How to Offer A Free Printable On Your Blog

how to offer a free printable on your blog

Hi WordPress users! Today I am going to show you how to offer a free printable on WordPress with your blog readers. As a blogger a great way to gain traffic and give back to your readers is with a free printable! It could be a free printable party decor, holiday tag, invitations, wall art, game, kids coloring page, etc.... Really the options are endless! And I think we can all agree that the  amount of beautiful free printables out there is pretty amazing. Here are the step-by-step directions on how to share a free printable with your blog readers. For this example I am going to … [Read more...]

The Best Social Media Icon Plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

I think it is a pretty safe bet to say that almost all bloggers use social media networks to engage with their readers, which is why it is good to have a set of social media icons on your blog. Typically, social media icons are near the very top of a site either in the header or at the top of the sidebar. Today I am going to show you how to install and set up the best social media icon plugin for WordPress. You are going to love this plugin because it is easy to use and simple to customize to coordinate with your site. Let's dive in! I am going to use my blog as the example. See those … [Read more...]

How To Make an Image Slider in Blogger


Today we are going to learn how to do something really fun! Wordpress users have the options to install plugins and create featured images slides show on their blog. This is not a standard widget that is available as a Blogger user, BUT today I am going to show you how to make an image slider in Blogger. * The original code I am going to show you to make this can be found at Helper Blogger.* How to make an Image Slider in Blogger #1. The first step is to actually create the slides that you want in your image slider. Choose a size and make 3-5 slides all the same dimensions. In the … [Read more...]

Customize Your Favicon in Blogger

Last week I got an email from a blogger asking "What is a favicon? And how do I customize it?" What a perfect question! Today we are going to talk all about how to add a favicon to your blogger site. What is a Favicon? First of all, a favicon is the cute little picture next to your url in an internet browser. Depending on which browser you are using it might look a tiny bit different. Here are some examples :: Top - Favicon in Safari :: Bottom - Favicon in Firefox How to Add a Favicon to Blogger Customizing your favicon in Blogger is very simple. First you will need to create your image in … [Read more...]

Add Your Instagram Photos to Your Blogger Sidebar

[Instagram logo and paper clipped photos from the Instagram website] Instagram has gone wildly lately! Particularly after it was released for Android phones earlier this week. I love following friends on Instagram and if I had more than an old flip phone without internet I would be all about it! This tutorial is for you lucky ducks who get to use Instagram! There are several good plugins for Wordpress users that will display your recent Instagram photos in your blog sidebar. Blogger users are not quiet as lucky. The only way to automatically insert your Instagram photos in your Blogger … [Read more...]

Add a Signature to Your Blog

Hi There! Today I am going to show you how to add a custom signature to the bottom of your Blogger posts.  It is really easy and is a fun way to add personality to your blog! First you need to create your signature. You can open up photoshop, paint, gimp, or any other image manipulation program. Create you signature with whatever fonts and colors you want then save it as a .jpg. Here is an example of a blog signature I just created for my friend, Kim. It is 320px x 70px. Which is about the biggest I would suggest you make a blog signature. It should range from 100px - 320 px wide and be … [Read more...]

A Beginners Guide to Blogger’s Template Designer

Remember when Tauni told us our blog is like a house? Some of us rent and some own, some have a big elegant house, others a cozy cottage. The common denominator between us all??? We all would like a nice home that reflects our style and is welcoming. Right? And don't we want our blog to feel the same way as the one we just saw yesterday? YES! Today I am going to give you a beginners walk through on using Bloggers Template Designer. Hopefully you can use this information to make sure your blog is as welcoming as your home. Let's jump right in! Getting to the Temple Designer 1. Login to … [Read more...]

A New Blogger Feature: Threaded Comments

Yesterday new contributor Holly from Paisley Petal events knocked it out of the park with her Valentine's Day edible topiary. Today, I am excited to introduce you to our second amazing regular contributor and I think you're going to love her too! Meet Kendra! Kendra is a Hawaii-based digital designer. Her hard work stands as the background and design on some of the blogosphere's largest sites. She's also a social media consultant for a large online craft company. Amidst running her business and raising a young family with her husband who's in school, Kendra blogs regularly on her … [Read more...]