Caramel Apple Pie Dip + Pie Crust Chips

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I have been craving apple pie for at least two months. Really. It all started when I watched Joy the Baker make an apple pie with my very own eyes. Brief side note. If you don't know about Joy the Baker, you must go to her site. Seriously. It's like sweet heaven.  I might have moved on, but we didn't host Thanksgiving this year and I seriously grieved the lack of left over pie for a full week. What's a girl to do? Make herself an apple pie. What's a somewhat lazy girl, with the need to create a dip for the annual dip and ugly sweater party to do? Create a dip recipe that tastes just like … [Read more...]

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15 Apple Recipes

Though I'm a summer girl at heart, I do love the beautiful colors of fall, especially in Utah. There's nothing better than a drive up the canyon to take in the gorgeous scenery—burnt oranges, reds and rich browns. Another thing I love about fall? All things apple. Apple pie is one of my most favorite desserts of all time. Of course, I'd be happy indulging in any of the apple recipes below. ... ... 15 Apple Recipes ... Apple tart via Where Women Cook ... Heirloom apple rolls via Sweet Basil ... Dutch apple pie via is this REALLY my life? ... Torta di Mele via Barbara … [Read more...]

Snow White & the Huntsman & Candy Apple Recipe


There was one film I was dying to see in the theaters this year that I didn't get to see - Snow White and the Huntsman. It looked like the perfect blend of fierce chick and fantasy. The movie is now available for purchase on Blue-Ray/DVD and I couldn't resist a little viewing party... To mark the celebration, I made a fun red candy apple recipe.  Ingredients 8 apples 8 craft sticks 2 c. sugar 1 c. light corn syrup 1/2 c. hot water 1/2 c. Red Hots Directions 1. Prepare a baking sheet to hold your apples. You will want to line it with aluminum foil, sprayed with cooking oil so the candied … [Read more...]