DIY Year of the Horse Shirt

Happy New Year SNAP Friends!  Hope your first week in 2014 has been Amazing!

While we are all excited about a fresh start in 2014, did you know that at the end of this month, January 31, marks another big New Year celebration?  The Chinese New Year!  The Chinese New Year is the longest, most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.

This year happens to be the Year of the Horse.  If you were born in the Year of the Horse, you may be cheerful, talented and good with your hands…among other wonderful qualities.

People often wear red to the New Year festivities…Red symbolizes fire, which is supposed to drive away bad luck.

So…why not create a shirt with all of these features…We all need to start the year off on a lucky note, right!

Year of the Horse DIY Cut-Out Shirt

And…It’s really easier than it looks!  You probably have all the supplies at home…

Supplies for DIY Year of the Horse shirt
You’ll need…

  • T-shirt of choice (I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $6)
  • Fabric for lining (Old t-shirt of the hubby’s)
  • Chalk (not pictured)
  • Parchment paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Pins
  • Cut out pattern of a horse (I googled it)

Okay…Let’s get started…

First, I located a picture of a horse that closely resembled the horse used in the Chinese calendar. Then, I centered it on the shirt where I wanted it.  It is a good idea to try the shirt on and mark the height of the horse with chalk.  Using chalk, I traced the image of the horse onto the shirt.
Transferring horse image to shirt

Actually, I really like this look.  Too bad the chalk would wash off!

Now, for the cut out lining…Typically, one would use interfacing or heat and bond lining, but I did not have either of those.

Here’s what I came up with and it worked Awesome!

Cut out a section of parchment paper a little larger than the horse  image.  Cut out a piece of red fabric the same size as the parchment.

Spray the parchment with spray adhesive and carefully adhere the red fabric to the parchment.  It is a little tricky to line it up exactly, so don’t worry if it doesn’t. The edges get trimmed in the end anyway. Just try to get it as smooth as possible.

Creating Horse for shirtLine up the fabric covered parchment on the inside of the shirt under the horse. Pin the two together. This will prevent movement when the two are stitched together.

DIY Year of the Horse Shirt- Pinning layers togetherVery slowly stitch around the outside edge of the horse making sure to only stitch the top two layers of fabric.  Don’t worry if the stitching lines are not perfect (see mine below)…It does not show once the center is cut out.

DIY Year of the Horse Shirt- stitching around horseOnce you have stitched around the horse, use a small sharp pair of scissors to cut INSIDE the stitching. Leave a little space between where you cut and the stitching.  Remember…It doesn’t have to be perfect…It’s supposed to have a raw edge look.

DIY Year of the Horse Tshirt- cutting out the horseTa-da! Now the red peeks through revealing the horse shape.

DIY Year of the Horse Shirt- Horse Cut outThen, turn the shirt inside out and carefully remove the parchment paper. It comes off very easily, although there is a little leftover adhesive.  I washed it in a mesh bag and hung to dry and the adhesive was gone.   You may want to trim some of the excess fabric around the horse image.  I left a little more than an inch on all sides.

I was so excited with how the shirt turned out, I couldn’t wait to wear it!  My husband even asked where I bought it…Ha! (I took that as a compliment!)

DIY Year of the Horse ShirtLove to have you stop by OneKriegerChick…There’s always a fun project in the works!

Happy Day!


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  1. It’s so cute- what a great idea Ariean

  2. If your sewing isn’t perfect, I recommend using matching thread to hide it. You can also cut the edges to make a fringe and press it down with a iron (or not) so it obscures the stitching. My mother used this technique when I was a kid.

    Keep up the great work! :)

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