SNAP! 2013 Tickets & a Giveaway

Hi friends! I am so excited/nervous/maybe even a touch terrified about today’s post…We’re talking tickets. SNAP! tickets…Woot!

Putting 3-400 ish tickets on sale is as bad as hosting a big party without RSVP’s. You just don’t know if anyone is going to show up! Then again if you all show up at once, will I have enough food  it crash the system?

Ticket Sales

Tickets for SNAP! 2013 will go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18, at 9:00 a.m. MST. A discount of $50 will be applied to the first 50 tickets sold with the code FIRST50.

  • Full conference tickets with first 50 discount will be $200
  • Full conference tickets at regular price will be $250
  • Full conference tickets will be $300 after December 18
  • All tickets are subject to a minimal Paypal handling fee

Full conference tickets will include access to all panels and hands on workshops, snacks, two lunches and three dinners, along with several social events and parties.

We have decided to limit capacity at this year’s event to ensure an optimal experience and do expect to sale out early. We would encourage you to plan on purchasing your tickets as soon as they go on sale to ensure you secure one…

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase my ticket?
Ticket sales will be handled via Eventbrite.

What time do tickets go on sale?
Tickets go on sale Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. MST

What ticket should I buy?
If you are a blogger, please purchase our full-conference blogger pass. If you’re representing an agency, brand or marketing organization, please purchase our company pass.

How many tickets are available?
Initially we will be listing 300 tickets for sale. We are reserving a few for speakers, sponsors, etc.

What if tickets sell out and I don’t get one?
We have a wait-list, please add your name and you will be notified by email if a ticket becomes available.

Will you make additional tickets available if you sell out?
Not initially. If there are extra spots available they will be distributed to individuals on the wait-list.

Are tickets refundable or transferable?

We will not be issuing refunds for tickets purchased, however you can transfer your ticket for a $10 fee as long as the transfer takes place before March 18.

How many tickets can I buy?
We are not limiting the number of tickets you can buy.

What will I need when I register?
You will need to provide us with general contact information, plus limited information about your blog (please have your average monthly pageviews available).

How can I pay for my ticket?
All transactions will be processed via Paypal and so you will be able to use major credit cards.

What if I am planning on speaking at SNAP!? Should I wait on my ticket?
We’re excited to hear that you’d like to be involved. We encourage you to purchase your ticket now. If you are selected as a speaker, you will receive a full refund.

What if I am hoping to volunteer?
We’re excited to hear that you’d like to be involved. We encourage you to purchase your ticket now. If you are selected as a volunteer, you will receive a full refund.

What if I am hoping to win a ticket?

Well, we hope you do to. Ticket giveaways will be limited this year, but if you win a ticket, you will receive a full refund.


We’re starting SNAP! 2013 off right…We’re partnering with Where Women Create to giveaway one full conference SNAP! ticket. Woot!

This giveaway will be administered via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ticket giveaways will be limited this year, but we will be giving away one additional ticket during the kick-off of our regular Twitter chats at 10 a.m. on Thursday. Please check back tomorrow for more information!

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.


  1. Wahoo! Can’t wait ladies!!

  2. So fun!!! Last year was such a blast!

  3. I am lucky enough to have a crafty studio in my house! I re-decorated it this summer, so it is full of colorful inspiration!

  4. I’m so excited, I’m definitely planning on going!

  5. I hope you still have tickets on Thursday when I can buy mine! :S The room that inspires me the most to create is our family room! Mainly because I want to create things to make it look good! :)

  6. I can’t wait to go again! The room that inspires me the most is my enclosed patio!

  7. My little green and blue crafty desk…when it’s clean. :)


  8. The room that inspires me to create is my family room. It is my favorite room in our home. I am looking forward to my first time at snap!

  9. I would say it have to be my craft room – – love being surround by supplies!

  10. I’m most creative at in my creative space in my bedroom! Just looking around any room in my house inspires me to create. :)

  11. I’m most inspired by the sunroom! There’s just so much greenery and earthy colors and I love having all the sunlight! Thanks so much for this giveaway! I’ve never been to SNAP, but I’m so excited to hopefully get there this year!

