How to Pick the Perfect Entryway Rug

Entry Rug

Choosing a rug is one of the most difficult design decisions I’ve made in my house. Selecting flooring? No problem. Choosing paint colors? No big deal. Choosing a rug, even a small 2×3 for the entryway? Nearly impossible. Anyone else have this problem?

In the summer I’ve resorted to using bamboo rugs in both the front entry and near the door out to the back deck. I like the modern, sleek look they provide and they’re so durable.

Bamboo Rug

I purchased my bamboo rugs from World Market – I think they are about three years old and still look great!

The weather is cooling off again though and I need something that brings warmth and anchors the space while absorbing the wet during the winter months.

Every year about this time, I start looking for “the perfect thing” for my entryway. I’ve become so particular about these small accent rugs that I’ve learned a lot about rugs in general.

5 Tips to Picking the Perfect Entry Rug

Here are a few things to consider when setting out to pick the perfect rug for your entryway…

  • Interior entryway rugs should be equal parts decorative and functional. It seems like a no brainer, but place a walk off rug outside the door. The interior rug should be secondary to the first in terms of catching the dirt.
  • Getting the right size rug is half the battle. Theoretically I know what a 2×3 or a 3×5 rug would look like in my space, but  I am a poor spacial judge…To ensure you know exactly the size rug for your space, lay out some sheets of newspaper where you would like to place your rug and stick it down with painters tape. When you are satisfied with the size, record the measurements.
  • Regardless what anyone says, all wool rugs shed. Wool is a natural fiber source and rugs made of wool will always shed loose fibers. Some of the wool rugs I have in my house have shed for six months or longer…Errant fibers, plus wet shoes? One big mess. Having said that, my wool rugs are all still in GREAT shape.
  • A colorful, patterned rugs are great for high traffic areas. Color and pattern can be great for hiding the natural wear and tear that takes place in high traffic areas. Plus, it’s a great way to add color in a sometimes small space.
  • Acrylic/man made fiber rugs do not hold up as long in high traffic areas. Though a wool sheds, it’s far more durable than synthetic rugs. If you’re purchasing a synthetic rug in a high traffic area, plan to replace it every one to two years.

Entryway Inspiration

Knowing my difficulty with deciding on a rug, I started an inspiration file a while back. Here are a few of my favorites…

Entryway Rugs

1. Ironwork Trellis 2. Beige and Gold Ikat 3. Sagebrush (what? sagebrush? okay)
4. Lollipop Vine 5. Modern Leopard

Rug Selection

And…I finally picked a rug for the door out to my deck!

I’ve been really loving the modern animal prints and came across this great giraffe print at Target for about $20.

Entry Rug

I almost always select synthetic rugs for this entry. They get pretty worn…not necessarily because of the in and out, but because of Jersey.

Would the rug get her seal of approval?

Sniffing…checking it out…and…

We’re good. It passes the sniff and lounge test. Her favorite spot to sit and look out the window.

In addition, buying a less expensive rug allows me to pick up something more trendy and trash it a while later. 

I feel like the lighter tone of this rug sort of opens up the space and anchors the entry.

I love it…at least temporarily.

What do you think? Did I pick the perfect rug for my entryway? Good choice, bad choice, I should have spent more than $20 choice?

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  1. Love it too but I would get nervous with this pretty rug since I need a rug that handles dogs, cats, wet shoes, snow, rain etc. and I am tired of replacing my polypropylene rugs every 2 years. They seem to wear out pretty darn quick! any suggestions??? would love to hear them!

    • Hi Lisa, Guess what, I have three boys and a dog coming in and out. PLUS we live in Utah, so we’re dealing with snow and mud a lot around here too. I have found that a natural rug works best in my entryway. In the summer I tend to use a flat bamboo rug and in the winter a large flat wool hooked rug in the winter. I have found the VERY BEST deals on rugs from Rugs USA and I know they are having a 70% off sale right now, you might want to check out their selection! xo Tauni