What’s in My Handbag (Michael Kors Edition)

Michael Kors Handbag

Hi guys! It's been a while since I ran a "What's in My Handbag" post...I am sharing my latest obsession (a gorgeous Michael Kors handbag) over at A Glimpse Inside. Here's a little sneak... Of course, I couldn't work on this post without revisiting a few of the older posts we shared featuring bloggers handbags. What a trip down memory lane...Looking for a little nostalgia? Go visit them yourself! Crap I've Made The Crafting Chicks UCreate Rhonna Farrer Beneath My Heart The Idea Room Craftaholics Anonymous I Heart Naptime Is This Really My Life? All Things Thrifty Southern … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: A Glimpse Inside

Whats in My Handbag A Glimpse Inside

Happy Friday! I've been sidelined the last couple of weeks and we haven't had our regular What's in My Handbag feature. I am happy to return this with with a blogger I just love - Allison from A Glimpse Inside. I admire Allison tremendously. She is a military wife. Wonder what sort of sacrifice that is? Consider reading her post about her husband's recent homecoming. Especially precious? The photos of her husband meeting their daughter for the first time. Beyond all of that, Allison is a talented blogger. Here are a few projects that I've really enjoyed... 1. Grape Vine Egg … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: Girl Loves Glam

Girl Loves Glam What's in My Handbag

Today for our What's in My Handbag feature, I am excited to introduce McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam. I love this girl, everything about her, including the fantastic name of her blog! She's so friendly and enthusiastic...She's the type of person who cheers everyone around her. Though McKenzie's style simply cannot be summed up with a few comments and small smattering of tutorials, I thought I would share a few favorite projects... 1. No sew baby owl costume (be sure to check out her Progressive Flo costume as well) 2. DIY Toddler Christmas t-shirt 3. Upcycled hat tutorial  4. … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: Sugar Bee Crafts


I am excited about today's What's in My Handbag guest Mandy, from Sugar Bee Crafts. One of the things in life I am most grateful for are the many wonderful people I have been able to meet through blogging. Unfortunately, it's rare that I take the time to thank them all properly for their friendship and support. Mandy is a blogger who's been so terribly supportive of SNAP! I can't tell you how meaningful the little things are...I love that Mandy takes the time each week to link up to Show & Tell, leave thoughtful comments and help spread the word about SNAP!  Thank you Mandy! Before we … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: The Stylish Nest


It's so fun to learn things about bloggers. Take today's What's in My Handbag guest Aimee, from The Stylish Nest. It was kind of fun to learn a while back that we went to the same high school! Aimee's site is full of fun tips, ticks and some projects. Here area few that I thought you might enjoy... 1. Target tea towel bag 2. Succulent planter garden 3. Easter bunny bags 4. Onesie cupcakes 5. Mummy candles  So let's learn a little bit more about Aimee, shall we? What's in My Handbag: The Stylish Nest What's in my handbag? Turns out, not very much! I guess you could … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: Cox’s Corner


One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity I have to meet so many wonderful people - people I may not otherwise have had a chance to get to know. I've really gotten to know today's What's in My Handbag guest, Jess from Cox's Corner, on Facebook and via the posts she's linked up to Show & Tell. What a fun girl! I thought I'd showcase a few of the fun projects she's shared over the last couple of months... 1. I love that she loves all things Disney. Look at this cute Disney dream trip Mickey Stache bank. 2. And the awesome Mickey Mouse ears cake. 3. I don't know … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: Crap I’ve Made

Crap Ive Made Handbag

I've been looking forward to this What's in My Handbag feature for a couple of weeks. I am going to start out by telling you that I absolutely love Char. I also admire her tremendously and I am not lying when I tell you that I wish I could be more like her. Normally I just share a few favorite posts with you, but today I want to share a few other little tidbits... Char is smart. One of the smartest people I have met in my entire life. No lie. It's why she's wicked good at everything she does. Char is uber talented. Even when she tells you her project is crap, it's actually really … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: My Insanity


Have you met Kendra from My Insanity? I so enjoy the What's in My Handbag series. Seriously. I get a little giddy about opening up each girl's post when it comes... I was really curious about Kendra's share. The girl is not kidding when she says she's insane...The first time I needed her help she pulled a freaking Karaoke machine out of her back pocket (or her minivan, but whatever.) Suffice it to say, I am expecting a little bit more Mary Poppins than Kate Spade with this one! Before we jump to Kendra's bag though, I want to share a few of my favorite My Insanity posts... 1. … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: The Crafting Chicks’ Brooke


There are some people that you're just drawn to. The type you would love to have as your next door neighbor, hang out and just plain enjoy. Today's What's in My Handbag guest Brooke, from The Crafting Chicks, is that sort of girl. I just love her. The Crafting Chicks have a super-popular site just chock full of amazing crafty goodness. Every single one of them is talented, but today I wanted to highlight a few of Brooke's projects. 1. Framed birth announcement 2. Halloween cupcake stand 3. Valentine's Day envelope 4. Angry Bird cupcakes 5. Teacher appreciation gift I hope … [Read more...]

What’s in My Handbag: Beneath My Heart


It's a triple treat today and I am featuring yet another of my favorite bloggers. Say hello to Traci, from Beneath My Heart. Good heaven how I love this girl! Traci is just about everything that I believe a blogger should be. Her writing is absolutely honest and she has a knack for translating her personality into the written word. I was thrilled that when I met her, she was absolutely everything I had imagined and then some...especially on the dance floor. Enough chatter. I do want to share some fun projects from Traci's site... 1. Wood fruit stand 2. Glazed poppy seed bread … [Read more...]