How to Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free!

How to Grow Facebook Page for Free. I used this to help increase my page by 30K likes in 2 months!

There are few conversations among bloggers and small business owners more heated than those about Facebook engagement, like generation and reach. Frequent changes to "like" generation, giveaway rules, engagement and the algorithm have chased some entrepreneurs away entirely and few are still focused on an increase Facebook Page likes. Despite all that I have remained and continue to invest in my Facebook page. Facebook is still the biggest social network out there, with 1.55 billion monthly active users as of September 2015 (YouTube comes in second with over one billion monthly active … [Read more...]

Can You Still Make a Living Blogging?

Can you still make a living as a blogger in 2016? The answer may surprise you.

A new blog is created every second of every day. Now I am no mathematician, but even with my rudimentary skills I can tell you that's a heck of a lot of sites. At the same time, prominent bloggers like Young House Love and mom blog royalty, Dooce, are are leaving the industry. It's no surprise one of the most common questions I am asked is, can you still make a living blogging?Yes. The short answer is yes. The longer answer resides within the development of three specific areas: branding, work ethic and a diversified income stream. Unique Voice and Strong Personal Brand There will always be … [Read more...]

Don’t Lose Income: Properly Install Amazon’s Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Blogging tip. How to Add an Amazon Affiliate disclosure to your site. If you utilize Amazon and you don't have this statement on your site, your account could get yanked!

Every once in a while an account shutdown occurs that sends ripples throughout the online community. You've probably heard horror stories - a Blogger site is deleted, a Facebook Page disappears, an AdSense account is closed with no warning. The truly scary thing is, these corporations are so large there is often a "zero tolerance" policy in place and gleaning more information about what went wrong can be rough. Recently I've heard several cases where Amazon has revoked access to a blogger's affiliate account, due to a failure to follow Amazon's affiliate disclosure policy. The email … [Read more...]

Make More Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Great tips for bloggers. Several hints on how to optimize your posts to make more money with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

This post contains affiliate links.  The Amazon Associate Program was the very first tool I used to monetize my blog. I am glad I started early. I've had years to populate my site with affiliate links. Some of those links didn't necessarily convert well early on, but as my blog has grown and as older posts have gone viral those older links have really started to pay off. Today I make more money with Amazon's affiliate program than I ever thought I would. It more than supports my insane book buying habit. Amazon's Associate Program was a natural fit for me. I love Amazon and shop … [Read more...]

10 Posts to Add to Your Editorial Calendar Before End of Year

10 posts to add to your editorial calendar before end of year - this post is full of great tips for bloggers looking to fill their site with manageable content at the end of the year!

Being a blogger is hard work...I mean, who else has to face the judgement of neighbors shaking their head over "Funkins" on the porch in August and a Christmas tree deliveries in early October. Seriously. It's rough. Fortunately a blogging break is right around the corner. Wait. What?! You haven't scheduled a blog break in December? Well, the good news is that you can easily build out your editorial calendar and schedule easy-to-assemble posts for the end of the year today. 10 Posts to Add to Your Editorial Calendar Before End of Year Holiday Roundup Posts. Everybody loves a good … [Read more...]

Digital Photo Storage for Bloggers + Creative Entrepreneurs

Digital Photo Storage 3

I started blogging in 2007. Over the last eight years, I've amassed a ridiculous number of photos. I am constantly snapping quick pics on my iPhone, shooting images for a blog post and, more recently, I've added a pretty hefty catalog of videos saved from my daily chats on Periscope. The problem? Photos everywhere - they were saved on my computer, a stand alone hard drive, various mobile devices and even a few web based apps and cloud storage accounts. Over the last year I've developed something of a system that seems to be working and (even better) is saving me a decent amount of … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference

Why Attend a Bog Conference Feature

Oh man. Before I dive into why you should attend a conference, let's address the elephant in the room here...I own Snap - a conference for craft and DIY bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. In fact tickets for our 2016 event go on sale in two and a half weeks! Wowzers. You might wonder how I can reasonably address this topic with such a bias. Here's why. BEFORE starting Snap, I attended many other business conferences and still do to this day. Next week I will be speaking at Type A, followed by a quick trip in November to Chicago to BlogHer Food. I anticipate attending at least one more … [Read more...]

How to Schedule Instagram Posts


While I believe real-time posting on Instagram is best, I couldn't make it through the week without the help of a scheduling tool. Scheduling posts ensures that I never "miss" an important deadline or post due to internet access and activity. It keeps me active and it forces me to be more deliberate about what I post. I currently schedule about 40% of my Instagram posts. I get a lot of questions about how to schedule Instagram posts and I thought I would share my experience with scheduling over the past year. Scheduling Instagram Posts with Posts The primary tool I use for scheduling … [Read more...]

Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest Lists Cover

Friends, let's chat for a minute. I know many of you are disheartened with Facebook. You're frustrated with what you are seeing, and even more importantly, what you are not seeing. Some of you are threatening to leave...Will you hang in there with me for a bit longer? Facebook Interest Lists If you've "Liked" a fan page, but you notice that you aren't seeing updated from that page in your news feed, a Facebook Interest Lists will help to ensure you're seeing ALL of the things that you want to. I know what you're thinking...This sounds like something that's going to take a lot of time. … [Read more...]

How to Save Posts on Facebook for Later

Learn how easy it is to mark and save Facebook posts for later via @SnapConf It's like pinning from Facebook and save so much time!

Typically when I hop onto Facebook, I am actually after something specific for work. I don't often have time to leisurely scroll through my newsfeed...If something interesting catches my eye, I've found it's far more effective to "save for later," than stop to read the entire piece. Today I am going to show you how simple it is to save Facebook posts for later!  Scrolling through your newsfeed, you come across something interesting. It might be a link, a place, a movie, music, etc. You can save those items on Facebook to check out later when you've got more time. You know, something … [Read more...]