  12. I have literally entered every single giveaway since snap started… This year is my year haha!

  13. SOOOOOO excited, Tauni!! I will definitely be there. :)

    At the moment my living room is inspiring me because its so blah, and I’m ready to give it a makeover. Now if only I had the time to do it!

  14. The room in my house that inspires me the most – – well, there really is only one answer, because I live in a studio apartment in NYC (all of it!). I have ribbon from wall to wall to hang art to dry, a vision board, paintings, and framed photographs on another wall, and art supplies/photography equipment everywhere. xoxo

  15. My whole house inspires me! Right now I’d have to say my office though…it needs HELP!!

    Can’t wait for tickets to go on sale :)

  16. I’m inspired by everything around me! I feel like my most creative room in my home is my living room but the room I love the most is my bedroom. Not that I create in either of these places. I would love to someday have my own craft room but for now I jump around and create everywhere, Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! xoxo

  17. Wahoo for SNAP! I have a little craft area in my house, every time I’m near it I want to create :)

  18. Every time I am in my master bedroom, I think of another little project I want to do. So, right now, that’s my creative muse!
    Fingers crossed for the win!

  19. Cindy @PinkShampoo says:

    Can you please share where the Snap conference is being held this year as I am new,Thank you

  20. Kitchen!

  21. For me as of late it’s my living room I think it has to do w/the fact that my couch is REALLY comfy and the light that hits the window is just perfect! Thanks so much for the chance!

  22. Bianca Andrea says:

    My dining/workspace is where i create the most.

  23. Definately my kitchen is where inspires me to create.

  24. My brand new space in our shared office. I got a new desk and I LOVE having my own space. I could be in here all day if my family would let me!!!

  25. YES! Time to party 😀
    I can’t wait!

  26. My kids’ room always inspire me!

  27. I am inspired to create in my craft room. Or I would be if I could do a room makeover to make it more functional!

    Loved SNAP 2012 BTW!

  28. The bathroom, definitely! It has these crazy colored tiles.

  29. Ihave a craft room, but it’s teeny and not very inspirational!! I love to spread out, so I have my eye on remaking our den into a nice craft/office space down the road. In the meantime, I am inspired by pieces, not rooms!

    That said…I am another wondering where this will be held this year?

  30. Would love to win a ticket – heard such great things about this event!

  31. Looks like so much fun! I love my office-it’s my space :)

  32. Hmmm… my family room, since its the room in the middle of its makeover! I am so excited about SNAP! I hope I can get a ticket! :)

  33. I’d say my bedroom–I always get great ideas as I’m drifting off to sleep :)

  34. I love my kitchen!

  35. I would love to win! I’ve heard such wonderful things about SNAP! My kitchen is probably my most inspirational room. It’s where I seem to spend the most time! :)

  36. I would say that my craft room in my basement inspires me the most! I would love to win a ticket, since I am younger than most craft bloggers! There is so much to learn from those who have much more experience than me!!

  37. Jennifer Bauras says:

    Looks like a fun time

  38. I hope to go this year! My kitchen, it’s calm, colorful and where my family is which allows me to be creative!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  39. Thanks so much for the chance to win Tauni!! I’d have to say my dining room – since that’s really my crafting room. :)

  40. Wow this is a wonderful opportunity! I’m so excited!

  41. Oh and I’m most inspired by my kitchen because it has such a gorgeous view of the backyard with all the trees and wildlife!

