Show + Tell No. 128: Back to School Ideas

Eight of the BEST back-to-school ideas for 2014 via @SnapConf

Oh man. School starts this week and I am sooo not ready. I realize that some of you have been back in school for weeks and others don't start for a few more, but I've got school on the brain so today I'm showcasing a few fun back-to-school ideas. Show + Tell Highlights Looking for a fun treat for the classroom? Check out these ruler Rolos! You Rule Classroom Treat via Bloom Designs I clearly have a thing for projects that "rule." Ruler Succulent Planter via Elizabeth Joan Designs OMG. I love these printable "pencil boxes." Printable Pencil Boxes via Lines Across Love, love, love … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 126: Homemade Ice Cream Treats

Delicious ice cream recipes via @snapconf #icecream #recipe

Let's chat. I love ice cream. I love it way too much for my own good... I blame the fact that I live in Utah, where we have the eighth highest ice cream consumption rate in the country. Well, that and the fact that my dad worked for a famous ice cream manufacturer while in college and developed a taste for the real good stuff, which he passed on to each of his kids... I've been trying to cut back this summer, but then you had to go and share some tasty recipes in┬álast week's link-up. A batch of homemade happened, along with a selection of highlights that all feature the delicious … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 125 :: Great Summer Ideas

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler via Homespun with Love

You guys, it's not quite August and already I feel summer is coming to an end. Sad. The television is showing back-to-school ads non-stop and while the boys don't go back to school for three more weeks, I am starting to see first day of school posts popping up in my Instagram feed! Where did it go? Truthfully, I am looking forward to the routine that comes with a more regular schedule. We've got some fun things planned and I can't wait to share them with you. In the meantime, I thought we could all hang on to summer a little bit longer with a handful of the great summertime ideas that … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 124: Summer DIY Ideas


You guys, time flies. It really does. I don't know if it's the addition of kids in my life, or age, but the days seem to slip away faster than ever. I can hardly believe that we're already mid-way through July...Back-to-school is really right around the corner and I can't decide if that makes me happy, or if I want to cry. In the spirit of living in the moment, I am highlighting a few of the fun summer DIY ideas that were shared in last week's Show + Tell Party. Show + Tell Highlights I am really digging mid-century modern styles right now. So refreshing and simple. Don't the clean lines … [Read more...]

Show + Tell No. 123

Flamingo Tote

Dudes. Today I am giving myself a big fat #FAIL! Seriously. I am working on a wonderful post for next week celebrating my favorite food in the world...DONUTS. I make donuts all the time and have never had a problem, but today I am crying into my mixing bowl because I have ruined two batches!!! How does someone manage to ruin two batches of donuts you ask? Well, it's a whole lotta not paying attention apparently. You all have such lovely photos every single week. Please tell me that you occasionally have a craft (or in this case baking) fail of your own. I need to commiserate with … [Read more...]

Show + Tell: Last Minute Fourth of July Ideas

Stars and Stripes Bunting - Free Printable

Happy Show + Tell Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday night if you're really eager)!!! It's been a crazy couple of week's 'round these parts... We've finally completed our Snap 2014 sponsor reporting and we're busy gearing up for 2014. I am really excited about our plans for next year though...#offthehook #nolie If you follow my personal account over on Instagram, you might know that I've also been busier than expected this summer working on American Crafts purchase of We R Memory Keepers. I love the WRMK brand and I am so excited to be working with the brand. In celebration, I … [Read more...]

Show + Tell: Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

Fabulous Fourth of July Ideas via @snapconf #fourthofjuly #patriotic

Seriously. I used to look forward to Show + Tell Wednesdays. Perusing your amazing posts was an amazing opportunity to get to know you... Then the allergy diet of 2014 happened... Now I just find myself staring at the page, mouth-watering and completely zoned out! Seriously. The trials I endure.... Just kidding. I still love Show + Tell Wednesdays and I have a file full of amazing recipes to try! Today I have picked out a few of my favorite Fourth of July celebration ideas. Show + Tell Highlights Let's start with this one...because this one nearly had me in tears. Forget … [Read more...]

Show + Tell: Upcycled Furniture

Painted-Tin-Can-Planter via The Crafted Sparrow

Remember when I told you the air conditioning was broken in my house? Yeah. Well, the air conditioning is still broken in my house. Sigh...I would likely be more concerned about it, but fortunately the weather has taken a turn. It was in the 50's today - there was snow in parts of Utah! Fickle, fickle weather. Between the heat and the rain, I haven't gotten some of the DIY projects done that I would have liked to. Fortunately, you've all been keeping busy and I have some fun upcycled furniture shares for you today!   Show + Tell Highlights You're not going to believe what … [Read more...]

Show + Tell: Summer Ideas

America Sparkles printable via Bloom Designs

Summer has finally arrived... I know this because my air conditioner has stopped working and that's the way things go right??? In any event, I thought it would be a great time to share some of the fun summer ideas that caught my eye. Oh, and if there's anything that doesn't make sense in this particular post? Well, let's just blame it on my fried brain. Seriously. 90 degrees in the house people! Show + Tell Highlights With the Fourth of July right around the corner, it's time to stock up on great ideas. I love Jenny, from Bloom Designs. Her bright cheerful ideas are always the best. … [Read more...]

Show + Tell

Aztec Tote via @CraftedSparrow

Okay you guys. You're killing me. First of all, can you please work together to theme your projects so that I can post a great SEO-d, high traffic post? Just kidding...Really. I just wanted you to know that I really do look through your links and always try to select those that stand out most. Sometimes it works out that we have a theme and then, sometimes like today? No theme at all. Just a whole lot of crafty goodness. Show + Tell Highlights Do you think that perhaps Rebecca is the mom all other mothers love to hate? I mean, the girl not only puts together an end of year gift for … [Read more...]