Grace Adele Handbag Review

I am Mary Poppins

Okay, let’s start off with a dose of honesty here. I am clearly not Mary Poppins – I am NOT perfect in ANY way – but, based on what I carry around with me every day you might think my ability to stuff my bag to overflowing is pretty darn amazing.

Let me show you what I mean…

This is a sample of what I quickly pulled out of my handbag today. I say sample, because this is probably about 1/3 of what was actually inside. You can’t see the band-aids, the mini sewing kit, three kiddy squirt guns, coupons, sunglasses and the jumbled up jewelry…

Good heaven, it’s a miracle I don’t have some sort of shoulder balance health issues. Please tell me that I am not alone?

Though it’s all in there, or maybe because it’s all in there, it can be a little difficult to find things. I have “lost” my keys on multiple occasions, there is a very real chance that all this “stuff” is the reason I didn’t get to your call on time and no one else wants to carry around my bag, to say nothing of the idea of rummaging through it for something.

I am thinking that fear of the unknown may be a universal feeling for most men. How willing is your husband to dive into your bag for something?

Grace Adele Handbags and Accessories

Enter the answer to my handbag chaos…Grace Adele – a newly launched Scentsy company.

You may remember that Scentsy was the presenting sponsor at SNAP! They were a dream to work with, and I was excited when they offered to share some “top secret” information with me a few weeks ago (I totally geek out over stuff that).

Well, I have been holding the knowledge of this new company in for about a week and it’s been killing me. Especially after a box full of beautiful goodies arrived for me to share with you!

Grace Adele Handbag Packaging

(Seriously when just the packaging is this pretty, you know what’s inside has got to be even better.)

What Makes Grace Adele Unique

I am not a fashionista, or even particularly trendy, but I can tell you that a woman’s handbag reveals much about her life – organized, chaotic, fashionable or low-key. Grace Adele makes pulling your look together (whatever it is) EASY.

1. Pick a color. There are seven colors offered – Red, Zebra, Teal, Black, Leopard, Natural, and Purple.

2. Select a style bag. Once you’ve decided on a color, select one of seven bag designs. The company has made it easy to keep track of the style by providing each with a name.

Grace Adele Mary Red

I’ve got the Mary bag in red. Isn’t it the perfect color?! I’ve been looking for a nice red bag to use in the fall and winter months for a while now. I am really excited to use this!

3. Choose a clutch. Once again, there are seven clutch bags, each with a woman’s name.

Grace Adele Lou Natural

I have the Lou clutch in natural. Its got sort of an ostrich leather look to it.

Grace Adele Lou Clutch Natural

Each clutch is envelope-style (my favorite) and comes with a detachable strap so that it can be used snapped to the outer pocket of the larger bag, or used as a stand-alone when you want to carry something a bit smaller (which honestly, for me is never).

4. Add on some handbag bling. Grace Adele has a line of fun accessories you can use to dress up your bag. My bag has a fun little clip on tassel, but they company has everything from flowers to mirrors and ring bling.

I am probably a bit more invested in the functional accessories offered – a grouping of fun notebooks and wallets.

Grace Adele Wallet

I’ve been using a smaller wallet for ages (funny since I always have such a big bag) and I was really happy with how much better everything fit into this clutch-style wallet.

5. Perfect your look with fun jewelry. I am in love with the great accessories in this line.

Grace Adele Jewelry Unchained

This bracelet is from the Unchained Collection. I love it and can’t wait to get my hands on the necklace. Though Unchained is probably my favorite in the line, I also enjoy the Bauble and Pearl collections too.

I am enamored by ALL of their rings, although I wish they all came in more sizes. I think that they are going to sell like crazy.

Smart Interior

What really sets the Grace Adele line apart though is the bag’s smart interior.

In the last month and a half, I have managed to break open a travel sized bottle of mouthwash and a small container of hand sanitizer. How do you feel about a used bag that smells like mosquito repellant? Turns out I’ve got one.

