How to Avoid Identity Theft on Facebook

I had no idea how easily hackers could utilize Facebook to steal an identity. This is a great article on how to avoid identity theft on Facebook.

About a year ago, I was locked out of my Facebook account. I couldn't log in to loose time scrolling through the hundreds of posts shared by friends and co-workers. I couldn't schedule sponsored posts. In fact, my entire page disappeared for a day. It was likely more awful than you can imagine. The horror was caused by a hacker, who targeted my account. I learned a whole lot about Facebook identity theft through as I restored access to my account. The most important lesson? How to avoid identity theft on Facebook in the first place. As a blogger, I am constantly trying to tweak my … [Read more...]

Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists Cover

Friends, let's chat for a minute. I know many of you are disheartened with Facebook. You're frustrated with what you are seeing, and even more importantly, what you are not seeing. Some of you are threatening to leave...Will you hang in there with me for a bit longer? Facebook Interest Lists If you've "Liked" a fan page, but you notice that you aren't seeing updated from that page in your news feed, a Facebook Interest Lists will help to ensure you're seeing ALL of the things that you want to. I know what you're thinking...This sounds like something that's going to take a lot of time. … [Read more...]

Facebook Security: Where You’re Logged In?

Facebook Where Youre Logged In 1

Facebook is a powerful tool for connecting with friends, family and even at times strangers, but did you know that 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day?! While that's a relatively small percentage of overall users, odds are, it could happen to you. One of the best ways you can prevent a hack or possibly even catch a stalker is to regularly check the Facebook security feature "Where You're Logged In." Unfamiliar? Let me show you how to access this feature. In the upper right hand corner of your account use the drop down menu and click on settings. In the upper left … [Read more...]

How to Save Posts on Facebook for Later

Learn how easy it is to mark and save Facebook posts for later via @SnapConf It's like pinning from Facebook and save so much time!

Typically when I hop onto Facebook, I am actually after something specific for work. I don't often have time to leisurely scroll through my newsfeed...If something interesting catches my eye, I've found it's far more effective to "save for later," than stop to read the entire piece. Today I am going to show you how simple it is to save Facebook posts for later!  Scrolling through your newsfeed, you come across something interesting. It might be a link, a place, a movie, music, etc. You can save those items on Facebook to check out later when you've got more time. You know, something … [Read more...]

DIY Nutcracker Wall Art

DIY Nutcracker Silhouette Wall Art

Hello friends.  Have you decked the halls yet for Christmas?  I am almost finished.  Today I am sharing my DIY Nutcracker Silhouette Wall Art with you.  I made these for my son since he begs every year for a new nutcracker.  I'm not a huge fan of the traditional nutcrackers, so this was my compromise.  I love how they turned out, and they have become a permanent part of our Christmas decor.  They are an easy project, you might even have some supplies already lying around the house. Supplies: - Canvas or Wood - Acrylic Paint (white & whatever color you want your silhouette to … [Read more...]

Free Printable: Thank You Card

Free Printable Thank You Card via SNAP!

About a month ago my friend Becky, from The Crafting Chicks, invited me to participate in the Thanks a Day Gratitude Challenge. Each day in November, The Chicks provided a gratitude writing prompt along with a free printable thank you card - what a fun series! I contributed a free printable thank you card. Here's what it looked like... This Christmas, we were showered by gifts from family and friends. It's time to write a thank you cards. I am going to use the card I developed for the Thanks a Day Challenge and I though you might like to as well. Feel free to download a copy of the … [Read more...]

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

how to schedule facebook posts

If you stop by often you probably know that in addition to blogging and running SNAP! Conference, I work full-time in public relations and social media. As a result, I have to be extra efficient in terms of how I spend my time online. I rely heavily on applications that help me to schedule posts on various social networks. I used to schedule everything via Hootsuite until I found out that Facebook dings posts uploaded by a third party application. I was super excited this last year when Facebook launched their scheduling feature. It works great! How to Schedule Facebook Posts 1. … [Read more...]

How to Check Facebook’s Spam Filter


When I was a kid people used to say, "I tried and tried to call you, but I just couldn't get through." Times have changed a great deal, now we have call waiting and EVERYONE has voicemail. Today's "I tried and tried," is electronic. I sent you an email, I commented on your site or on Facebook, but you can't find a thing...It's usually due to the spam filter. Don't let it happen on Facebook again...Regularly check your Facebook page's spam filter. How to Check Facebook's Spam Filter Scroll to the administrative panel at the top of your Facebook page and click "edit page." Scroll … [Read more...]

How to Reposition Cropped Facebook Photos

Sometimes the way Facebook crops photos to fit into the Timeline collage is less than flattering...Hello giant photo of my nose, missing DIY project or (eek!) missing child. Fortunately Facebook has implemented a super-easy way to fix this issue. How to Reposition Photos on Facebook Timeline Head over to the top right of the photo and click the edit icon (it's shaped like a little pencil). A drop down box will appear. Select "reposition photo." Once selected, you will be able to move the photo around. Adjust the photo until it's cropped the way you prefer and save. Ahhh. Happy Facebook … [Read more...]

Add A Facebook “Like” Box to Your Blog

A quick tutorial for you today on How To Add A Facebook "Like" Box to Your Blog Sidebar. It is SUPER easy and works for Blogger and Wordpress! Yahoo! The first step is to GO to this URL: Then enter the necessary information for your "like" box... You will need to enter your... Facebook URL The width and eight you would like your box to be And select which options you would like to show When you click "Get Code" your screen will look like the image above. Click "iframe" and copy the code that you see. Take that code … [Read more...]