Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Hey there, Snappy peeps! It’s Jessica from Mom 4 Real back to share another fun home decor idea! I am absolutely in love with succulents right now…who isn’t? Every time I see one, I just want to buy it and take it home. Well, last week, I was shopping at The Home Depot for our patio when I bumped into a whole display of those cute little succulents and tried to justify buying a few. I knew they would make the perfect addition to my office, so I grabbed them up and brought them home!


Here is the fun part! So, I got home and realized that I didn’t really know what I wanted to plant my succulents in, and I remembered some mason jar vases that I had painted not too long ago. I decided mason jar succulent planters would be perfect! I already had mine from a craft project that I did last summer, but just in case you want to make your own, I’m going to tell you how I made mine. I started with 3 mason jars. You can use plain ones, actual Ball Mason Jars or even old glass jars from spaghetti sauce.


Paint on two coats of chalky finish paint…I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint by DecoArt that can be purchased at The Home Depot. Once the paint is dry, lightly sand to distress them a little, then finish up with a thin coat of wax.

Painted Mason Jars With Succulents

Place a little soil in the bottom of your mason jars, then insert the succulents! Place them in a spot that gets plenty of natural light, and only water once they have completely dried out! Overwatering will kill succulents.

Succulents in mason jars

Aren’t they just gorgeous??? Now…sit back, relax and enjoy!

My girls at Lolly Jane also painted some mason jars and added succulents…check them out HERE!

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See y’all next month!


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  1. Love the painted mason jars!! The succulents just adds a super cute touch!! Love it! Pinning 🙂

  2. These look great and I am going to make some I just don’t know what type of wax to you use and how do you apply it?

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