  42. My family room. I’m constantly changing it. Not sure it will ever be done {and I think I’m ok with that!}.

  43. If I am feeling uninspired, I head to my craft closet. I start cleaning up and before long inspiration hits!

  44. Yay for SNAP conf! I love getting creative in my craft room (and with all you amazing ladies in UT!)

  45. My kitchen is my most inspiring room. I love cooking and baking all kinds of things!

  46. Right now I am working on some projects for my Kitchen!

  47. It would def. have to be my craft room/office because it’s where I keep a bulletin board with ideas, can get on the internet to check out Pinterest and other sites and have access to all my crafting supplies

  48. Ah! I would love love love to go to SNAP!!

  49. All the rooms in my house inspire me to create… probably because it is covered in hideous wallpaper and I desperately want to redo it all!!

  50. Hooray! I’m so excited!! My living probably inspires me the most. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at it, but I just want to do every project I can find and put it in there. Haha Thanks for this great giveaway! I’m so excited to attend SNAP! for the first time!!

  51. heather cloudt says:

    I’m hoping and crossing fingers to go. I would die for a weekend of learning, connecting, fellowshiping (word?), and exploring!

  52. heather cloudt says:

    OY! The room I find so inspiring – is the tiny front porch we have. There is a view that reaches far beyond the subdivision “walls”. It is a place where I can rest, regroup, and watch my kids be kids — that is a creative inspiration for sure

  53. I would love to go to SNAP! Pick me! Pick me!

  54. WOHOO! So excited! Loved SNAP! last year and can’t wait for 2013! You did such an amazing job! Thanks for all your hard work! My kitchen probably inspirers me to create the most because I am a foodie after all :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a ticket!

  55. I’m inspired in my dining room … the lighting is just perfect.

  56. I love to use my craftroom as my inspiration. So many things to help me create!

  57. My Living Room inspired me all the time, with all different colors and functions. It makes me know I can do more!

  58. My living room! It has the best lake view and it is so open and wonderful I just want to create everything for the sapce!!! Thank you SOOOOo much for the chance to win! I would LOVE to go, this would be my first blog conference!!

  59. The room that inspires me is my living room. It’s my favorite place to decorate.

  60. My living room inspires me the most. It’s where the majority of my seasonal decor i8s used, so I am always tweaking and fluffing and playing around with the mantel.

  61. jennifer rodriguez says:

    I’m most inspired in my studio and my kiddo’s playroom :-)

  62. We are in between living spaces at the moment, so I am inspired by the thought that one day soon I will have rooms to create for!

  63. My living room! We just moved, so seeing all these new empty walls is making me creative-itchy.

  64. My master bedroom inspires me to create the most. Although, I wish it inspired me more!

  65. My livingroom…Probably because it’s the only place I can spread everything out and craft!

  66. Any room that is clean enough for inspiration!

  67. last year was awesome – i can’t wait for this year!

  68. I am so excited! :)

  69. My closet since I love talking fashion on my blog!

  70. I’m feeling lucky today!! I’m not picky… i can create ANYWHERE! Currently we live in a one bedroom apt, and crafting happens ALL over the house :)

  71. My craft room is the most inspirational room in my house too me 40+ years to get one and now its all my own and favorite room in my house……I would love to go to SNAP !!

  72. YAY! We are coming in full force this year. NO BABIES! Cannot wait!

  73. I thought thought this was a wonderful and informative conference! I’d love to go again!!!!
    Lina@Fancy Frugal Life

  74. My sewing desk inspires me to get sewing and crafting… I don’t have a craft/sewing room (yet). I have never attended SNAP and cannot afford the ticket right now, so I’m praying that I win a ticket!

  75. What a great opportunity!

  76. snap was a great experience last year with lots of great info! can’t wait for 2013!

  77. Thinking about coming this year……..What are the dates of the event?

  78. My Craft room inspires me to create! Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Tiffany ? M says:

    I’d love to win this for my sister Emily who is a great blogger! What inspires me is the alone time crafting creates!

  80. I’m very excited about this! :)

  81. Patricia Wright says:

    I was there last year and would love to go again!!

  82. My daughters room. I can always picture cute stuff on the walls and more fun decor.

  83. My BATHROOM! LOL – I have the best ideas in the shower….

  84. Debbie Yerian says:

    My dining room which is quickly becoming my craft room!

