Add Your Instagram Photos to Your Blogger Sidebar

[Instagram logo and paper clipped photos from the Instagram website]

Instagram has gone wildly lately! Particularly after it was released for Android phones earlier this week.

I love following friends on Instagram and if I had more than an old flip phone without internet I would be all about it! This tutorial is for you lucky ducks who get to use Instagram!

There are several good plugins for WordPress users that will display your recent Instagram photos in your blog sidebar. Blogger users are not quiet as lucky. The only way to automatically insert your Instagram photos in your Blogger sidebar is through the Snap Widget.

Here is a quick overview of how to add your latest instagram photos to your sidebar.

Click over to the  Snap Widget page. The Snap Widget is really easy to use. Fill in the information [username and thumbnail size] and click “Get Code.” The Snap Widget will give you a piece of HTML that you will paste into a new “HTML/Java Script” gadget in your sidebar! Piece of Cake!

How to add Instagram to Blogger

1. Click over to the Snap Widget Page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. It will look like this.

Fill out the form:


Choose your thumbnail size:  Most sidebar are between 200 -300px so if you want 2 photos side by side I would probably choose 100px or 150px for the thumbnail size. It all just depends on what you want.

Layout: Is the number of rows and columns you want.

Styling: You can choose to have a border or no border and also choose the background color.

Photo Padding: Padding is the space that will be in between your photos. I think 5px is perfect!

Once you have filled out the form you can click PREVIEW and see if you like what you see! Here is what the preview will look like…

Once you like what you see in the preview click “GET CODE”. You will see a screen pop up that looks like this …

Copy the code. Login to your blog dashboard. Click on Layout and the click on “Add a Gadget”.

Choose the “HTML/JavaScript” widget. Click the little plus sign.

Then paste your Snap Widget Code and click SAVE.

Ta-da! Easy right?

Looking for more Blogger tutorials? Pop over. I’ve rounded up more than 10 great Blogger tutorials, plus some good general posts that might help you out!


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  2. […] How can I add Instagram to my blog or business web page? If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, there are tons of awesome plugins that will let you do this! I am planning to put together a round-up of my faves but in the meantime check outKyla Roma’s review of Instagram for WordPress. If you are on Blogger, the awesome folks over at SNAP put together this gorgeous tutorial on how to add your Instagram photos to your blog’s sidebar. […]

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