You’re So Invited…

One of my VERY FAVORITE things about blogging is the people you meet... I know that some of you probably met Cheryl Najafi at SNAP! last month (if you grabbed a photo with her, pop over to our Facebook page and upload it so I can see), but many of you are probably meeting her for the first time right here, right now. Cheryl's idea site is chock full of amazingly great party and entertaining ideas, but what really drew me in were her comments about calm, relaxed events. A stress free event? Sign me up! Anyone with me on this one? I've enjoyed getting to know Cheryl a bit and learning more … [Read more...]

RECAP: Blogging Basics

Session Description With more than two blogs created per second, how can you make yours stand out in the crowd? In this session you’ll learn the principles Amy, Cheri, Cindy and Kari used to grow a successful blogs that keep on going, despite being in a crowded market. Listen, as these bloggers share the importance of determining and defining your blog's identity, as well as sharing the social media basics and tactics that helped them grow. Engage in a question and answer period with your specific questions. Session Recap SNAP!  Attendees wishing to learn about Blogging basics and some more … [Read more...]