Printable Portable Checkers Game

Summer is for the Birds. Literally- since Bird is our last name. Once Summer hits, we are here and there and everywhere. We love traveling to the mountains, the beach, the forest, to the big city and everywhere in between. I wish we were close enough to all those places but luckily, we have family near all those places. So far, we have been to Seattle and Connecticut and will be going to Newport Beach, Rhode Island and then to Ocean City, New Jersey this week. Because we have small children, we need all sorts of entertainment to tame those little ones on planes,airports or even just wherever we are visiting.

Printable Portable Checkers Game

(these rocks are a choking hazard and I normally wouldn’t let my nearly 2 yr. old play with them but it was just a cute moment)

I saw this on Pinterest and thought I’d recreate it by eliminating the steps on using tape. This printable checkerboard label just sticks on a gallon Ziplock bag- super easy.  And the best part is that it is portable! The kids can take it on flights or even to picnics at the park. Or it could even be taken on a simple but fun date with your babe.

Printable Portable Checkers Game Printable Portable Checkers Game Printable Portable Checkers Game

I used little rocks as the checker board pieces and painted them using chalk permanent markers. You could design the rocks however you’d like- x’s and o’s or fun patterns. Then finish the game off by sticking on the coordinating label on the other side of the bag. Now you are ready to roll.

Printable Portable Checkers Game

I am pretty sure we have already lost a few pieces and because I just used rocks from outside they are easily replaced. Now to beat my ultra competitive husband!

Printable Portable Checkers Game

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Brenda Bird
Brenda is a wife and mommy to 3 children. She lives in Utah and works from home as a graphic designer. She loves making things beautiful and creating memories with her family.
Brenda Bird
Brenda Bird


  1. Love the embroidered map! Checking out the full post with instructions!

    • Thanks, Laura! Unfortunately, ours got ruined in our move so I will have to re-do it. I’d love to see yours if you end up doing the project :)

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