Overcoming Blogger Burnout

Blogger burnout. It’s a thing (it’s even been covered by the New York Times). And, while the phrase is bandied about by people both in and out of the industry, no one really talks about overcoming blogger burnout. Left unchecked burnout is a very serious problem, which can result in even the most dedicated, successful bloggers shuttering a perfectly fine business. tips for overcoming blogger burnoutBloggers work hard. On a daily basis, an influencer typically has a ton of tasks to complete – from content creation, marketing and promotion to client relations and customer service (answering all those reader comments and questions) there is a lot to do. More broadly, bloggers like other small business owners take less vacation. It’s a lot easier to take time off when it’s built into your job and that paycheck will be deposited whether you’re there or not…

So what’s a blogger to do?

5 Steps to Overcoming Blogger Burnout

tips for overcoming blogger burnout

  1. Get Organized. Take control of the day-to-day administrative activities that impact your business. When you’re working hard, nothing is more distracting than disorganization and distraction. Take time to get your accounting, calendar, computer, files, desk and processes organized. It will save you from stress-induced burnout.
  2. Prioritize. This is probably the MOST difficult. If there are 100 “need to do” items on the list each day, eight will improve your blog, but two – two will provide the opportunity for unbridled growth. Focus on those two items first and the rest will take care of themselves.
    Most problems with time management can be categorized into what is perceived to be urgent and what actually IS urgent. “Urgent” will steal control of the day. Respond to only the truly critical issues first and let the others rest until you can get to them.
  3. Say no. It’s tough to turn down work, especially when it pays well. However, there’s no quicker way to burnout than taking on work you don’t have time to accomplish or really don’t want to do. Create a checklist for the ideal client/project and measure incoming work against that list before taking on work.
  4. Build in time for self care. If you have a packed schedule, there’s no chance you will be able to take a break without causing more stress (at least after the fact anyway). Schedule time out as if it were another meeting and plan a specific activity, like preparing a meal, reading a book, taking a walk with the dog or going to the gym. After a time, this schedule will become second nature.
  5.  CONNECT! Counter burnout with in-person connections. Join a networking group, attend a conference, make friends within the industry. Being surrounded by others in similar circumstances in and of itself can make you feel better!

Overcoming blogger burnout is serious business. What steps are you taking to ensure you’re safe from burnout.

If you’re a maker or creative lifestyle blogger Snap Conference, held each April in Salt Lake City, is a great place to connect. The conference hosts 400+ bloggers and more than 40 brands. 

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.

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    • Hey Ashley, I took a one year break and I am working from scratch too! I am certainly more aware of burn out and how to prevent it. AND, I am determined not to let it beat me this time around! We can be blogging buddies 🙂 xo Tauni

  1. Getting organized is always a struggle since I’m working at home. It seems like I get easily distracted to do ‘home things’ and is something I need to work on. I would love to someday get to a SNAP conference and meet other bloggers too.