Hunting for Inspiration — 15 Blog Post Prompts

15 Blog Post Prompts

Even seasoned writers go through creative droughts and bouts of writer’s block.  It’s understandable that bloggers who are churning out content day after day will need to replenish their idea wells now and again. Creative bloggers have it doubly bad. If we are out of projects and we can’t think of anything to write about, it can be especially discouraging.

That’s why it is a good idea to have a back-up source of writing inspiration for those days when the ideas just are not coming.  I have come up with 15 blog post prompts to help you when you are hunting for inspiration.  These suggestions might turn in to a full blog post, an interesting social media share, or they may just lead you to ANOTHER post idea that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.  I hope you find them to be helpful!


  • Share your process for creating a blog post from start to publishing.
  • Do a “warts and all” photo share of what you really wear around the house.
  • Pan back on your next photo shoot to show your readers all that goes into getting that perfect photo.
  • Take your camera along on your next shopping trip and take pics of all the things that caught your eye that you DIDN’T buy.
  • Give a “tour” of your refrigerator.


  • Make a list of your favorite blogs.
  • Share your favorite online stores or Etsy shops.
  • Make a Polyvore board of your ideal living room or dream outfit.
  • Share the blog articles, gifs, or pinterest graphics that have made you laugh over the past month.
  • Share your best resources for saving money on household products, craft materials, beauty supplies, etc.


  • Make a round-up of your favorite dessert recipes and rank them by delicious-ness.
  • Choose one supply that people in your niche use frequently (nail polish, spray paint, baker’s chocolate, etc.).  Try out several brands and rank them.
  • Make a list of the funniest Instagram users that everyone should follow.
  • Create a list of the 10 best things about your home state (or country).
  • List your favorite music artists to listen to while you are driving/commuting.

IMPROVE TODAY:  Choose one of these suggestions and write 500 words based on that prompt.  Whether or not you publish the finished writing is up to you!

If you are looking for more blog prompt ideas, you will receive a free download of 50 Writer’s Block Busting Blog Prompts when you buy my e-book Mad Writing Skills: A Non-threatening Guide to Grammar and Writing for the Creative Blogger. 

Jessica Hill
I’m Jessica Hill, the slightly-unbalanced blogger of Mad in Crafts. I used to spend my days teaching Shakespeare and Longfellow to high school students, trying desperately to make the classics modern for my students… or at least to keep them awake for the 45 minute class period. Now, I teach readers how to combine classic style with modern trends in decorating, DIY, cooking, writing, and more! And hopefully you stay awake in the meantime!
Jessica Hill
Jessica Hill


  1. These are some really great writing prompt ideas! I’m saving this for later.

  2. Sarah McKenna says:

    Great post! Filling this away for a writers-block day. :)


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