Five Tips for a Successful Blog

successful blogging

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Sewing Summit, a sewing conference in Salt Lake City, run by my friend Erin.  I had such a lovely time, I neglected to take a single photo, but I thought I would share a few take aways, along with my presentation - Tips for a Successful Blog. I learn something at EVERY conference I attend and Sewing Summit was no exception. I could write several posts, but I am just going to cover a few fun highlights for now... When attending a conference, stay at the event hotel. Sure, staying at home helps keep things affordable, but you miss out on … [Read more...]

Creative Mixer in Utah

I love collaborating with other bloggers. It's so fun to connect, get to know one another and learn new things. Partnering is especially great when you get a chance to work with an individual you already know you enjoy and admire. I am so excited to be partnering with one such individual - Erin from the Sewing Summit - to host a mixer for creative peeps in Utah. So fun! I can't wait!!! We will be hosting the event on the plaza between One Sweet Slice and The Material Girls Quilts. Have you been to One Sweet Slice? It's seriously one of the most delightful bakeries in town. You will die over … [Read more...]