It’s National Crafting Month! (Ticket Giveaway)

Dear friends,

This is a bit more of a love letter or a thank you note than a regular old post.  It doesn’t have fancy photos or a pretty project, but I want you to know that it is from the heart.

Putting on a conference of this nature has been more work than I ever could have imagined and as the date draws closer the pace becomes even frantic. Every once in a while I think to myself, what the heck have I started?

Fortunately, I have the most wonderful friends working with me and providing more support than you can imagine. I couldn’t pull this off without the help of Char, Becca, Jen, Mique, Mandi, Shelley, Kami, Kendra, Lara, Amy H., Amy W., Britt and Steph.

I am excited about our new contributors Holly, Kendra, Emilie and Ann Marie (speaking of contributors, check out the Photoshop tutorial Emilie is sharing today).

I am also eternally grateful to the amazing speakers who’ve agreed to join us this year, without them we’d have nothing.

Finally, I am grateful to you! You are inspiring, filled with hope and so much fun! YOU are the reason this conference is happening and I can’t wait to connect with all 300 + of you that will be here in person in April and hope the rest of you will follow along and connect online.

 In celebration of our wonderful community and National Crafting Month, we are giving away a final ticket to SNAP! If you’ve already purchased your ticket and win, we will refund your ticket purchase (just think, you can bring all that money and blow it at The Queen Bee Market).


Let’s Get This Party Started

You should enter this giveaway if:
  • You’re dying to come to SNAP!
  • You love blogging
  • You spend too much time either on social media OR crafting
  • Because, I am pretty sure I want to meet you in April!

Today’s Giveaway

To enter this giveaway, leave one comment on why you’d like to come to SNAP! next April by Tuesday, March 6 at midnight (MST). The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Extra Entries

There are five gagillion opportunities for extra entries. Please leave a comment for each extra entry you complete.
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We would love to have you share this giveaway on Facebook. Unfortunately we cannot offer this as a condition of entry, or offer additional entries, as it is against Facebook’s giveaway policies. They cannot stop me from loving you forever though…Sharing this giveaway on Facebook may in fact earn you my undying devotion. For reals.


  1. I am absolutely DYING to go to the Snap Conference. I actually blogged about how badly I want to go today! I have been blogging for a while now, but I get nervous about large home projects and I just don’t know how to market my blog. I recently became a stay at home mom and would love blogging to be a form of escape and possibly a form of income! I just don’t want to go to Snap, but I NEED to go!

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  8. Well I’ve already bought my ticket for SNAP-but winning one would be great! Who wouldn’t be excited about going? This will be my first conference and I can’t think of a better one to attend as a first time conference go-er. I’m so excited to meet all the amazing people, to hear the speakers, to learn new things, and just to soak in all the awesomeness.

    I’d love to win but either way-I’ll see you in April!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  9. I follow SNAP on twitter @kariandmorgan


    Newlyweds on a Budget

  10. I follow you on Twitter @kariandmorgan


    Newlyweds on a Budget

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    Newlyweds on a Budget

  12. I already bought my ticket, and so I vow that if I win this ticket, I will spend my refunded ticket price entirely at the Queen Bee Market! I might even buy you something :-)

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  15. I follow SNAP! on Twitter.

    P.S. Tell your comment app that I’m not posting comments too fast, I’m just excited about a chance to win a ticket :-)

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  17. I shared this giveaway on Twitter (and facebook as well :) )!/kariandmorgan/status/175337080078086145

    Thanks for giving away ANOTHER ticket to this awesome conference!


    Newlyweds on a Budget

  18. I just pinned the picture to Pinterest.

  19. I can’t wait to go to SNAP!! I want to go to be surrounded by the fun of it all and meet everyone! I would love to blow my refund money at the market :)

  20. follow Snap on pinterest

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  24. I tweeted about the giveaway, even though I NEVER do that :-)

  25. pinned to my pinterest board

  26. I already bought my ticket, but I’d love to win one and spend the money on more craft supplies of course! I’ve been blogging before it was cool to blog and this will be my first conference. I look forward most to meeting my blog “crushes” who I’ve been following for awhile now.

  27. I’m following snap on twitter

  28. I want to come and LEARN, LEARN, LEARN!!

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  34. I follow Snap! on RSS Feed, Facebook and Pinterest. It’s my new favorite site. I’m dying to go…free ticket or not!

  35. Would love to win! I am not the best crafter but I think this would be so much fun!

  36. Debbie Thompson says:

    I would love to win a ticket to Snap. !!!!!It would be my dream to attend and listen and meet all these amazing women that I follow daily. I would feel like a kid in a candy store being told I could have anything I wanted.

