlines of each issue's content. Interested in learning what your favorite … [Read more...]

Setting Blog Goals & a Free Printable

A blog post about goals in early January...I know. I know. It's a bit cliche isn't it? SNAP! came together so quickly last summer, I never really had the chance to step back and think about what I was getting myself into, much less how I was going to accomplish it. Though your site may have come together a bit differently, I am sure you can identify with finding yourself in the midst of something far bigger than you expected it to be, right? Where I am at today isn't where I thought I would be even three months ago...Over the last several months there have been some adjustments. Tweaks … [Read more...]

Guest Posting #SNAPChat Recap

Today we had a little fun during #SNAPChat discussing guest posting.  The chat was fun, informative, and full of great ideas.  I loved hearing that other people proof read a million times and are nervous approaching other people to post.  It made me feel a little more normal.  I know I will still need to refer to all the great ideas on guest posting from earlier this week though... I am not super human.  Maybe I should refer to them for this post. I know you are all dying to hear the stats from today's chat.  But I have to get the WINNERS out of the way first. We got a little wild during … [Read more...]

10 Steps to a Great Guest Post

The movie Field of Dreams came out while I was in junior high. I've never been much of a baseball fan, but the movie's magic or perhaps its most inspirational line "if you build it, he will come," spoke to me. via YouTube I know I am dating myself here and there will be some of you that have never seen this film, so I am going to break it to you straight. He did build it and people did come... If only blogging were that easy. Build the site. Sit back and wait for the people to find your glory. Would be nice right? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. You've got to put yourself out … [Read more...]

Google Recipe View: Google Your Way to Good Eats

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we've got food on the brain. It doesn't help that Steph's been cooking up a storm trying out recipes and sharing them...virtually. Whether you head on over to her blog for the best in Thanksgiving recipes or you decide to search them all out on your own, you've got to at least try Google Recipe View this holiday season. What? You haven't heard about Google Recipe View? It's the handiest thing to come out of Google all year...Here's what it looks like: It's probably not hard to guess that I am a quick an easy sort of cook. I want to fit something … [Read more...]

How to Participate in a Twitter Party

We are so excited to have your join our Twitter parties! Many of you are new to Twitter and some of you have never participated in a Twitter party before. Here are a few guidelines, tips and tricks to make this week's chat totally painless and hopefully FUN! Twitter parties are one big fun (moderated) conversation. Think of it like a presidential debate...without all the awkwardness and politics. Each week #SNAPChat will focus on a different subject. We'll hit all sorts of topics from this week's Thanksgiving recipe highlights, to blogging tips and New Years Resolutions. The … [Read more...]

I am a Dummy

Confession. I am a dummy. I know this, because I finished reading Mom Blogging for Dummies by Wendy Piersall and I really liked it. Like, I like, liked it. Bwahahaha. I don't typically consider myself a "mom blogger" and this may be the only time I publicly admit to being a dummy or reading a book for dummies. Honestly? This book may have scared me away if 1.  Heather (whose opinion I value immensely) hadn't recommended it 2. I hadn't met the author, Wendy, who is absolutely wonderful. Don't let the title fool you. This book isn't just for moms or dummies. This book is for anyone who is … [Read more...]