Martha Stewart Inspired Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Easy Five Ingredient Tomato Mozzarella Salad - The fresh, light ingredients make this the perfect summer salad!

Hey you guuuys! I am so excited to be sharing today's post. It's a little bit about Martha Stewart, donuts, a cook book my friends at Macy's and a really super-delicious tomato mozzarella salad - a salad inspired by Martha herself. If we're friends on social media (and I am sure we are, right?) you probably saw the slightly stalker-like posts I shared last week about my visit with Martha... Okay. So I wasn't really that intense (I hope), but I was very excited that Macy's sent out a copy of her latest book - Martha's American Food - and invited me to pop in for a visit to get it … [Read more...]

Bring on the Summer Salads!

Summer Salad Recipes

Spring is in full swing and summer is around the corner. That means it's almost time for the Salt Lake City Farmers Market, and where there's a great farmers market, there's also all the fresh produce your reusable totes can hold. These summer salad recipes are a great way to use the bounty of fruits and vegetables found at the farmers market, grocery store or in your backyard garden. ... ... 12 Summer Salad Recipes ... Southwestern Slaw via Aggie's Kitchen ... Shaved Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Bacon via White on Rice Couple ... Layered Greek-Style Chickpea Salad with … [Read more...]

Summer Tortellini Salad Recipe

Summer Tortellini Salad

Utah's weather can be a little day it's 45 degrees, while the next it's 80. However, you will find that once we've had one warm day here, we all pretend that it's summer.  Though it was a colder day outside, we're dining like it's in the 90's. Summer Tortellini Salad Recipe Ingredients Cheese tortellini Peppers Grape tomatoes Summer sausage (you could use something stronger, I am just not a spice girl) Parmesan cheese Basil Italian dressing Directions Cook and drain cheese tortellini. (I like to add just a touch of EVOO to the water to ensure that the … [Read more...]

Mozzarella Melon Fruit Salad Recipe


The boys eat watermelon like nothing else, so when we're having a summertime celebration I always try to pick one up. The other day when I went to purchase food for our annual gathering to celebrate the start of the football season, there weren't any small-to-medium sized watermelon in sight. I purchased the smallest of the melons on hand and though we ate a lot, I still had more than half the watermelon left. Combine that melon with all of the peaches that fell off the tree in a storm and you've got a bit of a weird fruit combination. Fortunately, I came across a delightful southern … [Read more...]