If only I had this awesome little make-up bag before all the spills…

Grace Adele Make Up Pocket

What’s great is that the little make-up enclosure has its own pocket inside the bag.

There’s actually a pocket for EVERYTHING…

Remember all the stuff I had pulled from my bag?

Everything but the planner and the Ikea catalog has been sufficiently tucked away in my new Grace Adele Mary-Lou bag and clutch. See? The planner fits really well, but it blocked some of the pockets I wanted to show off in this post.

Grace Adele Smart Interior

Pretty fantastic, no?!

For the record, I also tested how easily I could cart around my iPad, a notebook and even laptop in addition to the items already carefully stowed away. The iPad fit well. The laptop (it’s a Mac) fit, but wasn’t SUPER practical.

I am hoping this ingenious interior will help me to be a bit more organized, ensure I do get your call and makes fetching things more reasonable for the little dudes in my house (it’s not so dark and dangerous).

The Bottom Line

Well, the bottom line is that I am really excited to take this new bag out for a spin – it’s headed to New York City with me this week – but, I bet you’re wondering about the price of all this great stuff (I was).

The great news is, it’s super reasonable. Bags start at about $80 and accessories can be purchased for as little as $10. ALL of the items I received could have been purchased for less than I have often spent on one bag. Even better? Grace Adele has a program called Stylish Savings, which bundles additional items at a reduced cost.

What I Really Want to Know Now

So now I am really curious. What do you keep in your bag? How do you store it?

I would love to have some of you share what’s in your bag. Let me know if you’re interested!


Disclaimer: Scentsy provided me with advance information on the new Grace Adele company, along with sending me some of the company’s fun bags and accessories. I was not financially compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.


  1. Darling Bags! I {heart} Anything Scentsy. Do they smell good too?

    • Umm. They smell like leather…so good as in great quality, which I totally appreciate. Love ya Kristy! xoxo, Tauni

    • Kristy…just add a Scentsy Scent Pak. Your new Grace Adele bag will smell wonderful!!!


      • That’s too bad Kathi. I would really recommend you contact the company or an actual distributor with your complaint…Mine is actually almost too big!

      • Crystal Jackson says:

        Did you get your situation worked out with your bag? If not send me an email and let me see what I can do to help! I’m not a Grace Adele Consultant, but I’m a Scentsy Consultant and I am willing to help, even if that means buying your purse from you if its still in good condition. I want to help turn your outcome around.

      • I don’t like my bag that I had ordered either. I will not buy from them again since there is no return policy. I wanted to just swap it for another color and they won’t even do that. I have a purse i will never use.

        • Anna, It’s too bad you didn’t have a positive experience. I definitely always make a point to understand the return policy before I make a purchase. Maybe you can sell it to someone else? –Tauni

  2. First aid kit (you just never know when this will come in handy!) random animal things from the kids week at VBS (why they end up in my purse…who knows!) Sally Hanson rub on nail decals, caps to those squishy baby food packets…with NO baby food packets in there. Honest to goodness this looks amazing compared to inside of my catch all! If I were to take a picture I would look like a hoarder!

  3. Tauni, these bags and the whole system are wonderful! I received one this past week from Convention and love it! I can’t wait to sign up to sell them! The jewelry is worth looking into also!
    Thanks for all your good information.
    Regina In Texas!

    • Regina, I heard that the company gave all of the conference attendees a bag – that’s so fantastic (and generous). I really like the jewelry they’ve launched. I am guessing it will be more seasonal than the bags and I am excited to see what collections they come out with next…

      xoxo, Tauni

  4. I can’t wait to introduce this line to my Scentsy clients … they are going to love, love, love these beautiful purses !! :-)

    • Darlene, I think that you’re right! The bags seem to be made very well and I believe that Scentsy has continued to invest in quality materials. It’s nice to work with a brand you can trust, isn’t it?!

      xoxo, Tauni

  5. As a Scentsy consultant, I am thrilled to have Grace Adele added to the list of great products that we can sell. As soon as I got my bag in hand at Convention this week, I inspected it like I expect a customer to. I was very impressed with the quality of the bags and cannot wait until we can begin selling and recruiting for this brand on August 1st! I am confident that Grace Adele is going to be the next big name in fashion!

