Make More Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

This post contains affiliate links. 

The Amazon Associate Program was the very first tool I used to monetize my blog. I am glad I started early. I’ve had years to populate my site with affiliate links. Some of those links didn’t necessarily convert well early on, but as my blog has grown and as older posts have gone viral those older links have really started to pay off. Today I make more money with Amazon’s affiliate program than I ever thought I would. It more than supports my insane book buying habit.

Great tips for bloggers. Several hints on how to optimize your posts to make more money with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon’s Associate Program was a natural fit for me. I love Amazon and shop there all the time. Speaking of, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you should be! I originally signed up for Prime during the holidays almost ten years ago using the free trial (with all intentions of canceling). I can’t tell you how much time it saves me. I purchase almost all of my office supplies and many of my crafting supplies through Prime.

The main criticism I hear from bloggers who haven’t been won over by the program is that the commissions are just to small. They feel that getting a few percentage points on a $10 book or $8 craft supply just doesn’t add up, so they don’t participate at all or only promote big ticket items.

While I agree that these small commissions are not much on their own, they definitely add up. not only that, but the more items you sell on Amazon the higher percentage commission you make from Amazon overall.

Make More Money with Amazon’s Affiliate Program

  1. Get people “in the door.” One of the great things about Amazon is you earn advertising fees from visitors that visit Amazon and place any qualifying items in their shopping cart within 24 hours of their initial arrival via your link.The strangest commission I’ve ever received? A visitor to my site last December read an old post about how to make Dr. Seuss Truffula Tree Cupcakes, clicked on a link for $1.50 bagged cotton candy and purchased four packs of fiber optic hair clips and several boxes of condoms. Fun holiday party?

    Interestingly enough, that cotton candy has resulted in 2,258 clicks. Who knew so many people would click on a bag of fluff?

  2. Place multiple links for the same product in one post. I’ve tested this a lot. While I get the largest number of clicks early in a post (usually a supplies list), I get the most purchase conversions on the same link later in the post. Now, I always try to link to the product both above the fold and below the fold in a post.
  3. Don’t forget to link images. People love to click on images. They’re just drawn to them. Rather than have the link go to a spot on your website, link to an Amazon page. You will be surprised how many visits to Amazon this may generate.
  4. Buyers respond best to reviews and tips. Some of the best conversions I have are actually on blogger book reviews. In the last year, I’ve sold 40 copies of Mindy’s Gourmet French Macarons (view my full review here) reviewed in this post and 18 copies of Kami’s Washi Tape Christmas (view my full review here).I don’t always have time to write up a full review post, but I’ve started telling people why my Amazon link is THE link to click. For instance, I buy xx product on Amazon because it’s the cheapest place I’ve been able to find xx.
  5. Create shopping lists for things your readers are interested in. I’ve talked about utilizing gift and wish lists around the holidays, but don’t limit yourself to fourth quarter sales. Talk about the Amazon best seller lists, think about other holidays and special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.
  6. Update the affiliate links in the ten posts with the highest traffic on your site. This tip will make you more money than anything else. Check the top ten posts on your site and make sure they are optimized for affiliate sales! Once you’ve worked on those posts, update your top seasonal posts. If nothing else they will get people in the door (see tip #1).

Are you utilizing the Amazon Associates Program on your site? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever linked to or inadvertently sold? I’d love to hear your experiences. 

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    • Hi Gail, It’s actually super-easy! You just click on the photo and then go to the insert link button and add the code, just like you would a phrase! Isn’t that great? Try it out and let me know if you have any trouble. It looks like you run a site made for fun affiliate programming! Thanks for popping over to read my article and for the comment. It means the world! xo Tauni

  1. I love seeing all the random things people buy through my amazon affiliate clicks. I recently had a drone, lingerie and a filing cabinet purchased through amazon that were not things i directly listed on my site. And like your blog, condoms have all been purchased during click through shopping situations even though ive never mentioned them on my site before. Who doesnt love amazon?!

