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Love is in the air SNAP! friends…I’m Jessica from Pen N’ Paper Flowers and I’m back with another fun and easy idea today, once again using one of my favorite craft mediums: PAPER! (which by the way, did you make the DIY Paper Flowers I shared last month?)

Valentine’s Day is one week away and I just know you will adore and appreciate the sweet simplicity of these paper napkin heart doilies. You can whip one up in a matter of minutes to use as part of any of the festivities you may be planning, no matter how big or how small; A romantic picnic for two? A Friendship Tea for your little girl and her best friend. Or even just the Valentine Exchange classroom party you are helping put together. You will love me even more when I tell you all you need is two items to bring to life this match-made-in-heaven: a pair of scissors and paper beverage napkins.

DIY- Heart-Doily-Napkins-5863

DIY- Heart-Doily-Napkins-5863-collage1

Photos Above
STEP ONE: Place the folded napkin in front of you with the “closed”  point facing towards you.
STEP TWO: Fold the right corner over to meet the left corner, creating a “right” triangle.
STEP THREE: Fold the left corners back over to the right – aligning with the long, straight fold you created in step one. You’ll now have an obtuse triangle.

Photos Below
STEP FOUR: Starting from the right side of your triangle, cut an arch in the layers of your napkin to create what will be the top curves of the hearts in your doily.
STEP FIVE: From the left side, cutting at an angle, trim off the bottom portion of the paper heart you just made. This step creates the hole in the center of your napkin. The bigger the portion you trim off from the bottom the bigger the hole in the center will be.
STEP SIX: Carefully unfold your napkin to reveal the paper doily you’ve just created.

DIY- Heart-Doily-Napkins-collage2

For a different look, you can also create plain scalloped doily napkins by skipping over the “Trim off Tip” step which will eliminate the hole in the center of your napkin. Or how about adding a mini heart to the center of the larger hearts of your doily but adding an extra simple cut as seen below.

Valentines-Day-DIY- Heart-Doily-Napkins-5872-textNo need to waste the extra mini heart you just cut out…separate the layers and you have instant heart confetti!!


DIY-Heart-Doily-Napkins-5862-crpdAren’t they darling? Feel free to get creative too. You can layer different colored napkins on top of one another. Or how about creating different sizes simply by cutting the initial hearts smaller or bigger. These look beautiful displayed on dessert tables, under plates, as a table runner, or on top of cake plates. Simply adding a pretty pastry on top makes for a fabulous presentation for that breakfast in bed you might be serving up or for that afternoon snack you want your kids to come home too. (think doughnuts, cookies or candies).

Thanks so much for being here today everyone! If you loved today’s project I think you’ll love these other fun Valentine’s Day ideas too:

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  1. Crystal Nell says:

    Super cute!! How fun and easy to make. Thanks for the tutorial. Pinned :)

    • Crystal, isn’t it amazing how the simple things often have the greatest impact? I love these sweet heart doily napkins. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Tauni

  2. Super cute, thanks so much for sharing.

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