Felt Valentine Envelopes

Hi there! It’s Crystal from stitched by Crystal.  I am here today sharing a quick tutorial for these cute valentine envelopes!

felt valentine envelopes

Valentine’s Day is coming quick!  I love giving and receiving handmade valentines and these sweet little envelopes are the perfect handmade touch for any valentine.


If you aren’t skilled in sewing, don’t worry, these are easy peasy and no sewing machine required.  You just need some scrap felt, a needle, and embroidery thread.  Then fill them with a sweet treat or love note and they are ready to give to your Valentine.


Let’s get started!

1- Start with a rectangle of felt that is 8″ x 4″

2- fold the rectangle in half and cut the top at an angle starting about 1.5″ down from the corner.

3- Unfold the felt, you should now have a point at the top.

4- Fold the bottom of the felt up.

5 – With your needle and embroidery thread, sew around the envelope, starting at the top point.

6- Cut two small felt hearts.

7- Sandwich the point of the envelope with the hearts and stitch around the outside of the heart.

The envelopes stay shut pretty well on their own, but if you want them to be extra secure, you can glue a small velcro dot under the heart.tutorial


Now go grab some felt an sew on up for your valentine!



Stop by my blog for more fun Valentine’s Day ideas, like these adorable felt hair clips!



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