30-Minute Star Wars Snuggle Blanket Tutorial

30 minute star wars snuggle blanket finished 4.5

This post contains affiliate links. Just the other day I was ruminating about blogging's place in the world and mentioned that a new blog is created every second of every day...The truth of the matter is that some blogs end as quickly as they begin, BUT for those that stay connected? There is influence. Real influence. Every day bloggers are working to harness their communities and readers to make a measurable impact on people’s lives. The influence rarely come in the form of Oreo stuffed brownies dipped in caramel and lightly salted, but in projects dedicated to social good. You know, … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Paper Flowers


Happy New Year SNAP! Friends! This is Jessica from Pen N' Paper Flowers and I'm happy to kick off 2014 with a fun and easy DIY for you today - inspired by Chinese New Year. When I was asked to post about something related to Chinese New Year I began researching the traditions of the holiday because honestly, I didn't really know too much about it. As I read through the many different descriptions of the typical holiday traditions aside from the mention of fireworks, red envelopes, a thorough house cleaning and a New Year's Eve Dinner there was one recurring detail that resonated with me…the … [Read more...]

DIY Sparkle Food Picks for New Year’s Eve


Editor's Note: Please welcome Jessica, from Pen and Paper Flowers. Jessica will be joining me in 2014 as a regular contributor to the site and I am so happy to have her on board! DIY Sparkle Food Picks Happy Holidays SNAP! friends! I'm Jessica from Pen N' Paper Flowers and I'm so happy to be here today! We are 2 days away from Christmas and you know what that means!? We'll soon find ourselves crawling out from underneath piles of wrapping paper…tangled in half-lit tree lights and facing the daunting task of making returns; only to be whisked right into a New Year's Eve celebration … [Read more...]

Simple Paper Pumpkin Tutorial {Giveaway}

Paper Pumpkin Tutorial via Snap http://snapcreativity.com

Happy Labor Day! It's starting to...gosh I struggle to find the right word...SEEM...a lot more like fall. It's super hot outside and doesn't FEEL like fall, but the kids are back in school, football season has kicked off and I am loving all of the cute fall clothes I've seen in stores. In any event, I am now focused on fall crafts. I am really excited to share a simple paper pumpkin tutorial with you today.   If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I am now working with the Pebbles, Inc. Design Team. This is both exciting (I love Pebbles!) and absolutely … [Read more...]

How To Make Pretty Paper Medallions

How to make pretty paper medallions

I just recently made these pretty paper medallions and used them for a couple of parties I was helping with - a bridal shower and a birthday party. I wanted to share how to make paper medallions with you because 1. they're super cute, 2. they're super easy, and 3. they're super cheap but make a great impact at any event! Supplies 2 pieces of 12x12 cardstock per medallion Decorative edge paper punch Ribbon Coordinating paper (for center circle) Glue gun Scoring board (optional) Instructions 1. Cut each piece of your 12x12 cardstock in half 2. To make 4 pieces of … [Read more...]

Coffee Filter Peonies

Coffee Filter Peonies

Hi friends!  Today I'm showing you how to make Coffee Filter Peonies.  Not only are they pretty, they are easy to make.  There are so many possibilities for colors with this project too.  Let's get started, here's what your going to need: -  Coffee Filters -  Scissors -  Floral Wire -  Floral Tape -  Food Coloring -  Glue or Hot Glue Gun 1.  Fold your coffee filter in half {I did two filters at a time}. 2.  Fold again in to fourths. 3.  Fold again in to sixths. 4.  Last fold so that it is in eights. 5.  Take your scissors and create a scalloped edge around the … [Read more...]

Salt Dough Olympic Medals

We're all a little jealous of some friends who won the McDonald's Happy Meal Chefs contest and are headed over to London to watch the Olympics in person, so we've been trying out all sorts of fun related activities we can do at home... One activity I remember repeating throughout my childhood were mini-Olympics. It's only natural that I would keep the tradition alive, so this year we'll not only be watching the London Olympics, but we'll be holding a friendly little competition of our own complete with medals ceremonies. Do any of you do this? Today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to … [Read more...]

The Lowdown on Milk Paint

Ever since the fantastic Miss Mustard Seed announced in April that she would be launching her own line of Milk Paints, the blogospere has been abuzz with curiosity and anticipation. What is Milk Paint? But what is milk paint?  How does it work? And what can it bring to your painted furniture pieces that store-bought latex paints can't? With all the buzz you might of thought milk paint was something new, but you may be surprised to find out that milk paint is probably THE oldest paint known to man.It has stood the test of time because it's simple and effective. Milk casein + pigment + … [Read more...]

Add Social Icons to Your Sidebar

Many of you have asked how to add social icons in your sidebar. Today I am going to show you how! Let's get started. Here is the example that I am going to use for the tutorial today. We are going to add social icons .... First you will need to make or find the actual images you would like to use for your social icon images. You can make them using photoshop, gimp, paint, etc...Or if you google "social icons," you will find plenty of sites where you can download them for free! Once you have the images made/downloaded and saved to your computer you will need to upload them to photobucket. … [Read more...]

Furniture Flip: Gilded Side Tables

You really can't beat the romance of a French Provincial piece of furniture: I love the cabriolet legs, the ornate pulls, the curves.  And what better way to amp up the romance than with a metallic gold finish? Gold has gotten a bad rap in the past, but it's coming around in dramatically beautiful interiors everywhere, and I have to say, I'm so smitten with this trend. My first step was to strip the table tops.  With grain like this I knew I could not cover it up with paint, so my go-to Dark Walnut stain it was. Whenever it's possible and practical, I prefer to do my stripping with the … [Read more...]