Coffee Filter Peonies

068-1-1Hi friends!  Today I’m showing you how to make Coffee Filter Peonies.  Not only are they pretty, they are easy to make.  There are so many possibilities for colors with this project too.  Let’s get started, here’s what your going to need:

–  Coffee Filters

–  Scissors

–  Floral Wire

–  Floral Tape

–  Food Coloring

–  Glue or Hot Glue Gun

directions1.  Fold your coffee filter in half {I did two filters at a time}.

2.  Fold again in to fourths.

3.  Fold again in to sixths.

4.  Last fold so that it is in eights.

5.  Take your scissors and create a scalloped edge around the top of the filter.  You can create a short scallop or a deeper scallop depending on how you want your petals to look.

6.  Unfold to see your pretty scalloped edges.

7.  Once all your coffee filters are scalloped {I used 8 filters per flower, and the flowers are large…so you can use that as your guide for how many filters to cut}.

8.  Grab your floral wire and cut in to 12″ lengths, double that if you want your wire extra sturdy.  Using a pencil wrap the end of your wire several times in to a coil, then press your coil together after you slide it off the pencil.  This gives you a center for your flower that wont slip through the filters.

9.  Poke the floral wire through the center of the first coffee filter petal, I used a small dot of hot glue on the floral wire coil to secure my filter to it and twist the bottom of the filter.  You can either use regular tacky glue or hot glue {if using hot glue just be careful, it’s hot and the filters are thin}.  I repeated this step until all my filters were on the wire, I glued every two filters, and the very last filter.

10.  Tear off a long strip of your floral tape, about 12 – 16″ long, once you tear it off the roll you will need to gently stretch it – this activates it’s stickiness.

11.  Starting at the base of the coffee filter where your wire pokes through place a dot of glue and adhere the end of your floral tape.  Start wrapping and spinning your floral tape all the way down your floral wire to create your stem.  I wrapped all the way down and then back up again to give it some sturdiness.

12.  I wanted colored peonies, but you could also leave them white.  If you choose to dye them all you need is food coloring.  Just mix a bowl full of water and tint the water with your food coloring until it’s the color you want.  You can test it by dipping an extra filter in and see how it turns out.  All I did was gently dip my peonie one at a time half way in to the water.  Quickly pull it out and lay on a cookie sheet to dry.

13.  Once completely dry you can fluff your peonies and place them in your favorite vase.



072These would make great Mother’s Day gifts for the Mom who might love flowers that last longer than store bought.  They also make great gift toppers, party centerpieces, and it’s a really great way to add a pop of color to your summer decor.


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  1. My daughter and I made these for our Mother’s Day table. She is 12 and pretty craft savvy, but she had a blast making these and getting creative with the coloring. It was a nice project, thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I am definately making these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. I’m so excited to try it and make her party beautiful:-) I’ll try to send you some pics.

    P.S. I found you on pinterest.

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  8. I am making these right now, and they are turning out beautifully. I did want to mention that your math is off in steps 3 and 4. Each fold doubles the number of sections you have instead of adding 2, so it should be fourths to eighths to sixteenths. I almost made mine incorrectly because of the error and wanted to mention it in case anyone else was confused. Thanks for the great tutorial!

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  12. I am attempting at making these and my first attempt didn’t quite low right. I was just wondering if when you dye your flowers did you squeeze the excess water out before laying them on a cookie sheet? Also did you let the flowers air dry or did you bake them? Thank you

    • Hi Brandy, When I made them I didn’t work really hard to squeeze all of the water out, but they weren’t dripping wet…I let the flowers air dry. I bet you could bake them though!

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