  85. so excited!

  86. I’m having SO much fun designing my two youngest children’s room right now. Wanting to make it feel eclectic and gathered, so I’m taking my time and savoring the creativity as I go along. LOVE it!

  87. I’m excited! Hoping tickets don’t sell out too fast, I want to make sure I get one!
    The room in my house that inspires me most is my master bedroom, because It’s such a freaking disaster and I have so many idea of what to do with it. More idea than time…that’s the only problem :)

  88. I think my office does right now–it’s the chameleon of the house. It’s always turning into something new.

  89. The room that inspires me is my bedroom hehehe….not because my hubby is in there a lot with me…but because that is where I “house” my stash of party/entertaining/styling magazines…along with books of inspiration and the computer/office is in my bedroom! I can’t wait to come to SNAP this year – fingers crossed I get an early bird ticket and save a little….coming from NY wont be cheap!

    melissa @

  90. The room that inspires me to creative is probably my office space. Quick question, do you have to have a certain number of monthly blog views to qualify to attend?

  91. I think I am most inspired by my living room… I constantly see the possibilities… Now if I had the $$ to change it every time I see the possibility of something new… 😉

  92. I am lucky enough to have my own crafting corner in our spare bedroom. It invites creativity galore!

  93. I know it sounds crazy, but my dining room inspires me to create — because it’s where all my sewing stuff is! Plus it’s got great light and a lot of space to spread out.

  94. my craft room is my inspiration to create! my own space – no kids toys, no hubby, just me and my imagination! i love it. this will be my first blog conference and i am so excited!
    fingers crossed that i win the ticket!! that would be amazing!
    creative juice

  95. My dining room is where all the action happens!

  96. How fun. Can I pick the garden? It is the most inspirational place I have. :)

  97. I would love to go to SNAP! My 3 closest bloggy friends are all going and I was set to start planning my trip but then I got laid off a couple of months ago and sadly now I just can’t afford the expense! I’d love to win a ticket for the full conference it would be my first one! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!!

  98. i am so excited and it’s only ticket buying time!!
    wa-hoo! i guess i am most inspired by my little office space. it’s where most of my ideas pop into my head… not sure why because it’s always a disaster. :)
    looking forward to seeing you again Tauni!!
    jen :)

  99. Stephanie Rivera says:

    My dinig room table is where I create. I work facing my gallery wall of my family and relatives, including my mom whom I get my talent from

  100. I would love to win this and go!!!!!

  101. D'ana Heinlein says:

    How fun!!! I am most inspired by craft/momcave!! It is a mess right now, but I love it!!!

  102. Ooo, can I convince my husband to let me travel from Australia for this? If I win tickets, I’m sure I can – how many frequent flyer points do I have? My mind’s racing!

  103. So exciting. I’m looking forward to attending this year!!

  104. eeek – forgot to write inspiration room. My kitchen for sure!!

  105. My kitchen! for sure…

  106. My kitchen is my only creative outlet!! Unless of course staring into my pantry counts :)

  107. Right now, my twins room! We just moved them into toddler beds. :)

  108. Wooo hooo! Can’t wait! :) I’m happy the hubby agreed to let me go again this year.

  109. Terry Shidal says:

    In my house, I would have to say that it is my bedroom that most inspires me to create. Not because of the decor, but the lack of it. It needs everything, beginning with paint. I have lots of ideas, but nothing in the works at the minute!

  110. My inspiration room is my living room, love the space plus the lighting in the morning, when the sun shines in, truly amazing!

  111. me, me, ME!

  112. my craft room. OR any room i’m looking through a creative ideas or magazine.

  113. Don’t laugh but the garage inspires me. It’s hubby’s workshop, and it’s where we store things that I’ve rescued and am waiting to get to. Sometimes just seeing something including hubby’s tools inspires me. Yep, I’m strange. Oh I would so love to win!!!

  114. My bedroom! Because it’s so plain and needs so much work. I’m constantly laying in bed thinking of hundreds of ideas.

