Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe via SNAP

I am participating in a holiday sweet treat round up with over 50 other bloggers, sharing their favorite holiday recipes. Be sure to scroll all the way through this post to view all the amazing recipes that have been shared...This is one you will not want to miss!!! There are some things that just "sing" Christmas to me...snow, mittens, peppermint and those delightfully delicious smelling sugared nuts you get at the mall. Seeing as how I've already experienced each this season, I might as well be in a choir.¬†Instead, I am just using the cold as an excuse to down more than my fair share of … [Read more...]

Grown Up S’mores Recipe

Nothing says summer to me like S'mores, but with all of the travel I've done recently I haven't had much of a chance to head up the canyon for a little snack. Enter National S'mores Day (Aug. 10) - the perfect excuse for a fun summer treat. It's always fun to change it up a bit, right? This year we decided to try a more grown up S'mores recipe. The base for our S'mores were traditional Italian waffle cookies called Pizelle's. You can make your own cookies if you have a Pizzelle Press, but I actually just bought a large package of the vanilla flavor at my local Italian importer. Top the … [Read more...]