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Today’s featured guest for What’s in My Handbag is one that I have looked forward to since we started.

Is this really my life blogEmily, from Is This Really My Life, is someone whom I admire tremendously. She’s fashionable, she’s fit and she’s actually quite brilliant.

Emily is not a craft, DIY or party blogger, she’s a…Well, she’s niche-less (her word, not mine). She’s also an important part of SNAP! Conference and a great writer. In fact, her Cafe Rio Slow Cooker Recipe guest post, is one of my site’s most popular posts.

Here are a few of my favorite ITRML posts…

Is This Really My Life Blog

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2. Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Mini Muffins 
3. Coconut Bread Pound Cake
4. Cajun-style Burgers
5. Fettuccine Alfredo With Garlic Basil Chicken 

And DO NOT miss her post on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). GREAT POST!

Basically, Emily rocks. Please go get to know her.

And without further adieu…

What’s in My Handbag

 I’ve loved buying handbags ever since I can remember. I think the first handbag I bought with my hard-earned allowance was a lavender hobo-style bag (cotton with nylon mesh) in middle school. It went really well with my turquoise stretchy jeans, button-down shirt with tails no less and fake pearl necklace knotted in the middle.

Yes, I was a child of the late 80s and early 90s.

Fortunately my handbag addiction is nowhere as bad as my shoe addiction or we’d need a second mortgage on the house. I now prefer quality over quantity, a shift that happened when my husband bought me my first Coach bag last year. (If you’d like your very own Coach bag, remind your husband while at the Coach outlet in Vegas that your 37th birthday was totally lame—no party, no cake…nothing.)

My most recent purchase was this Steven by Steve Madden red leather handbag.

Steven by Steve Madden red leather handbag

I couldn’t resist this beautiful bag for four important reasons:

  • It’s red.
  • It was on clearance.
  • I had a $20 Nordstrom rewards certificate.
  • The interior has multicolored stripes. Stripes, people.

Steven by Steve Madden red leather handbag with striped interior

I am in love with it. A lesser handbag couldn’t hold all the goodies I like to stash inside.

Trust me.

SNAP What's in My Handbag Emily Hill

  1. Notebook, pen & mini Sharpie: You never know when a million-dollar idea is going to strike. (I’m still waiting.) The Sharpie comes in handy for keeping track of gift card balances (see no. 7).
  2. Vera Wang sunglasses: I bought these off one of those discount designer websites. I think it was Rue La La. I adore them. The cover is from TJ Maxx. Can you say “maxxinista?”
  3. First aid kit & immunization cards: You can never have too many Band-Aids or too many immunization records.
  4. Band-Aids, tampons & Puffs tissues: Hello…emergency preparedness!
  5. Reusable tote: This baby comes in handy when we empty the entire children’s section of the library.
  6. Fossil wallet: This year’s birthday gift hand picked by Madison. I love the buttery yellow color and all the slots it has for my cards.
  7. Card holders & Target gift card: Both card holders were found on Etsy. One holds my business cards and the other all my customer loyalty cards and gift cards. The Target gift card is Olivia’s—she likes me to keep it handy in case we make a Target run.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S II cell phone: We’ve been loyal T-Mobile customers for over 10 years. Crazy.
  9. Old-school photo holder: Remember these? They used to come standard with most wallets. I keep random pictures of the kids plus an old student ID that shows what I look like with long, full hair.
  10. Coupons: Free cami from Scheels, anyone? And lunch is on me.
  11. Fruit leather, Dum Dums and Werther’s: See no. 4.
  12. Purse hook and thumb drive: The purse hook was a gift from a friend. When I got it I had no freakin’ idea what it was and had to ask. I felt like a total idiot.
  13. Small cosmetic bag & lip gloss: See next photo for the contents of the bag (“*”). As for the lip gloss, these are my very most favorite lip glosses in the whole world (from right to left): MAC Nice Buzz, MAC Nico and Revlon Shine City.
  14. Keys & cash: Notice the handy little tape measure key chain. Love it! And the $15 in cash is for a gal who babysat for us over a week ago.
  15. Anne Taintor pill case and orange earbuds: Anne Taintor is so my kind of humor. This pill case reads: “Stop me before I volunteer again.” It is filled with ibuprofren. Combine ibuprofen and earbuds with the Dum Dums in no. 11 and your day becomes much more manageable.

And now for number 13…

SNAP What's in My Handbag Emily Hill

Inside this fabulous little bag you’ll find:

  • “Be Enchanted” Bath & Body Works lotion
  • Travel TUMS
  • Energy mints
  • Lipstick and lip gloss
  • GAP So Pink perfume
  • Infant fingernail clippers

I keep all these items on hand just in case. In case of what, I don’t know…but whatever it is I’ll smell good and have neatly trimmed nails and kissable lips.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Emily and for being such a good friend. I feel grateful to have you in my life. 

Emily is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and writer and the Director of Education & Editorial Content for Snap. When she’s not stepping on LEGOs, Emily posts yummy recipes and entertains readers on isthisREALLYmylife.com. In her spare time she is a freelance copywriter. Diet Coke makes it all possible.

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  1. I love seeing what is inside a girls bag, and I am also an Emily lover! She always seems to be on top of everything, which is very impressive considering how much she’s got going on. Totally jealous of the beautiful red bag. And the buttery wallet. Such a fun feature!

    • Ashley, I completely 100 percent agree with your assessment of Emily. I wish I was as put together (and beautiful) as she is! Thanks for popping over! xoxo, Tauni


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