  115. My bedroom. I like to lay on my stomach on the floor and doodle.

  116. It’s the place in my house where all my dreams happen…my bedroom. It’s the calmest place in my world.

  117. My guest room doubles as a craft room. There are days when I throw something in there and then shut the door, but on the whole it’s really a beautiful place.

  118. YAY! We loved SNAP last year! It was the first conference we’d ever been to & we met life-long friends there! The place that inspires me the most… this is going to sound cheesy, but wherever my HUSBAND is! He motivates & inspires me like no other.

  119. My office is the place where I love to create and craft. My bedroom is where I tend to be most creative (because there’s a door to lock!) for my writing.

  120. Currently my living room, which is where my desk is, is where I am inspired. Or the guest bedroom, which is where my closet is, inspires me re: fashion :)

  121. SNAP was an amazing weekend I can’t wait to go back!

  122. My kitchen.. it’s right in the middle of the house so I can keep an eye on everything else while i create!

  123. Oh wow, excited and nervous for this big event. Heard such great things from 2012 that I feel I CAN”T miss it in 2013!!!

  124. The room in my house that inspires me most is actually the bathroom. I get most of my inspiration from my own mind’s ramblings when I’m in the shower!

  125. It used to be my craft room. Sadly, it has recently experienced a tornado (don’t worry, not a real one…). I’m hoping to get it back into workable order soon!

  126. My sewing room inspires me to create. It isn’t finished quite yet, but it’s a lovely sunroom with white bead board and lovely stashes of fabric. Just walking in blesses my heart!

  127. My recently redone kitchen!

  128. Can I say my front porch? I love my house, but there’s something about creating outside that I love!

  129. My bedroom. Thats where My crafty corner is :)

  130. Looks like you won’t have to worry about RSVP’s to your party Tauni! Can’t wait to see what’s new this year!

  131. Whoops, didn’t answer the Q! Does it have to be a room in my house? If so, my craft room. If not, my garden and/or my whole house because we just bought a beige house and it’s like a blank canvas.

  132. My living room inspires me the most because it’s has the most possibility. It’s half decorated and always giving me ideas of ways to help it out.

  133. Yay! So excited!

    My Office/Sewing/Craft/Living room really inspire me to create, since that is where I spend the majority of my time and it’s the first room people see when they come in my house. Gotta make a fantastic first impression! :)

  134. My craft corner in my master bedroom. I love looking through my supplies and having inspiration hit at any moment. Thank you so much for the chance to win! This will be my first conference and I’m SO excited.

  135. Pick me, oh pretty please! I am so excited to go to my first blog conference. Thanks for this great chance to win.


  136. totally going this year!

  137. So excited about Snap! 2013! Fingers crossed I get a ticket :)

  138. I have a few pieces of art over my sewing machine that really inspire me (from LivyLoveDesigns + Pen & Paint), so it’s perfect to have them hanging right there where I can see them!

    P.S. I’m so super excited about SNAP! I heard so many good things about last year, and I never thought I’d be able to go…but I have an awesome + supportive husband who said I could make it happen. :)

  139. My woman cave! 😀

  140. My light and bright office inspires me to create!

  141. My office/craft room. Although I’d love to kick out my husband’s desk and my paperwork and have it be a CRAFT SPACE ONLY! :)

  142. I would say my kitchen! I’m always so inspired by cooking & baking!

  143. My craft room/office of course! I get all kinds of stuff accomplished in there! Even WITH my baby tugging at my legs :)

  144. Right now, I don’t have a home office, so probably my dining room. In a couple months I’m finally getting a office space. Yay!!!

  145. I’m inspired by my bedroom. It’s the place I relax and can do my best thinking!

  146. My craft room/art studio/office is where my creativity happens… I can make a card, work on a scrapbook page, keep up with Project Life or work on upcycling my latest piece of clothing with all of my supplies close at hand. He has his garage- a girl needs her own space too, right?!

