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Peanut butter. Creamy or crunchy? Let’s discuss…

peanut butter bread

When I was about four, my mom’s best friend was watching me (not unusual since her son and I played together non-stop). At some point she attempted to feed me lunch – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…with CRUNCHY peanut butter. I die.

It didn’t take long for me to pipe up in all earnestness and say, “My doctor told me I can’t eat crunchy peanut butter. I am allergic.” Don’t ask me where I picked up that little tidbit, but that story still gets told over and over in my family.

(And for the record, I am still a creamy kind of girl.)

I love little stories like that and I would love to share a few about the boys, but honestly whenever I am on the spot to share my mind pulls up a blank. Does that ever happen to you?!

It kills me considering they say such funny things every. single. day.


Enter KID CHATTEROO, a brand new family-friendly mobile app, available now for only $.99!

Kid Chatteroo App

This super-great app was developed by my friend Kirsten (whom you might recognize as one of the The Crafting Chicks!).

Kid Chatteroo App

Kirsten is a great mom and is always looking for ways to improve her relationship with her kids. She developed KID CHATTEROO as a great way to interact and capture all the funny things that kids have to say!

The app is super easy to use. Here’s how it works…

  • Create “PEEPS” with the faces in your family.
  • Pick your category to pull fun questions from (This isn’t a trivia game. It’s creative and there are no wrong answers.)
  • Push on the avatar to record responses to the questions
  • Recordings are stored by child with a time/date stamp
  • Enjoy and share!
This graphic will give you an even better idea of how the app works…

Kid Chattoo app

This game is fun to play and educational too…For instance, did you know that if you ate a rain cloud it would probably tast like rotten tires?! That’s just one of the many things I learned…

I hope you will give KID CHATTEROO a try too.

You can connect and follow along with KID CHATTEROO on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or on the website. Also, be sure to keep up with Kirsten and the other chicks over on their fun DIY site The Crafting Chicks!

In the meantime…What kind of peanut butter lover are you? Crunchy or creamy? 

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.

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