Feature Friday: Scissors & Spatulas

Have you met Jen from Scissors & Spatulas? No? Well, I have and you should be VERY jealous.

I met Jen last April in Arizona and I have to tell you, I was so impressed. Not only does she have it all together, but she is sooo much fun to be around.

Jen’s blog is relatively new – she started blogging just before the holidays last year – but, I have absolutely no doubt you’ve seen her projects featured all over the web.

Surely you’ve caught a glimpse of her Mod Podge handbag?


Small crafts aside, Jen is a home DIY diva. This girl has more creative projects for the home packed into the last six months than most have in a year.

One of my favorite tutorials is her headboard bench. You’ve got to check it out.

And this dresser makeover? Such a great transformation.

But she’s not just about crafts and home DIY. She shares some fantastic recipes too. Strawberry Walnut Bread? Yes, please.

About time we commented on Jen’s gorgeous photography, right? Seriously, her pics? Amazing.

Jen has some regular posts too. I love when she showcases her thrifted purchases. Love it and yet, feel totally and completely jealous. This girl knows how snag a great find (maybe she will come to Utah and shop with me sometime?).

Check out these fun cameras she picked up for $5. How fun! And again, with the beautifully staged photography…

Anyway, head on over to Jen’s blog Scissors & Spatulas and say hi. You won’t be sorry!



  1. Tauni, you rock ! Thanks so much for the feature! Believe me, I wish I lived closer to shop with you Utah girls! I can’t wait ’til SNAP!

    • snapadmin says:

      Jen, it was so fun featuring you…It gave me a chance to go back and read some of your older posts I had missed. Not to mention I completely fell in love with your gorgeous children!

      I really do wish I could go thrifting with you…Can’t believe your amazing finds girl!


  2. I started following her about 4 weeks ago and I super LOVE her!

    • snapadmin says:

      I super love Jen too Lauren. She has such a fresh take on things and those boys of hers…darling!


  3. Definitely going to check out her blog. Love all of the things posted here. I NEED those vintage cameras. How fun!

    • snapadmin says:

      I love Jen’s old cameras. I was absolutely dying when she said she had found them for $5!

      Anyway, you will love her blog. She’s super sweet…


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