  147. Every room inspires me to create because they all need so much help!

  148. My Kitchen! I always get inspiration for everything in life and creating new things while I’m cooking. Super weird… I know. But cooking helps me to relax so those creative juices just start a flowin’!

  149. my craft ‘corner’ houses all my items, but the magic happens in the dining room/kitchen, where the light is brighter & the large counter top gets a TON of use! 😉

  150. My home office is where all the magic happens!

  151. My son’s room. We painted and decorated it before he was born and just love it.

  152. Hey Tauni, So excited to see you & all the girls at SNAP again. I had so much fun last time! My guest rooms are my favorite rooms to change & create in my home. Fingers are crossed. Thanks for a chance to win a ticket!

    Warmly, Michelle

  153. My office/craft room is probably the most inspirational (that’s where my sewing machine is!) and second would probably be my kitchen! Crossing my fingers I win!! xoxo

  154. Jenny Elaine says:

    My kitchen inspires me to create more than any other room in my house!!

  155. My kitchen. It’s the space that I re-decorate most often and constantly have new ideas for. Some day I wonder if I’ll ever be happy with it or if there will constantly be a to-do list. That being said, some of my most favorite projects have come from that room. And it’s the most lived in, so what can I say?

  156. The room that inspires me most right now is my little girl’s room :) I love the white walls and bright fabrics I am incorporating. So excited for SNAP!!

  157. I have never been, but would love to go!! Hopefully I win and can make that happen!

  158. Two rooms… first my kitchen, second my sons room. It seems like half of my crafts are centered around my kid!

  159. Probably my kids’ rooms. I just get so many fun and colorful ideas when I’m in there with them!

  160. wooohoo!!

  161. My craft room/office inspires me the most, but I find that every room can provide inspiration.

  162. My kitchen inspires me to create! It’s where I do all my crafting!

  163. My living room…it’s where all the “living” takes place and my ideas pop into my head!

  164. My Kitchen- by far! Love mixing and creating fun goodies!

  165. i have never been to snap! I want to go so bad!

  166. My studio and office inspire me to create! XOXO

  167. Yay! I am in. Can’t wait to meet your crafty faces!!

  168. Since I don’t have a craft room, I would say my living room.

  169. My craft room inspires me! :)

  170. Looking forward to SNAP 2013

  171. Alaina Tippey says:

    My kids’ room inspire me to create. There is just so much potential with colors and patterns!

  172. My kitchen!

  173. My Kitchen! So much possibilities in there :)

  174. My living’s bright and inviting..:)

  175. My craft room inspires me … oh yeah that and all the various piles of crafting/project supplies lying around the house!

  176. My office/craft room inspires me!

  177. We are going to build our dream home, so every room needs to be created 😉

  178. I would say my little area on the living room.. calling it my office/craft. I would love to win this, thanks for the opportunity!

  179. My studio definitely! Its such a mess but I love creating in it!

  180. I would love to go to Snap! So many bloggers I admire & love are going! I should have planned better! :)

  181. The room that inspires me the most in my house is my kitchen, right now it is where I do most of my crafting, and where I love to try new recipes. It is the “heart” of my house! :)

  182. My sewing room…I love how it is always changing with my business. It is often messy, but in a wonderful sort of way!

  183. Sometimes it’s my craft room, other times it is not being in there! :)

  184. I would love this so much!

  185. Wanted so bad to attend last year and just wasn’t in the cards! Maybe this year!!

  186. In my kitchen because of the lighting! Its the brightest room in the house. ( my FB email & my blog emails are different)

  187. Gretchen @ Three Little Monkeys Studio says:

    My office, though it is getting a massive makeover!

  188. My craft room for sure!

  189. I learned about SNAP last year and follow MANY bloggers who went and would LOVE to join, learn and excel with my works blog! We are a crafting company and I think I could get A LOT out of this conference!

  190. My kitchen is the most inspiring. I love to cook, and think of new recipes

  191. I love to create in my basement. My computer is down there for some Pandora music and it’s away from the rest of the world where I can get in the ZONE!

