Grace Adele Handbag Review

I am Mary Poppins Okay, let's start off with a dose of honesty here. I am clearly not Mary Poppins - I am NOT perfect in ANY way - but, based on what I carry around with me every day you might think my ability to stuff my bag to overflowing is pretty darn amazing. Let me show you what I mean... This is a sample of what I quickly pulled out of my handbag today. I say sample, because this is probably about 1/3 of what was actually inside. You can't see the band-aids, the mini sewing kit, three kiddy squirt guns, coupons, sunglasses and the jumbled up jewelry... Good heaven, it's a miracle I … [Read more...]

A Look at SNAP Presenting Sponsor – Scentsy

  This past October, several members of the SNAP team had the opportunity to travel to Meridian, Idaho to visit the Scentsy facilities. (You can read about Amy, Kami and Shelley's trip on their respective sites and you may recognize a few of our speakers Cindy, Heather and Kari in the event pics too.) If you've read some of trip recaps, you'll know each blogger came back with rave reviews about the company and the fun they had. With such awesome references, we were thrilled when Scentsy joined us as our 2012 presenting sponsor. Most of you are probably familiar with Scentsy's … [Read more...]