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whats in my handbag

I am excited about today’s What’s in My Handbag guest Mandy, from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Sugar Bee Crafts One of the things in life I am most grateful for are the many wonderful people I have been able to meet through blogging. Unfortunately, it’s rare that I take the time to thank them all properly for their friendship and support.

Mandy is a blogger who’s been so terribly supportive of SNAP! I can’t tell you how meaningful the little things are…I love that Mandy takes the time each week to link up to Show & Tell, leave thoughtful comments and help spread the word about SNAP!  Thank you Mandy!

Before we take a peek into Mandy’s handbag, let me show you a few fun projects that she’s shared on her site.

Sugar Bee Crafts 1. Check out this kitchen cabinet update – it’s gorgeous. I love it!!!
2. This stenciled lazy susan is absolutely phenom. In fact, I’ve purchased one so that I can copy it!
3. Who would think to create a plywood rug? Super great. I’d love to make one for the landing on my stairs.
4. How about this great thread organizer?

Let’s get to Mandy’s post, shall we?

What’s in My Handbag: Sugar Bee Crafts

I have loved seeing a peek into everyone’s handbag – so fun!  And just in case you think everyone has super pristine handbags, mine looks like this on any given day:

So for you, I cleaned out those old Black Friday ads and discarded receipts, and made myself presentable.  I have a Kaboo Bag which I love because I can safely carry my tablet – I surprised myself because I went neutral with this and normally I’m a Bright Colors, Bold Patterns type of person.

Anyways, on to the goodies – what’s inside….

These 3 items are perfectly contained so that when I switch bags (to a camera bag, or a bag I take to church) I can just grab them – it makes switching super easy and doable.

1. Wallet – I LOVE a flat wallet – something about how it snaps closed is just perfect.

2. Zipper Pouch – I made this to match my old Miss Mandy Bag – it holds necessities like bandaids and tissues and neosporin and personal items, etc.

3. Ticker Tape Clutch – I made this so I have a grab-n-go clutch to use when I hop out at random garage sales – it’s filled with coins and small bills for those must-have deals

And here’s the rest of the random stuff I have hanging around in the little pockets:

4.  Business Cards – some for my blog and some for Paparazzi Accessories that I sell – it’s so easy to hand these out to people, so they’re a must to carry with me.

5.  Sunglasses – I have 5-6 pair of sunglasses because I’m always loosing them then buying more then finding the lost ones.  These ones are aviators from Charlotte Russe (I only spend $5 on sunglasses because of the problem I just mentioned)

6. Galaxy Tablet – I love this thing!  It’s the perfect size for a tablet – I’ve had it about a year and a half and it’s awesome.

7. Random- pens, Avon LipGloss, Neutrogena Sunblock (this is AMAZING!  it doesn’t leave your hands greasy at all).

8. Granola Bar – just in case I’m going to starve to death while I’m out and about.  Even though it’s Walmart brand, these are the BEST granola bars ever – Great Value Sweet and Salty Almond – thank me later.

9.  Galazy S III – – so, I love my phone!  I JUST got a smart phone for the first time a couple of months ago – mainly because I couldn’t stand not joining the Instagram fun.  Best decision ever – it’s a whole new world! The phone store guy handed over my purchase and told me “welcome to 2012”.  I have arrived.

10.  Kid Stuff – what more do you need than germ gel and suckers?!

Hope to see you over at www.SugarBeeCrafts.com!

Thanks so much for sharing Mandy. It was great to have you over!

Tauni is a former public relations executive who spent 12+ years handling communications and events for an array of clients, from the NBA and Olympics to numerous high ranking politicians. Today, she handles social media for a local agency and hosts SNAP!, an annual social media conference for bloggers focused on entertaining, craft and home DIY.


  1. love all your pouches mandy! I’m a pouch girl too

  2. Oh, your pouches made me wish for mine again. I have a Very Bradley “New Hope” bag I had to a friend (she needed some hope) & included a small pouch. Those are priceless to keep things organized and they are our secret touch of femininity. Thank you for this post. Nice to see someone else also has to deal with receipts and minutiae (urgh ;p)

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