Business Cards, Media Kits, and Logos #SNAPit Twitter Chat

We are thrilled to have on board as this week's sponsor of our weekly Twitter chat #SNAPit.  It really couldn't come at a better time as we are getting ready for SNAP! Conference.  And if you are like me you are in definitely in need a business card or 300.  Not to mention I always love to have several copies of a professionally printed media kit on hand for brands.  It just adds that extra something, don't you think? The Details Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 10:30 am MT (9:30 PT, 11:30 CT, 12:30 ET) This week's chat is all about business cards, media kits, and … [Read more...]

Centering Blogger Sidebar Widgets

With Spring in the air it is only natural for us to feel the need to clean out house, get rid of the winter dust and get everything organized! Have you ever thought about giving your blog a good spring cleaning? I highly recommend it!  Schedule a few minutes to take a good look at your blog. Look over your sidebar and take down any extra or irrelevant widgets. Maybe even think about switching the order of your sidebar content. Keep things fresh and you will keep your readers! Once you have gotten rid of any extra clutter you can use these  two easy tips to make sure all your sidebar content … [Read more...]

Warm it Up with Photoshop

Holy snowballs Batman! Last week spring flowers were popping up in my yard, but the last several hours have brought more snow in the last four or five hours than we've had all winter! Sigh...I was just getting used to the idea of an early spring. Fortunately, Emilie is back with a new photography tutorial. You'll likely remember her first post - a super popular tutorial on how to adjust aperture properly. Today Emilie is sharing a great Photoshop tutorial on how you can transform cold winter photos from grey to gorgeous!   It's difficult to capture a warm image amidst gray skies. You don't … [Read more...]

Twitter Tips and Tricks Beyond the Basics

Contextual Tweeting. Occasionally, I am a lazy tweeter. I am in a rush, I answer quickly, I don't consider my tweet carefully. Those tweets end up looking like this: Well, what do you think I was telling Nika? I can think of any number of things...Do your tweets ever look like that? Remember, not everyone reads your tweets via Twitter API. Some people are picking it up in RSS, Twitter search and Google search. Sending out messages that can't be understood outside of the Twitter stream can be confusing and problematic. Share complete tweets. Link Placement.  Have you ever noticed that a … [Read more...]

A Beginners Guide to Blogger’s Template Designer

Remember when Tauni told us our blog is like a house? Some of us rent and some own, some have a big elegant house, others a cozy cottage. The common denominator between us all??? We all would like a nice home that reflects our style and is welcoming. Right? And don't we want our blog to feel the same way as the one we just saw yesterday? YES! Today I am going to give you a beginners walk through on using Bloggers Template Designer. Hopefully you can use this information to make sure your blog is as welcoming as your home. Let's jump right in! Getting to the Temple Designer 1. Login to … [Read more...]

Facebook Giveaway and Promotion Rules

Last Spring Facebook changed their giveaway and promotion guidelines. Though the changes should have had a fairly dramatic impact on the way bloggers handle giveaways and promotions, they don't seem to have trickled down to everyone. Maybe it's because of the legal speak that permeates the page... In any event, I thought it may be time to have a discussion. So here we go... Facebook Giveaway Rules I. Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on, either on a Canvas Page or an app on a Page Tab. You cannot run a giveaway or promotion on your wall. You must use a … [Read more...]

Fall in Love with the Aperture Settings on Your Camera

I have had such fun introducing you to our new contributing bloggers this week! Monday you met Holly, our party contributor. She shared the amazing Valentine's Day Edible Topiary. Then on Tuesday, Kendra shared a great tutorial on how to add threaded comments to Blogger sites. Today I get to introduce you to another friend...I adore her and I think you will too. Meet Emilie. Emilie is a Utah-based photographer. She's also helped hone the skills of some of our communities finest bloggers (and at-home photographers) through her hands-on education classes. She also happens to be one of our … [Read more...]

A New Blogger Feature: Threaded Comments

Yesterday new contributor Holly from Paisley Petal events knocked it out of the park with her Valentine's Day edible topiary. Today, I am excited to introduce you to our second amazing regular contributor and I think you're going to love her too! Meet Kendra! Kendra is a Hawaii-based digital designer. Her hard work stands as the background and design on some of the blogosphere's largest sites. She's also a social media consultant for a large online craft company. Amidst running her business and raising a young family with her husband who's in school, Kendra blogs regularly on her … [Read more...]

How Often Should I Post?

This is the post that almost wasn't... Things are really picking up around here in preparation for SNAP! Sponsors are gearing up, orders are being placed, plans are being made and boy oh boy, email is pouring in. In five days, I have corresponded with people regarding SNAP! via email 342 times. Tack that on top of a full-time job and a household to run and you've got, well, you've got some long hours. Last night was a late one and I was just too tired and uninspired to post. However, a work emergency had me up at 4:30 a.m. and since I've got a little time on my hands now... Last week my … [Read more...]

How to Identify Trends

The other day reader Tiffany Silverberg, a marketing writer, asked on Twitter where I look to identify craft and DIY trends. Though I was able to answer her, 140-characters just didn't seem adequate so I thought I would expand on the topic just a bit today. Trend spotting is used by professionals to fuel creative potential, identify trends and develop future business ideas. Ironically, one of their favorite spots to track down cutting edge ideas and future trends? Blogs. So where does a blogger turn? Here's where I share a small confession. I like to be cutting edge. I love to try new … [Read more...]