Spring Doily Banner and Printable

It’s Spring right? Here in Utah we have had such sunny and non-freezing days that everyone seems to be going outside and preparing for Spring. So, why not? Let’s prepare for SPRING with this super cute doily banner!

Spring doily banner with printable circles

When I think about Spring there are a few things that come to mind: spring cleaning, new beginnings, light and fresh and happiness. The Winter season is particularly difficult on me. I have diagnosed myself with some sort of seasonal depression. As soon as I see that beautiful glowing sun I start to feel happier and more alive. I guess moving to Seattle isn’t going to help that much but I can always get one of those solar lamps! After each winter I have spent in Utah (10!) I have noticed my energy drain and mood go all haywire. It really isn’t until I make myself choose what I want my day to  be like that I notice a slight change. Of course I can’t fix it all myself- but I can help it a little. I have chosen to be a little happier. Even when the sun isn’t out and there is snow on the ground. My mood will still be a little somber but I have chosen to be happier. Side note: sometimes I am too lazy to work hard at it and I am just in a melancholy state. Other days I have good days. All I need is a little “happy” in my life but I have to choose those “happys.”

Spring doily banner supplies

So, I made myself a little reminder. This banner is the easiest thing in the world. You don’t even need to know how to sew. I can sew and for some reason I forgot to put the foot down until I was halfway done sewing hence the wonky lines.

What You Need:
Circle Doilies (Circumference on more than 3.25″)
Washi Tape
Sewing Machine (or just tape on ribbon or string in the back)
Printable with a saying that speaks to you!

Spring doily banner printable circles

We have “Hoppy Spring, ” “All we need is a little happy,” “Hello Sunshine” and “Love is in the air.” Spring just brings out those lovebirds!

Fun Spring doily banner

Cute Spring doily banner with washi tape embellishments

Cut the circle and tape it using super cute and spring-y washi tape.

Doily banner piece with fun washi tape

And then, sew like so:

Sewing a Spring doily banner

Well, not like so. Remember to put your foot down!

Cute Spring doily banner

So so happy! Want to make one? You can with this printable. Anyone else have something that helps them with the winter blues? 

Brenda Bird
Brenda is a wife and mommy to 3 children. She lives in Utah and works from home as a graphic designer. She loves making things beautiful and creating memories with her family.
Brenda Bird
Brenda Bird


  1. This is so cute, because I am totally IN LOVE with doilies right now! It’s that AH HA moment, when you’re like, now why didn’t I think of that!

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