What’s in My Handbag: Crap I’ve Made

I’ve been looking forward to this What’s in My Handbag feature for a couple of weeks.

Crap Ive Made Blog

I am going to start out by telling you that I absolutely love Char. I also admire her tremendously and I am not lying when I tell you that I wish I could be more like her.

Normally I just share a few favorite posts with you, but today I want to share a few other little tidbits…

  1. Char is smart. One of the smartest people I have met in my entire life. No lie. It’s why she’s wicked good at everything she does.
  2. Char is uber talented. Even when she tells you her project is crap, it’s actually really amazing.
  3. Char makes me laugh. Even when I am at home alone reading my Google Analytics for fun and come across things like, “Why doesn’t Char Coester like Walmart?”
  4. Char is one of the most service minded people I have ever met.
  5. Char is an amazing mom. Her family ALWAYS comes first and this, above all, may be the thing I admire most.
Basically, she’s the girl I always feel like I am not cool enough to be friends with and yet, feel so lucky that I am.
Don’t worry, I am not going to cheat you out of a quick round-up of my favorite Crap projects…
crap ive made blog
In addition to all the awesomeness outlined above, Char happens to have a rather extensive collection of shoes and handbags…And so it’s time.

What’s in My Handbag: Crap I’ve Made

So you know how your husband struggles with remembering to acknowledge anniversaries or birthdays or Valentines?

And then you know how you start putting stuff in his Amazon cart so that he might accidentally order it so you’ll have something to open on Christmas?

And then you decide to take it one step further and just start sending him emails with “YOU SHOULD BUY ME THIS FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY” as the subject?

And then sometimes you send him stuff that’s ridiculously expensive, just to mess with him?

And then one time, after 16 years of marriage, he actually buys the ridiculously expensive item and you didn’t even get him a card?


No?  Just me?  Huh.

What’s inside that lovely emerald tasseled goodness?


1. A Ziploc bag full of coupons and rewards certificates and gift cards.  I never remember to bring them with if they’re not actually in my purse.
2. A middle school orchestra concert program.
3. A shoe lace from the pair of moccasins I bought Macy on clearance.  They only had one lace (probably why they were on clearance) and so I need to find a set.
4. Matchbox cars.  I have little boys…what do you expect?
5. A piece of Riley Blake fabric that I got at a blogger event in September.
6. Gum.
7. Hand warmers.  I’m a football mom and you never know when practice is going to get so cold that you can’t feel your left ear.  Better safe than sorry, right?
8. My huge ugly scribbled on wallet.  My sister bought me a REALLY cute one for Christmas a year or two ago, but it doesn’t hold a check book…and of course the kids always need checks for something or other at school or sports.  So, I keep carrying the ugly one.
9. Hi-Chews.  I’m addicted.  Melon is my favorite but green apple, mango, peach, and banana are also delicious.
10. Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm.  The tint ensures that it never goes missing courtesy of my husband.  Open-mouthed smile
11. Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm.  I like this when I want a little more color (so basically never).
12. Kindle Fire.  Sometimes I like to work on my church lesson in the carpool line.  Or play Sudoku.
13. A bracelet that I bought at the same blogger event the fabric came from.  It was making too much noise during my church lesson and so it got removed.
14. Little kid gloves.  My preschooler had a field trip to the Olympic Ice Oval last week and had no gloves.  I made an early morning Target run and bought a 3 pack.  These are the leftovers.
15. Monkey Balm.  One of the football moms works for the Steal Network (BabySteals.com, KidSteals.com, ScrapbookSteals.com, SheSteals.com….go NOW if you’re not already familiar) and brought me this.  It cleared up that gross red mess that happens when your kid sucks on his lip in record time.
16. LiLash.  My sister gave this to me at a football game (are you noticing a theme here…all football all the time) and I keep forgetting to take it out of my purse and actually start using it.
17. Hair elastic and stretchy head band.  I got my hair chopped last night, so I won’t be needing those anymore!
18. Business card case.
19. My phone.
20. A Target gift card that I bought to brighten someone’s day.  I should really deliver that.

So there you have it!  Go buy some Hi-Chews.  I need some friends in my Hi-Chews addict support group!

Thank you so very much for participating Char. Love your guts! xoxo


  1. That bag is so fabulous!

    • McKenzie, I wouldn’t have taken Char for such a bag/shoe lover when I first met her, but I can say without hesitation that she’s got a lot and they are all fabulous.


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