DIY Texting Gloves

Editor’s Note: Some mobile touch screens require an an electrical conductor (including Apple products), these gloves work on resistive screens. 

Last Minute Gift Idea - Make Your Own Texting GlovesHey, hey Snap peeps!  I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and I am so happy to be here sharing a fun last minute holiday gift idea with you!

My daughter, Kate has been asking me for texting gloves for the past month. I must admit, I had no clue what texting gloves were, but she quickly schooled me on the latest technology. She explained that when you wear gloves, it is nearly impossible to play on a tablet or text. I Googled them, and they can be quite pricey.  So, I thought, hmmm….surely we can make our own. So…we tried it out. I am thrilled to say, it worked for our Android devices, and for less than $1 per pair…whoop!


 I started by buying 2 pair of stretchy gloves.  It cost less than $2 for both pair together.

Use Puffy Paint to Make Your Own Texting Gloves

 Next, I took some puffy paint and painted a heart at the tip of each finger.  Once the puffy paint dries, it has a rubber like consistency that will allow you to touch and use the keys on your phone.

Make Your Own Texting Gloves with Snowflakes

 We decided to make a girl pair and boy pair.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut out some baseballs for one pair and some pretty snowflakes for the other.  I used iron on vinyl too.  If you don’t own a cutting machine, you can buy iron on decals at any craft store.

Dress Up Some Plain Gloves with Iron On Vinyl

 Once the images were cut, I ironed them on to the gloves.

DIY Snowflake Texting Gloves

 I am so pleased with the way they turned out!

Texting Gloves - A Step by Step Tutorial for Making Your Own

Kate was so excited to test them, and we are happy to report that they are perfection!!! I so love finding ways to make things ourselves. Kate asked if we could make some for her BFF’s, and of course, I said YES!

make your own texting glovesSo, what do you think?  Wanna make your own?

**Some mobile touch screens require an an electrical conductor (including Apple products), these gloves work on resistive screens. 

Thank you so much for having me today! I hope you will come and visit me at my blog, Mom 4 Real where I share simple DIY, crafts, and home decor ideas like…

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Happy Holidays!


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  2. This is brilliant! I am going to the dollar store for stretchy gloves to do this with. I have to kids on iPads and Kindles all of the time and I hate that they take off their gloves when it’s so cold out now. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  4. I bought gloves and puff paint and they’re so cute but I tested them and it won’t work on an iPhone !!!!!! How does it work ???

    • Heather, iPhones actually require an electrical conductor. You would have to sew some wired thread into the finger tips for it to work there…Sorry! I will move the editor’s note up to the top of the post instead of the bottom! xoxo Tauni

  5. Great idea! I’ll be giving this a try tonight with silicone caulking, because it’s what I have on hand.

    However, is there really such a thing as “girl” gloves and “boy” gloves? Or just gloves for people who like pink and snowflakes and gloves for people who like black and baseballs? It’s hundreds of subtle messages like these that put people in gender boxes and give kids the idea that it’s okay to bully someone based on the colours they like to wear. It may seem like an irrelevant issue to speak out about, but kids have been bullied and even stabbed for wearing pink:

    We watch ourselves in our language and messages about racism. We should do so with gender, as well, and give kids ALL the choices.

    • Hey Natasha, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts on gender roles and choices. I think it’s a good reminder to consider how we’ve phrased things.

      Having said that, I don’t think it’s typically subtle language that gives kids the idea that it’s okay to bully someone. I think it’s a lack of parenting…My boys may think pink is for girls, but they would never think it’s okay to criticize or bully someone for selecting pink – boy or girl.

  6. Am I getting this right that the puffy paint will work on an iPad? Thanks (Just came across your site from Cretive Income email.)

    • Antoinette, it’s likely this will NOT work on your iPad. Unfortunately, Apple devices typically require an electrical conductor. It will work with most other touch screens though. Thanks! Tauni

  7. just tried this didn’t work so I am putting more paint on it. Any other suggestions if it don’t work. Fingers crossed

    • Kim, Not sure if you saw the note in post, but make sure that you have a resistive screen. These gloves will not work if your screen requires an electrical conductor. xoxo Tauni

      • I was making these for my nieces they have IPhones and I read above they don’t work with them unless you use some sort of thread well I will get some but how should I sew them……… on top of the paint or try and go through the glove.

  8. Tauni, I wanted to let you know I have been looking into some type of paint for ppl like me who have Apple products to do this craft and in my research I found what is called ” Electric Paint” made by Bare Conductive and found it at Radio Shack for 9.99. I have tried this and painted it over my puffy paint that I used and it says to let it dry real good so I will check it out tomorrow and let you and the other folks on here know to see if it really does work. So,keep our fingers crossed.

  9. Ok so I’ve done more investigating about what to use for IPhone and I googled—–gloves for iPhones and went to “making a glove with a touch screen -instructable” click on this and it gives you a little video of what to use and a website where you can buy the thread I am going to buy this and try it and finish my project and will get back with you all to see if it worked.

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  11. This is a great idea I’m going to make a girl pair and a boy pair. Pink for girl and blue for boy my kids will be stoked

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  21. Does not work on all apple devices now I read here… which is half of all devices really. I just wasted money going out to get supplies to make these for people for Christmas. I’m glad I did a test glove…

    • I am sorry you didn’t feel like the instructions were not clear. There are several products that require an electrical current to work, it’s not just limited to Apple products. I am sorry you were confused, but I have tried to make it clear in both the post and in the comments that this doesn’t work with Apple products.

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  25. I bought 20pairs of gloves for all my kids friends and these don’t work!! The whole electric thing should be stated at the very beginning!

    • Jaime, I am sorry you didn’t get a chance to read all of the instructions before starting your project. Per your suggestion, we’ve added the disclaimer to the top of the post as well. –Tauni

  26. Loved the look of this and bought the gloves and paint. Too made you can’t text with them. I made them as stocking stuffers. Yes, have androids not apple.

    • Tracy, I am sorry they didn’t work for you. I don’t think that this is an Android vs. iPhone issue. It’s about how the electricity is conducted in the touch screen. –Tauni

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