DIY West Elm Style Bubble Air Plants

I’ve started trimming back a lot of my outdoor plants for fall. Though I love this time of year, I do get a little sad clearing out the fading flowers from my deck and getting the planters ready for winter storage. I am especially sensitive because there is a real lack of light, and plants, in my main living space…The situation has helped establish my infatuation with decorating with air plants and succulents.

Anyone else have a similar infatuation?

I started an air plant style file ages ago. Here are a few favorites…

Decorate with air plantsShane Powers Bubbles via West Elm

Decorating with Air PlantsCube Aerium via Flora Grubb 

DIY Driftwood Wall Art via Nest

DIY Wall TerrariumsDIY Wall Terrariums via Ruffled

Card Catalog Planter via Poetic Home

West Elm-Style Air Plants

With a little help from my friend Cynthia, I was able to recreate the fun West Elm style bubbles filled with air plants for pennies. Fortunately she already had an assortment of air plant containers to choose from.

Air Plant globes

I went with one of the round and two of the fun tear drop shaped bubble containers.

decorating with air plants

You can purchase similar bubbles, both the round and the teardrop. West Elm also carries an amazing selection…

Truthfully, you could just stick the air plants right in the bubble and be done, but I wanted a bit more of a planted look. Plus, I ended up using succulents in my bubbles as well.

Place a little gravel at the bottom of your bubble. Aquarium gravel works great because you can pick up a large five pound bag for under $5, plus it has a polished look.

To prepare for the bubble containing the succulent, there was a little extra preparation. We added activated carbon to the mix.

I was super surprised by how resilient air plants are. I selected from a stash that Cynthia had at the greenhouse.

decorating with air plants

Air plants can be found quite inexpensively online, but you can also purchase them at Home Depot for a fairly reasonable price.

The air plants can simply be placed right into the bubble on top of the gravel.

In the case of the succulent, loosen the roots up…

decorating with air plants

Then you just pop it right into the bubble under the gravel mixture.

decorating with air plants

Perhaps my favorite of the succulents were the string of pearls. I was determined to include them…

decorating with air plants

Super easy!

decorating with air plants

I can’t wait to hang my bubble air plants…Now I just have to decide where…

By the way if you live in Utah, the Jordan Valley Conservation Gardens, where Cynthia works is an AMAZING resource. You should stop by, or at least check them out online.

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.


  1. ohh, I just love these!

  2. I actually just posted a similar project this week. :) These are my favorite types of terrariums.

  3. These are sooo pretty!! I have been wanting to do some – thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Very cool! Those planters are beautiful!

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