Queen Bee Market Carlsbad June 1-2

One of the greatest success stories out of SNAP! was our partnership with The Queen Bee Market. Mique's reputation clearly proceded her for this event... We were a bit excited, shocked and maybe even a bit terrified upon learning that the public line wrapped around the building and up to the parking lot more than a half hour before the doors opened. Thank you all so very much for your support (and for waiting in line for a while). Mique is at it again. She's hosting a The Queen Bee Market June 1-2, in Carlsbad, California. Will you be attending? If you're anywhere near, it's worth the … [Read more...]

Silhouette Cameo Giveaway

I have a secret. I run a social media conference all about crafting and DIY and I am afraid of crafting tools...I mean, I am masterful with a saw, but put me in front of a scrappy papery cutter thing? I am a nervous wreck. Consider then, how uncomfortable I may have been surrounded by no less than six Silhouette Cameo machines as the SNAP! team tackled the conference decor under Lara's watchful eye. They were on the counter, on desks and yes, even on the treadmill. We cut out about a billion (or 100) paper asterisks before stringing them on fishing line. With the machines spread out over … [Read more...]

SNAP! 2012 Keynote Speaker: Matt Townsend

It's been a little quiet here on the blog this last week. I am afraid that SNAP! has left me speechless...or at least with a serious case of writers block! Which is okay today, because instead of reading my words, I hope you will just join me in listening to our good friend Matt Townsend, who provided our closing keynote. In fact, today I get to invite you to sit back and enjoy our closing keynote in it's entirety courtesy of the Townsend Relationship Center. Trust me. It's worth every minute. via YouTube by MattTownsend1 Matt is hilarious. If you were at … [Read more...]

RECAP: Happy Chaos: Turning Your Passion into a Business

Session Description Crafts and handmade products have gone mainstream in a big way. With so many people selling their creations, it's hard to stand out in a crowd. Learn how to take your passion and get out of hobby-mode. Ashley, Jessica, Lindsey and Liz will share how to balance all the working parts of a business, take risks, make standout products, all while actually getting paid. Session Recap When did you take a leap and make it a business? Lindsey: it happened organically, it was fun at the beginning, then when the economy went down, I started to taking it seriously lil boo: it was … [Read more...]

RECAP: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Facebook App

Session Description Speaker: Collin Searle, Intermountain Health Care Social Media  Facebook is changing again and this time the change appears to be for the better...If you know what you're doing.   Explore how you can make the most of the Facebook timelines updated app feature to drive site traffic. Also covered: deciding between free vs paid apps, how do get a strategy behind your app to increase visibility, running giveaways, and help create value for ad partners.  Session Recap Facebook has changed for the better. There is a lot of potential for view growth and interaction through … [Read more...]

RECAP: Blogging Basics

Session Description With more than two blogs created per second, how can you make yours stand out in the crowd? In this session you’ll learn the principles Amy, Cheri, Cindy and Kari used to grow a successful blogs that keep on going, despite being in a crowded market. Listen, as these bloggers share the importance of determining and defining your blog's identity, as well as sharing the social media basics and tactics that helped them grow. Engage in a question and answer period with your specific questions. Session Recap SNAP!  Attendees wishing to learn about Blogging basics and some more … [Read more...]

Meet SNAP! 2012 Sponsor Homes.Com (Plus a Giveaway)

Ever need a little stress reliever? I do. And, though I have a tendency to eat my feelings, I've found a wonderful substitute. I shop for homes. Online. Well, perhaps I am not REALLY shopping, but I am dreaming about shopping (and for the record, when I dream about shopping, I dream BIG)! Hello million dollar home in Sandy, Utah... Please tell me I am not alone in this little bit of crazy... It all started for me last summer when I met SNAP! sponsor Homes.com About Homes.Com Whether you’re renting, buying, or just daydreaming like me, Homes.com is an inspiring site. Did you know that … [Read more...]

Meet Matt Townsend

We are excited to introduce you to talented Matt Townsend, who will be joining us at SNAP! Saturday night. For those of you who know of Matt I'm sure you're doing back flips and for those of you who are just now hearing of him for the first time let me fill you in on why we love Mr. Towndsend so much over here! Matt Townsend is a national speaker and relationship expert. For over ten years he's been using entertainment and humor to teach life-changing principles and skills to increase success and productivity. He is a much sought after speaker and we are beyond lucky to have him addressing … [Read more...]

A Look at SNAP Presenting Sponsor – Scentsy

  This past October, several members of the SNAP team had the opportunity to travel to Meridian, Idaho to visit the Scentsy facilities. (You can read about Amy, Kami and Shelley's trip on their respective sites and you may recognize a few of our speakers Cindy, Heather and Kari in the event pics too.) If you've read some of trip recaps, you'll know each blogger came back with rave reviews about the company and the fun they had. With such awesome references, we were thrilled when Scentsy joined us as our 2012 presenting sponsor. Most of you are probably familiar with Scentsy's … [Read more...]

Welcome to SNAP! 2012 (Plus a Welcome Giveaway)

Welcome to SNAP! 2012... We're starting our official conference posts off a little earlier than expected, but there's just so much goodness to share this week! Whether you're participating in the conference on-site this week or "listening in" from home, you will want to check the website frequently for conference updates, class recap posts and some fun giveaways! Follow Along... Please watch the schedule for class times and updates. We anticipate having recap posts up for select classes at the end of each day. You might consider following the blog to make sure you don't miss a … [Read more...]