    • Tara, I love this. I would think that a drone and a filing cabinet would provide a tidy little affiliate payment. Love that Amazon opens the door for those of us who’re working hard taking care of our sites! It’s one of the reasons I love to work with them. You seriously cannot imagine how hard I was giggling over linking to condoms on my site. I think I probably have the maturity of a 14 year old…Speaking of…I am listening to Taylor Swift while I work. Yeah. I am basically 14.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. You made my day! xo Tauni

  2. Tauni… I have had people purchase sizable car parts, large rugs, wedding decorations, and for months on end (but no longer??) what appears to have been a regular order of office supply paper… none of these have anything to do with my blog and the links I generate. 😉 However… I have noticed that I’ve had a big drop in my Amazon sales. This I would like to figure out.

    Great post! I’ve done a number of the things you’re suggesting… but this one intrigued me and I’d like to know more or see an example of what you’re doing….

    ** “Don’t forget to link images. People love to click on images. They’re just drawn to them. Rather than have the link go to a spot on your website, link to an Amazon page. You will be surprised how many visits to Amazon this may generate.” **

    Also… I signed up to be an eBay affiliate… finding items and adding link is an incredible amount of work… have you any experience with that?


    • Hey Diane, thanks for your comment. I love that someone was buying their office paper through an affiliate link on your site…those subscriptions and “bounties” pay even better than a regular old item. I have heard of others purchasing car parts on Amazon. It seems like a strange place to look for car parts, but apparently it’s pretty hopping! Have you run a report on your Associate account to see which links were doing well previously? Perhaps you can identify if it’s a traffic issue or something else?

      Okay. So the image link…When you insert an image into your post (your own image or another) of a product, simply highlight the photo like you would a phrase and then click on the insert link tool just as you would normally. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense…it’s a little hard to “picture.”

      You know, I haven’t done eBay. I’ve always been intrigued by it and have considered it several times, but it seems a bit overwhelming to me because there is just soo much on the site! I’d love to hear how things go after you’ve tried working with it for a while. I think that there’s potential there… xo

      • I think I have figured it out! I saw “The Site Stripe” and saw the short links button. I didn’t want to have images in the middle of my paragraph of an item that I wanted to link. I just want the word “clothespins” to be linked to clothespins on amazon. I believe I figured it out! I was wondering if it tracked at least how many people clicked and it does but does not show the results till the following day. I wish it were more of a “live” feature, but oh well!! Thank you for this post it has helped so much. I am now starting off my blog LOL – My goodness though trying to be descriptive in my post is a TON of typing LOL. I am excited to get started with this.

    • Kristy, Yes. You’re correct. You cannot send out Amazon links via email. Some email services will allow you to strip the affiliate code when you send, which might be worth investigating. However, I do find that the emails below the fold produce more specific income. xo

    • Hey Heather, Awesome! I am excited to hear how things go for you. You will have to follow-up and let me know how things go :) Based on my Q&A with Amazon, you don’t need to disclose with each link as long as it is clearly labeled at the top of the post. Having said that you cannot cloak your links i.e. use a link or pretty link light. xo

    • Hi Kristen, While this post mentioned Amazon, you could use these tips with any affiliate program. Have you looked into Share-a-Sale or Commission Junction? Depending on your state, they may be viable options. You’d be surprised how much you can find on their sites! xo Tauni

    • Keli, Yay! So glad you’re seeing an automatic return on investment (of time), there’s nothing better! Thanks for taking a chance on my advice and trying it out. xo

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  4. First time reader here.
    Just signed up earlier this week as an Amazon Affiliate and looking around for tips and you’ve written some very practical things here. Also read your Amazon disclosure article. Thanks for the info!

    I’ll have to go through the rest of your Blogging tips :)

  5. Hi Tauni! Great post. I am just starting blogging, and will be joining Amazon Affiliates. Does the program allow you to use the product images in your post? I’m curious, as I am planning some content–and am launching my blog in a couple weeks. Thanks for the great info!

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