  37. Debbie Thompson says:

    I follow Snap on Pinterest!!!!! and have been for quite a while….

  38. Oh boy I want to come to SNAP!

  39. Folowing SNAPs RSS feed!

  40. Following you on twitter!

  41. Going to this conference is a must for me :) I really think it will help me take my blog to the next level. I also really love the networking aspect of it. I don’t know anyone personally that blogs and would really like to build a network with people with similar goals and dreams. I think Snap will help me with that. I am also hoping it will help me break out of my shell and build my confidence. My other passion is crafting and DIY which. So I am killing two birds with one stone!

  42. I follow your RSS feed.

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  44. Lindsay Fekitoa says:

    I’m wanting to start my own blog but a little leary on where to start. Would love the chance to speak to all you lovely ladies!

  45. I follow Tauni on Twitter!

  46. Lindsay Fekitoa says:

    I’m a RSS follower

  47. Lindsay Fekitoa says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest

  48. Because all the cool kids will be there and I want to meet them!!!

  49. I’d love to come to SNAP – I’ve wanted to attend a blogger conference for some time, but this might be the right time! Since I live in Utah, this would practically be in my back yard, and the speakers who are lined up sound fantastic!!

  50. Following SNAP via RSS feed!

  51. I love the inpiration and camaraderie that a conference dedicated to crafty types can bring. I’ve learned and grown so much since attending a similar conference last year that there is no way that I would miss SNAP this year!

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  54. I subscribed to the RSS feed. :)

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  57. I follow SNAP on Pinterest! :)

  58. I would love to have the chance to come to SNAP because I know that being in a creative space surrounded by other amazing creative woman would be the most amazing honor and experience ever. I’m daily inspired by the amazing team putting this conference together and all the fabulous woman I know are going. I would just love the chance to be surrounded by all that greatness. Please pick me!!

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  64. I am dying to go to SNAP next month! I would love to attend to get a chance to meet all of the inspirational ladies I have admired before I even began blogging (Amy @The Idea Room is the first blog I ever read back in 2009!). This would be a great opportunity to meet other crafty bloggers, make new friendships, and learn blogging tips from the best! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  65. I follow you on twitter @pumpknaprincess

  66. I follow SNAP on twitter

  67. I’m follow SNAP on pinterest

  68. OH Man! I have been dying to go and have been going back and forth on whether I should spend the money to do so. This would be such a HUGE opportunity to help evolve my blog and shop into something bigger, just being around other creative minds and speakers! I already know who I would room with and everything. If you could see me I have a desperate pleading face!!! Wow and thanks for this giveaway. For whomever wins, you’re awesome for doing it!

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  72. I just pinned this post!

  73. I am following you on Pinterest! And super glad I am!

  74. I’d love to come to SNAP! just so I can meet you! :) :)

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  78. Have I told you how much a love blogging! I love, love, love writing about things I love doing. What is better than that. Somehow sending inspiration into the universe with a few thoughts and instructions is fulfilling to me. The problem is I am still new, I have been blogging for almost a year now and am just dying to fil myself up with as much information as possible about blogging, marketing, photography tips, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free ticket!

  79. And last but not least I have suscribed to Snap via RSS feed.

  80. YAY for another opportunity to win a ticket!!! You rock, Tauni!

    I’m coming, whether I win or not, and I am SOOOOO looking forward to meeting all of the talented ladies who’s blogs I drool over. I look forward to making new friends and taking away one absolutely amazing experience. :)

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  86. I really, really, really need more crafti-zation in my life. I also need more fund-age in my life. The only way I can reconcile the two is to WIN that ticket to SNAP! :)

  87. I’m now following the SNAP! RSS feed

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  89. I am now following you on Twitter! Not sure why I wasn’t before :)

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  92. Why do I wanna go to SNAP! Why wouldn’t I?
    I want to learn how to grow my blog, my small at home business, meet this awesome group of women I tweet, facebook,and blog with everyday sometimes multiple times a day. I I have never attended a blogger conference and SNAP! seems like the absolute PERFECT conference to break me in! Besides the fact that I wanna hang out with the coolest bloggers ever!!

  93. I would LOVE a ticket to SNAP!!! I’m addicted to crafting and need help! :)

  94. I follow SNAP on Pinterest!

  95. I pinned the image on my Pinterest!

  96. I pinned, Tweeted, followed….

    My secret dream job is to craft and blog full time.
    I love my current job as it helps me help other brands establish social media strategies, but I am desperate need to geek out with fellow crafters. xoxo from Reno.

