Navy and Blush Master Bedroom

The right color combination can turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Create depth and mood with a navy blue and blush master bedroom. 

I am a big fan of hardwood floors. Quite honestly, I considered having them installed in the entire house. However, the thought of my bare feet landing on cold, hard floors in the winter months drove me to stick with carpet in the bedrooms. I selected a neutral gray carpet (Resista Soft Style in Reflection, from Carpet One).

Navy and Blush Master Bedroom - Gray (Reflection) Carpet

If you’ve ever built a house you know that there are literally hundreds of decisions that must be made in a short time, so when Carpet One contacted me about revisiting my carpet choice and creating a master bedroom mood board a couple of weeks ago, I jumped at the chance. I shared a sneak peek at what I’m looking for in a master on Instagram, but I am excited to share a more expanded view of what’s to come.

Navy and Blush Master Bedroom

I selected a neutral palette for a majority of the cottage (crisp white walls and trim and cool neutral flooring). Committing to color is MAJOR for me, I wanted to spend some time living in the house and settle into color slowly. The one exception I made is in the master suite.

Navy and Blush Master Bedroom

I am obsessed with shades of blue and felt comfortable to committing to the cool, soothing tone. The master bathroom vanity is painted in a pretty dusky blue, so I wanted to build upon the cool tones in the bedroom.

I did a little soul color searching on Pinterest and came across this print, created by Kelly, of Lillypad Printables (You can purchase it as a digital download for pennies!).


It inspired the final color palette for the room.

Navy and Blush Master Bedroom

Once I had the colors down, it was time to prep the mood board.

Navy and Blush Master Bedroom Ideas

Since the carpet in my home is new, I am going to stick with it for a while. BUT, if you’re looking for new carpet consider the Seashore Fog (greige) I suggested on Instagram. It’s a great neutral, PLUS Carpet One offers The Beautiful Guarantee on this floor covering, which means if you don’t like it they will replace it for free!

Otherwise, I am in the midst of sourcing similar items to those pictured for my master bedroom reveal. I can’t wait to show it to you in a few weeks! 

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