Felt Ribbon Candy Tutorial

The Christmas crafting season is upon us! I thought today I would share a quick and easy tutorial that is sure to “sweeten” your Christmas decor.

I know you have all seen the old fashioned ribbon candy that typically shows up during the holiday season. They’re so pretty and one of my favorite candies to look at.  So today, I’m sharing my Felt Ribbon Candy with you.

How to Make Felt Ribbon Candy

 Here’s What You Will Need:

 –  Felt {any colors you want}

–  Scissors

–   Glue Gun

–  Cutting Mat & Rotary Cutter {this is optional}

 Let’s get started.

I used the regular felt sheets you can get in any craft store that are roughly the size of a sheet of paper 8 1/2″ x 11.” You will need to cut 1″ strips of felt, you will want them to be as long as possible so cut the long side.  {If you want to make bigger pieces of candy, use felt by the yard!}

I used a cutting mat and my rotary cutter to make even strips and it was way faster.  You can use your handy dandy scissors though if you don’t have those items.

Next layer 3 pieces of felt on top of each other. I glue each layer together with a little hot glue. Then just bend the felt back and forth to create the ribbon look, gluing each bend as you go.

For the small round peppermint style candy, simply layer 2 pieces of felt on top of each other. These two layers I didn’t hot glue together. I simply started to roll them tightly and glued as I went and rolled them. When you get the end of the strips of felt just glue them down.

Now you should have a bunch of really cute and colorful felt Old Fashioned Ribbon Candy! You can fill clear vases with these, string them like garland for around the house or on the tree, make ornaments for you tree, etc…

You can make these in any color combination you want, I may still do a fun bright, bold color palette. I’ve always wanted to have a “Candy” themed, bold colored Christmas tree and these would be perfect on the tree!

Happy Crafting!

Rebecca @ The Crafted Sparrow
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Rebecca @ The Crafted Sparrow
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  1. These are so cute!

  2. These are adorable! I love the look of ribbon candy, but it breaks so easily, so this is a great solution if you just love how it looks.

  3. These would be adorable on our Candy tree our daughters room!

  4. Timing is everything! Honestly, I have my felt and scissors out on the table to do a version of this today and then found this tutorial completely by chance when I was reading something else. I’m so glad I did because I LOVE the ribbon candy! The multi-colored green is super cute. Yay and Thanks!

  5. This is one of the cutest Christmas projects I have seen. I’m pinning it and will definitely make it this year!

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