  97. I would love to you meet all of you wonderful ladies and I am dying to go to the Queen Bee Market!! :)

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  110. I want to come to Snap so I can learn from some super creative women, meet new ones, and come back home inspired to do better!

  111. I would LOVE to attend SNAP! I recently restarted my blog with a focus (after 7 years) and would love to learn how to grow my readership!

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  118. I would LOVE to win!!!! I can NOT wait for SNAP! Iv already meet so many amazing women just from tweeting about SNAP I cant even imagine what’s going to happen at the conference!

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  120. I follow you on twitter!!!

  121. I pined this post! I follow Snap on pintrest!

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  124. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  125. I am so new to blogging and would love to learn more about it!

  126. I want to go to snap to learn and to interact with so many like minded creative people!

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  132. Oh my how I would just die to win. I’d love to go to this conference.

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  135. I subscribe to this blog (and so grateful that I do) LOVE IT

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  137. I also pinned this post. What a great new idea on an entry for a giveaway.

  138. I tweeted again today! I am going to do this DAILY! I hope I win!

  139. I would love to go to SNAP! All the blogs I read will be there, and I am just new to this, and moved back to Utah!

  140. I follow SNAP!

  141. I want to go to SNAP with my best cousin and co-blogger, Ashlee. We both love crafting and blogging and would love to spend time with others with our interests. We also desperately need tips on how to market the blog. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  142. Subscribed via RSS

  143. Following on Pinterest

  144. I want to be a part of SNAP! because I’ve been doing this for awhile now and have met the most incredible friends but not in person. I’d love to be able to hug these friends while simultaneously learning and growing from them.
    I’d really love to be able to do that because this has become my passion.

  145. I have also been following SNAP on twitter for awhile now and lusting over all the conference details!

  146. hmmm. why do i want to go to snap? how about i want to meet and connect with so many amazing bloggers…get filled with inspiration of all kind and feel renewed in my passion for this crazy thing we all do!:)
    would love to win. thanks.:)

  147. following you on twitter.

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  149. i would LOVE to go to SNAP! i’m brand spankin’ new to blogging and am loving it! would love to connect with other bloggers and gain insight!

  150. i follow SNAP on twitter!!/ANightOwlBlog

  151. i added SNAP to my RSS feeds!

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  155. I have been a long time follower of Snap on Twitter

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  159. I added Snap to my RSS feed reader :)

  160. i would LOVE to go to snap.
    in the past 6 months, i have turned a 2 year hobby into a full-time job and would LOVE the chance to meet so many bloggers that i have looked up to since i started.


  161. i follow snap on twitter : @dianapantzmpls

  162. i follow you on twitter : @dianapantzmpls

  163. i am following snap on pinterest : dianapantz

  164. i have pinned the entry image! : dianapantz

  165. I’m following SNAP! on pinterest!

  166. I follow the SNAP! blog via RSS feed!

  167. Oh sheesh … why do I want to go to SNAP? Because it’s my last-ditch chance to be surrounded by amazing, creative, savvy women who shape this bloggy-craft world that I’ve fallen in love with. Oh, and to send a pointed little “neener, neener, neerer” to Fate for stealing my conference money with the onslaught of home and car repairs.

  168. I follow SNAP! on Twitter (as @ThriveBlog)

  169. Totally pinned the giveaway!

  170. I pinned on pinterest Sassylemonade

  171. I tweeted @sassylemonade & @crazymademedoit

  172. I added on RSS Feed

  173. I would LOVE (and when I say LOVE I REALLY mean it) LOVE to go to SNAP. I often feel like I don’t really have a bloggy community and I would love a chance to meet some amazing people and learn awesomeness. Fingers crossed.

  174. I am following on pinterest. :) So many great boards I can’t wait to look through them.

  175. Pinned to my cool stuff board.

  176. I am following SNAP! through the RSS feed.

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  178. I am following you on twitter.

  179. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  180. I tweeted today!

  181. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a ticket to SNAP, blogging has quickly become my passion, and it would be so inspiring to rub shoulders with others who blog as well!

    PICK ME!!


  182. I follow you on PINTEREST! THanks for the opportunity!

  183. I so would love to come to SNAP! to meet all the wonderful speakers and attendees! And it’s so close by my house I know I’d be there if I won!

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  190. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I am DYING to go to SNAP! So many of my favorite bloggers in one place? Heaven!

  191. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I follow your RSS feed.

  192. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I follow SNAP on Twitter!

  193. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  194. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I follow SNAP on Pinterest.

  195. Danielle {A Few of My Favorite Things} says:

    I pinned this post!

