RECAP: Happy Chaos: Turning Your Passion into a Business

Session Description Crafts and handmade products have gone mainstream in a big way. With so many people selling their creations, it's hard to stand out in a crowd. Learn how to take your passion and get out of hobby-mode. Ashley, Jessica, Lindsey and Liz will share how to balance all the working parts of a business, take risks, make standout products, all while actually getting paid. Session Recap When did you take a leap and make it a business? Lindsey: it happened organically, it was fun at the beginning, then when the economy went down, I started to taking it seriously lil boo: it was … [Read more...]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have noticed I was furiously working on a little last minute Christmas project Saturday (What?! You don't follow me on Instagram? Look me up. I'm @Tauni). My friend Victoria uses similar bags each year to package her children's presents from Santa. I thought they'd make a perfect last minute gift for the family. Plus, they're so GREEN... Do you do something similar at your house? I have to admit, this is the first time I have...I am a bit of a gift wrap and packaging whore (yep, I went there)... The construction was ridiculously simple...doesn't … [Read more...]

Queen Bee Market Holiday Show

I live in Utah. I nearly bought a plane ticket to San Diego today...You might think it's because the weather is ¬†little (okay a lot) chilly here and I am looking for something a little more pleasant, but no. I am just so darn jealous of everyone going to the Queen Bee Market this weekend! Tell me you don't know how it is...There's an event. You want to go. Everyone's talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. You feel Totally. Left. Out. Anyone? Please? A long time fan of THE Queen Bee's Mique and Jess, I was¬†tickled to announce a partnership between SNAP! and the Queen Bee Market last … [Read more...]

Queen Bee Market Update

NOTE: Queen Bee Market is currently accepting applications for their fall show! Some of us had the opportunity to join Jess and Mique for the Queen Bee Market in downtown San Diego a few weeks ago. The market has such an incredible reputation, we were thrilled to be in attendance! From the moment the doors opened, shoppers crowded the booths, scooping up dozens of the one-of-a-kind items that were on display. One of the standout features at this show is the incredible booths and displays set up by the market's vendors. Having just moved home to San Diego, this is the first time Jess has had … [Read more...]