Maple Bacon Cookies

Maple Bacon Cookies via @SnapConf #recipe #dessert

Oooh! I am so excited to share this fun maple bacon cookie recipe with you. It's perfect for fall and I just know you will love it! I don't know what dinner is like at your house, but in our house things can get a bit crazy. Every once in a while I throw up my arms and we either settle on having pizza delivered or breakfast for dinner. Truth be told, I am actually a huge fan of breakfast for dinner. Breakfast foods are my favorite. The other day while dreaming of ways to incorporate more breakfast food into my life, I decided to come up with a breakfast cookie and maple bacon cookies … [Read more...]

How to Make Crispy Bacon

How to easily make perfectly crisp bacon with this recipe via @snapconf

I know what you're thinking. "Tauni, you're sharing an entire post about how to make crispy bacon?" Well, the answer is yes. I've come to realize over the last year, that sometimes there are things we know that we simply take for granted. They are small things. They are things so simple, that quite frankly execution is second nature to us. I happen to count writing a press release, speaking in public, pitching sponsors and yes, making perfectly crisp bacon among those things. For you? Well, it might be taking the time to measure while you are baking. The other day, I made some truly … [Read more...]

Pina Colada Mini Donuts

Pina Colada Mini Donut Recipe via @SnapConf

If there's one flavor that deserves to be the official "sip of summer," it's got to be pina colada. There's nothing quite like it on a hot summer day. We've been making coconut pineapple drinks and icy pops for weeks and I thought it was time to take the sugary-sweet taste to a whole new level and pina colada mini donuts were born... So when my friend Vanessa suggested a group of us share mini donut recipes on the same day, taking a yum-tastic flavor and infusing it into a donut really wasn't much of a stretch. Last year's S'mores mini donuts remain one of the most popular recipes … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Inspired Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Easy Five Ingredient Tomato Mozzarella Salad - The fresh, light ingredients make this the perfect summer salad!

Hey you guuuys! I am so excited to be sharing today's post. It's a little bit about Martha Stewart, donuts, a cook book my friends at Macy's and a really super-delicious tomato mozzarella salad - a salad inspired by Martha herself. If we're friends on social media (and I am sure we are, right?) you probably saw the slightly stalker-like posts I shared last week about my visit with Martha... Okay. So I wasn't really that intense (I hope), but I was very excited that Macy's sent out a copy of her latest book - Martha's American Food - and invited me to pop in for a visit to get it … [Read more...]

Thanks a “hole” bunch donut printable

Thanks a hole bunch thank you tags

My oldest daughter turned 10 this month! We decided to throw her a doughnut themed party. We didn't know until the day of the party that it happened to be national doughnut day. I designed this doughnut printable for the party favors. You can CLICK HERE to download the printable for yourself. It's designed to be printed on a 4" x 6" photo paper. I uploaded the file to Walgreen's, and had them finished within an hour. There are 2 doughnuts per photo sheet, I cut out each doughnut and glued them to a bag of doughnuts. You could easily punch a hole in the doughnut & tie it with a ribbon … [Read more...]

Free Ice Cream Party Printable

Free ice Cream Party Printable Invitation

Summer is almost here! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the start of summer, than to throw a little ice cream party with some friends or family members. I've created these adorable Ice Cream party printables to make your party planning easy. CLICK HERE to download the printable Ice Cream Party Invitations (PDF format). There are 3 invitation per 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock. Print them from your printer from home, or upload them to your favorite local printer. 1) Print. 2) Cut along the dotted lines. 3) Using a marker or pen, fill in the party information. 4) Invite your … [Read more...]

Printable Place cards for Easter Brunch


Spring is here! I gladly welcome more sun, fresh flowers and everything bright and airy. Hello, again! It's Brenda from From Me, With Love. I wanted to share with you this  printable place card that would be perfect for any event from a simple brunch to Easter Dinner. I just love entertaining- I love the loud chattering and laughs we can all have around the table. I love sharing funny stories and debating about well, you know those hot topics. The thing with our family is that our conversations may get heated but in about 10 minutes all is forgotten and we go back to our normal boisterous … [Read more...]

SPRING ENTERTAINING: Darling Spring Carrots

Mini Spring Carrots for Spring Entertaining

Hello again SNAP Peeps! It's me, Jessica from Pen N' Paper Flowers. Spring is absolutely here in my neck of the woods! I've been infatuated with carrots lately. (carrot soup, carrot candy favors, watercolor carrots and a sweet library book I've been reading to my five year old entitled Carrot Soup). So…I immediately thought you might love the idea of serving these adorable Spring Carrots at your next celebration. They are super simple to create and would be perfect as snacks leading up to Easter dinner or as a fun classroom treat for the kids. These are also a darling idea for a Spring baby … [Read more...]

Candy Birthday Bracelet

Candy Birthday Bracelet

Good Monday, my friends (and welcome to guests from the Crazy Little Projects Birthday Bash)! I am excited to be sharing a tutorial for a fun candy birthday bracelet. This time of year gets a bit crazy around here. In addition to Snap planning, we have FOUR, yes FOUR, birthdays in May. It's a bit ridiculous... Knowing that the first of the birthdays falls the Sunday following the close of Snap, I usually start thinking about birthday ideas early in the year. It's the only way I can plan a decent celebration! So, when Amber emailed me about joining her in celebrating her blogs … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Sugared Almonds + a Pinterest Party

Sugared almonds recipe and printable

I love creating classroom Valentine's, they are a true favorite. However, this year I wanted to make some "grown up" Valentine's Day gifts as well. Enter....Valentine's sugared almonds. I LOVE sugared almonds. I make them around the holidays for all of my friends and neighbors. This year, I had some extra almonds on hand and decided to whip up a batch for Valentine's Day. They're so simple to make and I PRETEND that I can still keep up with my New Year's resolution...I mean, honestly, they're nuts...forget about the sugar they're covered in. Sugared Almonds Recipe Ingredients: 3 … [Read more...]