  196. I am hoping to come to Snap! I love blogging and crafting and am looking for a way to be more inspired. I think going to Snap would help bring that. Also, it would be an amazing way to make new blogging friends! :)

  197. I follow the RSS feed of Snap through Google Reader. :)

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  199. I follow Tauni on Twitter!

  200. I tweeted about the giveaway! @joyfuljonesblog

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  202. Shared on Facebook anyway. :)

  203. Attending SNAP! would be an awesome opportunity to network with event planning bloggers and exchange promo ideas.

  204. I follow SANP! on Twitter.

  205. I follow Tauni on Twitter.

  206. I follow the SANP! RSS feed.

  207. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  208. I follow SANP! on Pinterest.

  209. I could sit here and think of a million reasons of why I WANT to go, but I asked my Hubby to write the reasons why I NEED to go:
    “Who hasn’t been going through hard times these days? Having recently been unemployed, my wife stepped up double-times to make extra crafts for extra money to help support the family. And yet somehow at the same time she continued to do the work of being a full time mom with a full time job. We are still recuperating and so this conference is not currently feasible, but yet she earned it in my heart. I hope she will be considered for all her efforts.”

    I hope I win this ticket!!!

  210. I’d love to come to snap so I can meet a bunch of my blogger friends! That is the main reason!! :)

  211. I follow SNAP on twitter! @rinderceiia

  212. I follow Tauni on twitter! @rinderceiia

  213. I follow SNAP! on Pinterest!

  214. I tweeted about it here!

  215. I want to go SO bad!! I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, and I’m big on crafting. I want to kick everything up a notch (or two, or three, or four), and I think this would help so much.

  216. I follow SNAP! on Twitter.

  217. I follow you on Twitter.

  218. I tweeted about the giveaway.

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  220. I pinned the giveaway.

  221. I subscribe to the RSS feed.

  222. I want to attend snap so that I can be surrounded by a community of women who share common interests and know how to love one another extremely well. There is nothing more that I want to do than wrap my arms around my online friends and hug them so hard in real life!!

  223. I follow the RSS feed

  224. I follow snap on facebook

  225. I follow snap on twitter!

  226. Words can describe how much I want to come to SNAP! I would love for the opportunity to be inspired so many talented women and the chance to meet new friends!

  227. I’m following SNAP via RSS feed!

  228. I am following SNAP! on Twitter, have I mentioned how much I would LOVE to be at this conference!!!

  229. I’m following Tauni on Twitter!

  230. I’m now following you on Pinterest.

  231. I pinned this image on my Mariah Leeson @Pinterest board. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  232. I tweeted about the event on @Giggles_galore!

  233. Following SNAP on twitter.

  234. Tweeted today!

  235. The reason why I would LOVE to come to snap because I am a newer blogger, and have been so inspired by SO MANY of the wonderful women who will be at this conference!! When I discovered the magic of crafting blogs it was as if I found my calling in life! I am a young mom, and most of my friends do not craft at all, so I was VERY excited to find women online who are just as passionate about this field as I am! What a treat it would be to win this ticket and experience the “magic” in person!!!

  236. I am following SNAP via RSS feed! I chose email.

  237. I follow snap via rss feed. So excited for the inspiration!

  238. I am following SNAP! On Twitter!

  239. I am following Tauni on Twitter!!

  240. I Tweeted about the giveaway today!!

  241. I am following SNAP! On Pinterest!!

  242. Don’t worry, I tweeted about the giveaway again today! I bought a ticket last night and want some spending money!

  243. Wanted to wait a few days to write why I wanted to go to Snap so I didn’t sound too Desperate came to the conclusion that’s just not going to happen. Because I really am Desperate. I know the knowledge I will be learning from you all and the ladies that will be attending I NEED that. I’m a Military Wife with 4 kiddos, 2 of them are special needs I’m either at a doctors appt or therapy daily for them. Then you will find me at home making Jewelry for My Etsy Shop.

    When my husband said he would take leave so I could go, I broke down and cried. Haven’t been away from the kids or husband like I would be going to Snap in over 10 years. Last time I was away from them all was only a Day at blogher and another blogging event last year. Haven’t had a Girls Night in over 3 years. So now until Snap you will see me up late at night Tweeting and Working my tail end off making Jewelry so I could go. Even if I don’t win a ticket I’m going, because I know I have too. Will be buying my ticket on the 10th so fingers crossed they don’t sell out before then. See you Guys at Snap! xo

  244. Shannon,
    I have to say your post made me and my husband tear up a little! I believe that you DO deserve to win a ticket! You are a devoted momma and wife! :)

  245. Tweeted about the giveaway on twitter! @CuteNCrafty

  246. I tweeted about the giveaway again today! I REALLY, REALLY want to go!

  247. I follow SNAP via RSS

  248. I would love to go to SNAP and meet all of the amazing bloggers I learn from each day!

  249. I follow SNAP on twitter

  250. I follow SNAP on twitter :)

  251. I follow SNAP on Pinterest

  252. I would love to join in the Snap! fun for several reasons but mainly to be able to be around others who love doing the same. It would be a great opportunity to learn from experienced been-there-done-that bloggers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  253. I follow @snapconf on twitter and will love hearing about how wonderful it is!!