    • Shonda, Thanks for popping over. I agree with you. The quality of the Grace Adele bags seems to be very good. I am excited to start toting my bag around and see how it holds up!

      xoxo, Tauni

  6. Scentsy Family generously gifted us Las Vegas Convention attendees this last week with a handbag and accesseries. I was blown away with the attention to detail, they got everything just right in my opinion for a quality , fun hand bag. From the packaging to colors and choices and manner in which we can choose these options, they have found a way to make it a simple process. Love my hand bag and can’t wait to choose another…purple I think! :)

    • Cherie, I heard that the company gave everyone a lovely bag of their own. Did everyone get the same bag, or was there a variety? I do like the purple bag, but I also really enjoy the teal. Then again, I can change up the red bag I have so simply – just by adding new accessories. How fun?!

      xoxo, Tauni

      • Tauni, we all got the same bag , the Sarah style in black, but everyone got a variety of clutches. I received the Lou clutch in LEOPARD which I LOVE!! We all received the same accessories. I know, just by removing the clutch I can change how the bag looks quickly, or add the super cute clips for a quick change up. Is it Wednesday yet?:)

        • Cherie, Thanks for filling me in on the bag style. The Sarah is bucket style, right? How fun is that? Normally, I am a bit to conservative to purchase an animal print (though I secretly love it and have incorporated it into my home styling), but I love the way the clutch peaks out of the bag and the Lou really is my favorite style.

          I am super excited for all those of you who will be launching a fun new company!

          xoxo, Tauni

        • Hmmm, I would say the Sarah is more of “tote” style I think. Sounds as though your inner animal is trying to come out in a throw pillow or two…lol.. You might eventually be swayed to try a cute clutch in zebra or leopard yet. The fun is ,it doesn’t have to be permanent, only when you feel like it. Oh and FYI, the zebra interior of the clutch is red! At least my friends was …soooo stinkin cute!

          • Cherie, I agree. I am excited to hear the inside of the zebra clutch is red…that’s what I was leaning towards. xoxo, Tauni

  7. I was so excited for this Brand! I love the Bagsand styles! Watch out for Grace Adel Mania!

  8. What a fun addition for Scentsy and I’m loving that red bag (and the price). Off to check out their site and find a rep near me!

    • Sarah, I should have mentioned that the bags aren’t available until tomorrow, but you should be able to purchase one then…Just go to the site and visit store locator.

      xoxo, Tauni

  9. I’d be happy to share what’s in my bag, though it’s not that exciting. Then again, who knows what’s tucked in the far corners! 😉

  10. I am SO excited to sign up to sell Grace Adele! I know it will attract even more wonderful people to join our amazing Scentsy Family along with bringing a whole new customer base to our Scentsy & Velata brands and our current customers will go gaga for them, too! Wednesday can’t come fast enough!!!

    • kristi distefano says:

      You can even see the Grace Adele concept in action here!

      • Karen Eddins says:

        What an innovative concept! Where can I find these gorgeous handbags? Now … just have to decide … which one!!! This is going to be FUN!!! Thanks for the review.

        • Karen, The bags will not officially be available until tomorrow, but you can easily find the one nearest you by visiting the website and selecting find a shop location at that time. Good luck deciding on the bag. I am a big fan of the Mary, but I enjoy the hobo-style bag too!

          xoxo, Tauni

          • You will have to Find a Consultant on the “Consultant Locator.” These won’t be available in ‘shops’ :)

          • Kaitlin, Though I know the bags are sold through consultants, the Grace Adele site said shop locator (still does if you hover over the locator button). Was just trying to make sure people could actually find the right place :)

            xoxo, Tauni

    • Thanks for stopping by Kristi. I wish you success in the launch of your new business.

      xoxo, Tauni

  11. I carry one of our Scentsy Consultants bags as a purse. And it looks like Scentsy Heaven in there. I am always prepared. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of the bags.

