What’s in My Handbag: The Stylish Nest

It’s so fun to learn things about bloggers. Take today’s What’s in My Handbag guest Aimee, from The Stylish Nest. It was kind of fun to learn a while back that we went to the same high school!

The Stylish Next Blog

Aimee’s site is full of fun tips, ticks and some projects. Here area few that I thought you might enjoy…

1. Target tea towel bag
2. Succulent planter garden
3. Easter bunny bags
4. Onesie cupcakes
5. Mummy candles 

So let’s learn a little bit more about Aimee, shall we?

What’s in My Handbag: The Stylish Nest

What’s in my handbag?

Turns out, not very much! I guess you could call it the “Goldilocks” of handbags, it’s just right. There is plenty of room for the things I carry with my all the time, and a little extra space for when I need to carry more. But as you can see, I don’t carry much.

A well loved wallet, a favorite pair of sunglasses, a funny but useful notepad, and of course a cute pen to go with it. A Kneaders loyalty card and my Living Planet Aquarium card (though I am not sure why they were hanging out loose instead of in the wallet). USB drive in the shape of Chococat, because I always need a USB drive for some reason! Hello Kitty guitar pick in case of random jam sessions. Chapstick and Purell, two must haves in my book. And last but not least, some spare change.

I spared you the crumpled receipts, but there were a few of those too.

There you have it! Thanks Tauni for having me share, it was a lot of fun to dump everything out and see what was lurking inside.

Thanks for participating in the What’s in My Handbag series Aimee! It was fun to see your share!

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.


  1. Thanks Tauni! And I still can’t get over the fact that we went to the same HS and ran in the same circles of friends but never realized it! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE her whimsical notepad!

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