  254. I follow Tauni on twitter. Always loved that handle ‘Tauni Tweets’! Thanks again for the giveaway.

  255. I just tweeted about the giveaway including what’s hopefully good luck. May the odds be ever in my favor. #hungergames. Again sincerest thanks for the giveaway!

  256. Also following via pinterest. Not helping the addiction, not hurting it either!

  257. following on twitter

  258. following on pinterest

  259. i follow via RSS

  260. tweeted about snap

  261. I already bought my ticket! But a refund wouldn’t be bad at all! :)
    And please tell me if there’s anyone who will be traveling more miles than me to be there!!!!!!

    Get your Spanish dictionaries out ladies!!!!!!!

  262. I just pinned the image!!!!!

  263. I already follow @snapconf!!!!!

    (my twitter handle is @prettycuteparty)

  264. @prettycuteparty now follows @taunitweets! :)

  265. I follow Snap feed through My Yahoo!!! Whoohoo!

  266. I am following Tauni @ Snap on Pinterest! :)

  267. Oh how I would LOVE to go to SNAP! It’s just out of my reach, but a free ticket would make it possible. Thanks for doing this giveaway. I’m excite for whoever wins! Lisa~

  268. I’m following Tauni on Twitter. :) Lisa~

  269. Now following SNAP on Pinterest. What’s better than new Pinterest friends? Lisa~

  270. Looking forward to meeting new peeps who share the same passion!!

  271. Following on FB

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  273. Pinning along with you!

  274. following by rss feed

  275. I tweeted again today!

  276. Lizzie P. says:

    I would love to come. I have so much to learn!

  277. Lizzie P. says:

    I am a follower on Pinterest

  278. I tweeted again today, so excited about the chance to win!

  279. Tweeted again!! Still feeling lucky!!!

  280. I would {LOVE} to come to the SNAP Conference! I am a new blogger (really new!) and first heard about SNAP from Shelley at House of Smith’s. I feel like there’s so much I could learn from your speakers, many of whom are women who inspire me every day, and the market sounds too fun! Thank you for the chance to win a ticket!

  281. Just Tweeted about the giveaway or today! :) @CuteNCrafty

  282. I would LOVE to win a ticket! I’m only an hour away from Thanksgiving Point and I have SO much I want to learn!

  283. I’m following SNAP on Twitter!

  284. I’m following Tauni on Twitter!

  285. And now I’m following SNAP on Pinterest!

  286. I pinned the picture on Pinterest!

  287. And finally, I shared this giveaway on Facebook! Thanks again!

  288. Oh my goodness! I would SO love to win a ticket!!! Thank you for the chance! (even though I’m way down on the list!)

  289. I already follow SNAP! on twitter

  290. I just followed Taunitweets on twitter (and I thought I already was! )

  291. I already follow SNAP! on Pinterest

  292. I’ve been doing the blog/crafty thing for almost two years now and I need some inspiration and fresh ideas from those who do it best. Feeling “ruttish”.

  293. Follow RSS feed.

  294. Tweet! Tweet! I tweeted it again!

  295. follow snap on twitter

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  297. follow tauni @ snap on pinterest

  298. pinned the image to pinterest!

  299. Tweeted this Morning:)!/SassyLemonade/status/177060708075319296

    Now have my fingers and toes crossed.

  300. Just learned about SNAP and I am dying to go!! Hope I’m not too late…. About to tweet and follow and pin until my fingers fall off!!

  301. Followed @snapconf on twitter!

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  304. Subscribed in RSS!

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  307. I tweeted again….can you tel I really want to go!!/LilNoodleBug/status/177117402205655040

  308. I follow Snap on Pinterest!!

  309. I posted a pin on Pinterest from this post!!

  310. I follow the RSS feed on my google reader.

  311. Tweeted one final time!!! So excited to hear who won! Fingers crossed.

  312. Whew….just making it by the deadline! I am DYING to go to SNAP because of all the wonderful advice and information I would receive and all of the networking opportunities possible there. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

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