    • Brandy, I heard from Scensty’s PR team that this new line was somewhat inspired by the popularity of their consultant bags, so I bet you will really love the new Grace Adele line!

      xoxo, Tauni

  12. Being a Scentsy consultant myself! I am SUPER excited for this new line! Receiving a bag myself, I am very impressed with the quality, not only the fashion is amazing, but the pockets like you listed are perfect for me too. Especially since I’m toting around a few diapers still :) Thanks for sharing this Tauni! Im so anxious for the launch!

    • Amber, I don’t have to carry diapers at this point, but honestly? The would actually fit. In fact, I would think that perhaps the hobo style bag would work perfectly for something like that, don’t you? Which bag did you receive?

      Good luck with launch of your new business.


  13. I am SO not a fashion “in the know” kind of girl. I am a stay at home mom of 3, Scentsy and Velata (and soon to be Grace Adele) Consultant. I pretty much LIVE out of my bag/mobile office/diper bag. I have been LOVING my new Grace Adele! The thing that I love is that there really is a style for everyone (even a low key girl like myself).
    Currently in my bag I have 2 pairs of socks, a pair of little boy shorts (potty training), my Scentsy samples, nail clippers 2 sippy cups, keys, and kids art projects from church… Who knows what else.
    Super excited about thses bags!

  14. I am a Scentsy Consultant and just signed up to sell Grace Adele today and so looking forward to receiving my starter kit with my new bag, accessories and jewelery. Look forward to introducing Grace Adele to my customers, they are going to love the choices of styles, colours and assessories.

  15. Loved this blog! My family is constantly amazed at what I pull out of my purse. I’ve been known to find old bananas and apples that I stashed in there for a road trip (no, the bananas do NOT travel well). I’m also usually the go to person for a safety pin, band aid, sewing kit, reading glasses, scissors, tablets, socks, nylons, flips flops, you name it. LOVE the idea of these new bags. I just checked out the website and they are very very fashionable – I can’t wait to see them in person. Thanks for letting us know about grace adele.

    • Susan, so fun to read your comment. I am glad I am not the only one that finds odd bits at the bottom of their bag! The bags really are nice, I am glad that you like them.

      xoxo, Tauni

  16. I am a Scentsy Rep ( Independent Consultant) and Now I have joined Grace Adele ! My proceeds go to pet rescue ; My first sales will go to little Blossom’s knee surgery – She was a Backyard Breeder puppy who has many Genetic issues:
    Grace Adele is quality and backed by the 100% Scentsy/ Grace Adele Guarantee

  17. Tauni, what an awesome review! I am super excited about the launch of the new Scentsy Brand, Grace Adele, because now women have the opportunity to get in on the Ground Floor of a fantastic business opportunity. You can sign up to sell Grace Adele, even if you don’t sell the Scentsy Wickless Candles. And….. you can sign up other women to sell either Grace Adele or Scentsy or both, and it all falls under the same downline and compensation plan. No other company in Direct Selling history has done this. Ladies, if you are looking for a fun business where you can earn extra income, prizes, and trips to exotic destinations, then look further into this opportunity by Scentsy Family. But, one word of caution, be selective when choosing your sponsor (the person you enroll under) as you cannot change sponsors once you enroll. Interview them before signing up!

  18. I am loving my new Grace Adele bag and accessories. I have almost everything I own in my purse and finally have a place to organize it. I especially like the make up bag and having it in its place. It used to be scattered around the bottom of my purse. Now to get my house this organized.. :)

    • Tina, It sounds like we totally agree on this one! In the last month, I have had a hand sanitizer explode, a travel-sized mouthwash crack and some lipgloss smoosh out. I am really excited for the makeup pocket and the little plastic protector.

      xoxo, Tauni

  19. Move over Coach… here comes Grace Adele. :) Loving my new Grace Adele bag. Glad you are loving yours too! :)

  20. I LOVE being a Scentsy, Velata and now Grace Adele Independent Director! I just ordered myself the Leather Bronze Bella bag! I am soooo excited for it to get here on Monday!