  192. The room that inspires me most is my craft room where I have all magazines, craft and interior design books, and my inspiration wall. This room has a window that I can view my backyard and walkway that carries my view down through woods to my lake. I can get lost for hours designing in my room. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  193. My kids playroom!

  194. The room that inspires me most is my living/craft room. The life of our family passes through this room and most of my creative inspiration strikes there.

  195. I’m most inspired in my craft room, surrounded by all my supplies!

  196. really hoping i can go this year!!

  197. The room that inspires is the kitchen…love the light…and I spend more time there than most rooms! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. My whole house inspires me! I would change it all the time if I had the time! New stuff is exciting and so is change!

  199. Yay, SNAP! My home office/craft room inspires me to create.

  200. My craft room!

  201. my kitchen inspires me to create because I can see through the windows to our backyard and I enjoy cooking so I just get a lot of creative juices flowing :)

  202. My living room. We spend most of our time in there and it’s where my boyfriend and I talk about what renos we want to do in our first home/future fixer-upper. We also share our items (hes a custom woodworker) and watch design shows together in there :)

  203. Our kitchen! It is the brightest and cheeriest room in our house. It is where we start our day, eat, laugh, create, cook, color, paint, and share stories about each day over dinner. On a normal day you will find the floor sprinkled with crumbs and paint speckles. Inspiration comes to life for me in the kitchen. :)
    Krista @ mk inspired

  204. Fun! Right now my Dining room because I just got done remodeling it.

  205. I would LOVE to win! The room that inspires me to create is my kitchen. I’m either creating something yummy or crafting on the kitchen table!

  206. My living room- its what you see when you first walk in.

  207. Lately I’m inspired by my former guest room… now it’s slowly becoming my craft room!

  208. My craft room inspires me to be creative :)

  209. The room that inspires me the most is my living room/office/playroom combo!

  210. I’m inspired when I’m in my office. It’s finally starting to look like a creative workplace and I LOVE it!

  211. My studio! It’s the only place in my house of all boys that is JUST for me!

  212. The rooom that inspires me most is my craft room. I have beautiful pieces of art in there and shelves full of ideas for projects and activities.

  213. Strangely it’s my kitchen island. I will take everything off and it’s my area to create on… like a blank canvas. I SO hope I win. I want to come SO BADLY!!!!

  214. Any room that has my computer or crafting supplies :) Thanks for the giveaway Tauni! HOPE I WIN!!!

  215. I’m most creative in my office/craft room! It’s such a pretty blue.. Keeps my mind free and clean!

  216. My kitchen is where I love to create just about anything!

  217. I’m most creative in my craft room but get ideas through out the entire house!

  218. I have a craft room that I love to go to when it is time to create/come up with an idea!! But in all honestly it usually happens while I am trying to sleep lol :)

  219. Any room – I rent and have no control! Would love to re-do everything!

  220. Usually my living room inspires me. Though, I’m so busy with school that I have no time to act on that inspiration. Almost done.

  221. All of them! We just moved into a new house and every room begs me to make it pretty :)

  222. shower, while sleeping or in my car! :)

  223. OMGosh to be able to go to a conference like this would be amazing. . . . strike that. . . would be something that I could take with me while giving back. I would love it. Blessings <3

  224. So exciting! Tauni, I’d love the opportunity to see you {and more of my blog friends} again!

  225. Hi! I think my office inspires me to create the most. It’s clean and organized, and it’s where I go to be creative and productive!

  226. Debbie Clauer says:

    I sit out in my solar room (all glass), in my grandmother’s rocking chair. I fix a little altar in front of me & a notebook.

  227. my living room


  1. […] excuse the odd cropping of the video–I need some video editing classes, stat!) BIG NEWS!!! Tickets for SNAP! 2013 go on sale TOMORROW morning (Sept. 18) at 9:00am MST and are expected to sell-out quickly. […]

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