  21. I LOVE being an Independent Scentsy, Velata and now Grace Adele Director!! I am soooo excited to get the Bronze Leather Bella bag that I bought for myself on Monday!! Yay!!!

    • Lisa, How fun! Excited for you to receive your bag. I am sure you will love it just as much as I like mine! Thanks for stopping by.

      xoxo, Tauni

  22. Wow! The new line was supposed to be top secret…. kind of makes me sad they spilled the beans to select people first…. :/

    • Alice, the line was definitely top secret (I signed multiple confidentiality agreements). This post was simply to provide independent consultants with the ability to point to an independent third-party review as soon as they signed up and to generate some early business.

      I wish you all the best with your business.


  23. I’m so excited about these bags. Thanks for the review! I love carrying big bags with everything in them and I usually carry a small purse to run into stores to shop. So, this is perfect for me. I attended Scentsy Family Convention and was blessed to get a bag, clutch and the Daisy necklace. The quality is awesome for the price point. I’m getting my kit on Monday and can’t wait to start paryting. I’m expecting my team to have an awesome fall season!
    Grace Adele Ind. Director

  24. What a great review. i haven’t yet recieved my Grace Adele bag but i think i am getting the same one in your review.
    I am a huge fan of anything and everything zebra. i have had many zebra purses. i love the fact that you can change the style in so many ways.
    I get bored of my purses easily i like a variety. and i think with the whole clutch and wallet idea, you can change your purse so many different ways its perfect.
    Thank god i’m a consultant as i change my mind so much. i just wish they had a plain white one. My mom and my grandma love buying a black purse for the winter and a white purse for the spring/summer.
    Maybe a white one will be in the works for the spring/summer collection. oh and a nice pink purse would be great too for spring/summer as pink goes with just about every color. espectially zebra!!

  25. I am so excited to be on the ground floor of yet another great Scentsy brand. I love this new line of Grace Adele handbags. Scentsy has done it again.

  26. Thank you for taking the time to give Scentsy a shout out!! I absolutely LOVE Scentsy! The products are amazing!!! I have been a consultant for 3 years now, and cant think of doing anything else!!! =) I hope you love your goodies, as much as we do!!! =)

  27. I absolutely LOVE Grace Adele! I’ve got a Sarah bag and a Lily bag and I love them both for different reasons. I love how easy it is to match my clutch with my shoes, too. :)

  28. I would like to contact the company (Grace Adele) . I purchased these purses.($350.00) purchase, not happy with my selection & have been told I cant exchange the purses for a lether choice. I am surprised with this policy!!!! Im not asking for the money, Im asking to exchange for better quality.

    • Sharon, I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with the selections you made. Unfortunately, I do not have any sort of formal affiliation with the company and I am not familiar with their policies. I suggest you work through the individual who sold you the purse and/or the company as there is nothing I can do for you. Best. Tauni

  29. Living in Idaho, I found this site by following a link from Linkedin. Very Glad I did. Useful topic, and great blog. Keep up the Good Work.

  30. Wendy Jones says:

    Carry the bag for a few months, they are VERY shoddy. I bought one and within weeks the threading on the front pocket was coming loose. Now just 3 months later, the lining on the inside of the bag is ripped. I switch out my bags every other day and keep them in dust bags when not in use; I’m very careful with my bags and this one just did hold up. It is DEFINITELY not worth $80.

    • Wendy, I am sorry you have had trouble with your bag. Mine is actually still in great shape! I am not affiliated with the company, but I hope you will reach out to someone there…


    • Wendy, the bags have a lifetime guarantee for workmanship and defects. You can trade it for a new bag! If you need help, just contact me. Thanks.


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